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At some point, a child will either choose to test their limits or simply not understand what they are doing, and mom will feel a sharp pain shoot through her chest. The cause? Teeth.

That's right, during the breastfeeding journeys that continue to the point where a child has teeth, a

child will turn the beautiful ritual of nursing from her mother's chest into a biting war. Most children don't know what they are doing and will bite by accident while eating. Others will decide to see what happens when they use their chompers on mom. Either way, the experience is unpleasant.

Some women may be tempted to let the beginning of biting signal the end of breastfeeding. However, mom doesn't have to wean just because baby has picked up a bad habit.

If mom was already feeling tempted to pull the plug on nursing, it's fine for this too push her over the edge, but for moms who want to keep breastfeeding, it is possible to work with a child to correct this behavior. If the child wants to keep nursing, they may be more than willing to do whatever mom asks to keep access to the chest.

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