7 Of The Best Days To Conceive And 7 Worst Days

There is a day in February that is considered the hallmark for love and affection. It's a day when people do all that they can to let their loved one know how special they are, and the romance is palpable in the air. It's a great day for love-making that can lead to baby-making, and it can be one of the most memorable and special days to conceive.

As special as that February day can be, we know of a few others that would make memorable and amazing days to conceive a baby. Some are specific dates and others are events that are perfect for passion and phenomenal for starting a family.

On the other hand, there are days when romance is the last thing on people's minds. They are filled with other less passionate thoughts — or they are filled with passion but not a lot of forethought and consideration of timing. They won't exactly be great for sharing the story, and they may be a little embarrassing. Some are so terrible that they have become cliche, like prom night or a first date. But sometimes it is what it is and you have to look on the bright side.

There are good days and bad days for baby-making, that is for certain. Here are seven of the best days to conceive and seven of the worst days.

14 BEST: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and for a happy couple, it truly is the celebration of love. Some couples go big, planning romantic candle light dinners and dates to the symphony or a play. Others prefer a night of Netflix and chill. Valentine's Day may include flowers and cards, chocolate and jewelry, but it's not all about presents. It's about being together and sharing and showing their love for each other. No matter how the day unfolds, if it ends with a feeling of love, that can lead to an act of love, if you know what we mean.

A baby conceived in love is such a blessing, so we think Valentine's Day is a great day to conceive. That can be a beautiful memory for a couple and it could help them count their blessings and their family each February 14. It's a day marked with a heart, so we hope it matches up with your ovulation calendar.

13 WORST: Inauguration Day

So we were trying to think of the least romantic day possible — Hitler's birthday? Black Friday? Pearl Harbor Day? — but then it hit us. We just experienced a pretty unromantic moment in our nation's history: Inauguration Day. About half the population probably finds the whole thing to be a little revolting, no matter the year, while the other half can feel patriotic but not exactly lovey-dovey.

Don't get us wrong. We think there are a couple of people who probably thought that day was a pretty big turn on, and we think that they should consumate their big moment with a little love-making. But if you personally weren't sworn in, the ceremony and all the pomp and circumstance don't exactly stir up passion.

The good thing is that Inauguration Day is like a Leap Year. It only happens once every four years. And if you are tracking your ovulation and find it to be a good point to try to make a baby, you can do your best to avoid the news and concentrate on more romantic thoughts.

12 BEST: Super Bowl Celebration

There is another day in the winter that for a man is like Valentine's Day and Christmas all wrapped up in one — Super Bowl Sunday. The big game is full of the best athletes, the best food and the best entertainment. If pro football isn't your boo's thing, then substitute this for another big sporting event — the World Cup, the Stanley Cup, the Final Four, the World Series. There is something about sports that many men find incredibly exciting — and it doesn't take long before exciting becomes erotic.

Conceiving a baby could be the ultimate way to celebrate a big win, or the best way to console after a devastating loss. A little lovin' can cap off the night and make everything even more memorable. If the mom is a jock herself, she will be more than in the mood too. And conceiving after a big sports event can also led to some interesting baby name choices. Could the game MVP's name be a choice, such as Tom or Brady? What about the venue, like Shea after the New York stadium? It can definitely be one of the best memories to bringing a baby into the world.

11 WORST: First Date

This is the nightmare of every woman who has ever fallen head over heels and gone all the way on the first date. Sometimes a first-date baby can bring a couple closer, but most of the time, it turns out that first date was the only good one. If the man calls again, a woman can learn the hard way that first impressions aren't always accurate.

We understand how it can be easy to get carried away on the first date. Many people feel so nervous that anything that resembles a connection can pass for Mister Right. Add a little bit of liquid courage to help get through the night, and things can end up going too far for a woman's own good. In the morning, most women will admit that even if they believe in love at first sight, it's not a great idea to consummate it so quickly. But if that is the night of conception, it may be too late to go back. At least there will be one good memory that mom and dad can share.

10 WORST: Prom Night

This one is every dad's nightmare — the time that he finally let his little girl go to prom and a couple weeks later he learned that she had a few too many special memories that night. It's become a cliche because it happens too often; a teenage couple decides to pick a special night for their first time (or at least they claim it's the first time), and they end up becoming teenage parents.

Prom night is supposed to be a celebration of youth, not an end to it. But no longer how long someone has waited and prepared for the moment, teenagers are notorious for failing to use birth control correctly.

Of course, we know that many teenagers end up becoming amazing parents, but we still would prefer they finish high school without a bun in the oven. There is still plenty of time to start a family after college.

9 BEST: Independence Day

Everyone loves the Fourth of July. Even though it can be super hot outside, it is also a day full of fun and family. A dip in the pool, a barbecue and a night that ends in fireworks — in more ways the one — the party can last all day and into the night. The holiday is all about America. It usually brings out the patriotism and the pride, and it can also bring out the love.

Independence Day is about America's beginning, so it can also be a great beginning to a family. The hot dogs, watermelon and apple pie can be appetizers for a night of love, and the heat of the summer can make things feel a little hot for a couple. Conceiving on the Fourth of July can be a great way to salute the country. Because every wants to star in their own fireworks show, right?

8 WORST: Wedding Guest

Everyone dreads an uninvited guest to the wedding, but if a couple has had their dream location booked for a year and the dress picked out months ago, it can be a major bummer to find that the uninvited guest is going to put a dent in the plans. A pre-wedding baby is no big deal these days, and it can't be too terrible to start a family a little earlier than intended, but it can make the big day a little different than the bride dreamed about.

