7 Must-Have Parenting Apps

3 -: Must-Have Parenting Apps

Anyone who is a parent knows how difficult it can be to remain organized and on top of everything during a hectic week of kids activities, school projects and household chores. Lucky for us, there are a variety of helpful parenting apps out there that will make any parent's life a bit more easier.

1. Find my Kids - Footprints TM 

So many kids have phones these days as parents want their kids to be well connected and to have the option to call either them or 911 if any emergency occurs. This app is like a GPS for your child and while not many teens will like the idea of it, it may help your family in a time of need. You can keep track of your kids and locate your child when you need to. You can confirm when your child arrives at their destination and know they are safe. The location information is not shared with anyone and only those will permission to see it have access. The Find my Kids app itself is free but there is a subscription notice for the actual tracking feature.

2. BabyGaga

If you want to track your pregnancy progress or the early stages of your child's growth and development, the BabyGaga Facebook app is perfect for logging all of these special moments. You can share all of your updates with family and friends in an instant!

2 -: Must-Have Parenting Apps

3. White Noise

Perfect for babies, the White Noise app is a great tool for moms and dads who want their babies to sleep more soundly. This app can help your baby stop crying, relax and calm them down so they can sleep better and longer. It has looped sounds including classical music, doppler ultrasound sounds and ocean waves.

4. Baby Monitor 

This cool Baby Monitor app is helpful for parents (and overly paranoid first time parents) who want to keep track of their babies while sleeping. Simply put the iPhone near your sleeping baby and record your babies sleep progress by keeping an eye on them. If the app detects noise it calls the number of your choice for further listening. Please note that this app should not be used in replacement of a real baby monitor.

5. Grocery Gadget Shopping List 

Perfect for busy parents that are constantly forgetting items when they go out to the grocery store. Get rid of those post-its and notes around the house and write it all down in the Grocery Gadget Shopping List app! This app allows busy moms and dads the opportunity to keep everything they need for the household on one list. Get organized, track prices, save photos of favourite foods, and sync and share with family members so there are no repeat purchases!

1 -: Must-Have Parenting Apps

6. Total Baby 

Known as one of the best parenting apps out there on the market, the Total Baby app has been featured in numerous parenting magazines and offers a long list of tools that are helpful for busy parents. It is a logging and tracking application which can help you keep track of your child's health, general care, growth and more.

7. Positive Parenting Practices I 

These days more and more parents are using positive parenting tactics to influence positive behaviour in their children. This healthy parenting app allows parents to understand the behaviour of their children. It offers positive solutions to bad behaviour in a child rather than using negative tactics. This is a must have for every frustrated parent out there!

There are many other fabulous and helpful apps out there for parents, but these have been voted as some of the best apps for parents who want to get organized, manage their time more efficiently and stay connected to their kids.

Author, Natasha Jervis

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