She may have to drop the dream dress – or have it let out a size or two to encase her growing baby bump. She may not be able to rock the blue pumps she bought, and her grandma may give her some grief about wearing white. The wedding toast will have to be non-alcoholic, but there are ways to make the best of the situation. It isn't the best time to conceive, most will admit. But that just makes that beginning of married life a little more exciting, doesn't it?

7 BEST: Honeymoon Baby

On the other hand, the wedding night may be the perfect time to get to the baby-making. Some families prefer to spend a little more time as a couple before they make it a family of three, but there are definitely perks to having a honeymoon baby. The wedding night can be the most special night in a couple's life, and to find out a couple of weeks later that it was blessed even further can make the honeymoon last a little longer.

It isn't long after a wedding that the family will start to ask when the newly wedded couple will start trying for babies, and the good news with a honeymoon baby is the torture won't last long. A woman can go from wedding shower to baby shower in six months, and her wedding glow can quickly transform into baby glow.

Plus, won't it be fun to be able to tell the story of the night that your baby was conceived to him when he is introducing you to his bride? He may want to crawl under a rock, but it was the most romantic night of your life, so it's a story that is meant to be told.

6 BEST: Blizzard Baby

September and October are some of the biggest for baby due dates, and we think we know why — because of all the babies that were conceived in blizzards. Sure, sometimes big storms can be stressful, but if there is wood in the fireplace and the electricity has knocked out the electronics, it can result in a pretty cozy and romantic atmosphere. That is just right for baby-making.

Being inside and warm is a blessing when there is snow and ice on the ground, but the icy exterior can make the inside of the home heat up even more. When couples have to rely on each other's body heat to keep warm, they can take the opportunity of being close and add on a little exercise to warm them up as well. It's amazing how a blizzard can turn into a magical, romantic atmosphere and an amazing day to conceive. Hospitals usually report an uptick in births about nine and a half months to the day after a big blizzard, so it must be everyone's idea of entertainment when it snows, right?

5 WORST: Break-Up Baby

We hate to tell you this, but break-up sex is never a great idea. After all, it could end up being the night that you get pregnant. Some couples like to have one last romp in the sack before they call it quits. Whether it be a bittersweet ending to a planned breakup or a night that turns from anger to passion and back to anger again, when a relationship is over, couples should let things end without the risk of having to co-parent when they can't get along.

Having to call a former lover to tell them that you are going to have a baby isn't exactly pleasant. When you share a child, you can never fully say no. You will have to be a part of each other's lives for the next 18 years at least — really, though, you'll have to reunite for everything from graduation to grandchildren's birthdays. When you break up, skip the break-up sex or be prepared for the possibility of a shared future.

4 WORST: Make-Up Baby

Just one rung better than break-up sex as the night that a couple conceives is during make-up sex. That's because it is never great to add a baby in the mix of a tenuous relationship. The day that a couple decides to reconcile is certainly a day to be celebrated, but for a couple that is just trying to figure out a way to repair their relationship, it isn't ideal to have a pregnancy thrown into the situation.

A couple who has gone through a break up and make up can need time to feel like they are on the right path again. To get back to where they once were, they should be able to devote all of their energy to each other, but a pregnancy can make that difficult. As we mentioned, its better to conceive during make-up sex than break-up sex — at least then the couple will be happier about seeing each other. But we think most couples would prefer to be at a stable point in their relationship before building a family.

3 BEST: New Year's Eve

The ultimate party night is New Year's Eve. Couples love to get all dressed up and celebrate the end of one year and welcome in a new one. They toast with champagne and dance until midnight, which can cause all of those lovely endorphins to fire and make everyone feel the love and excitement.

New Year's Eve is the last day of a year, but it is really more about the future — the year ahead. And what better way to start that year than with the blessing of a baby? New Year's Eve love-making can be the perfect mix of celebration and sweetness. Whether they watch the ball drop at home or live it up in Times Square or another big event, the way to end the night is with a little baby-making. The next year will be one for the history books, so a couple should usher it in with a few good memories.

2 WORST: Irish Twins

As happy as a new mom is in the first few months of her baby's life, she is probably tired and sore. She's usually pretty unhappy with her mushy but getting there post-baby body, and she isn't sure how she will find time for a shower, much less a little romantic time with her love. But somehow in the newborn haze, things do get back to business, and if a mom and dad aren't careful, that can mean a baby is on board before they know it.

While some parents swear that they intended to have back-to-back babies and they can't wait until their little ones are best friends, it isn't exactly healthy to get pregnant so soon after giving birth. Doctors say that a body takes about a year to recover from the hormone surges and drops, the weight gain and loss, the bone-altering delivery or muscle-ripping surgery. Getting pregnant before the baby's first birthday can wreck all the recovery and make the second go-round all the worse — all the while having to keep a baby alive outside the womb. As cute as so-called Irish twins can be, it can still be one of the worst times to get pregnant.

1 BEST: Rainbow Baby

Surviving a miscarriage or stillbirth is life-altering. While the baby is gone, the parents can struggle to say goodbye and they can lose hope about ever attaining their dream of parenthood. While the body needs time to heal, it is the mental and psychological health that are often most injured by the devastating end to a pregnancy. That is why one of the best days to conceive is when a rainbow baby is made.

The very act of trying again is something to celebrate for many parents. To put their love and hopes back out there is a serious act of courage and strength, and to be rewarded with a rainbow baby is a blessing that only those survivors truly understand. The conception can come at any time, but no matter what, it's something to celebrate and to remember.

In all seriousness, conceiving a baby is a blessing any day and any time. It may not be right on someone's schedule, but it is always a day that makes history in the world, and we wish you luck and love no matter what day you conceived.

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