7 Best Places To Find Cute Nursing-Friendly Outfits

Before I became a work-at-home mom, I was a work-in-an-office mom. Specifically, my office's dress code was very casual. I probably pushed that dress code at times, simply because I couldn't find good nursing wear for work! Thankfully, some really smart clothing brands have started making great clothing options for moms who breastfeed - and who want to look cute doing it! Nursing-friendly clothing is out there - it's just a matter of knowing where to look. Try these 7 stores for some great breastfeeding-friendly tops!

Wear Nursing Tops Made In The USA

Look classic while nursing. Via Pinterest.

Who or What Are They?: Majams carries clothing for the whole family! They focus on making clothes that reduce environmental impact. They've been around since 1999, and are proud to make their products in the USA.

Style: Casual, comfortable, chic. Lots of nursing options made from organic cottons. I particularly love their wardrobe basics! Their dresses are irresistibly soft knits, yet easy to convert to career wear.

Price Point: $25-$75, average. Free gift with $100 purchase!

Best Seller: The Soiree Top - Long-sleeve, double-layer on the bust. Looks pregnancy-friendly, too! Three great shades - two jewel-tone and one solid black.

My Take: I could make a whole wardrobe out of their basics. As a former office-working mon, I really appreciate that most options are office-friendly. That would make pumping at work so much easier, too!

Try Different Brands Of Maternity And Nursing Styles

Who or What Are They?: Figure 8 carries styles from several different labels. It gives you the chance to try something new!

Style: Ranging from street casual to boutique-style blouses and dresses, Figure 8 truly has something for everyone!

Price Point: $35-$100

Best Seller: Boob Design B-Warmer Hoodie With Kangaroo Pockets. This looks so comfortable and great for staying warm in the winter.

My Take: Figure 8 is a one-stop shop for all things nursing and maternity from several great lines. If you want to see what works for you before buying everything in one brand, Figure 8 is the place for you!

Stock Up On Nursing-Friendly Wardrobe Basics

Nursing a baby never looked so cool. Via A Cup Of Jo

Who or What Are They? Ingrid is the creator of the BellaBand, a mom to Isabel, and a pregnancy problem-solver. The label is stocked with lots of nursing basics! Their maternity wear is stylish and office-friendly.

Style: Nursing basics, a few casual swingy sweaters, and crossover-front knit tops. Don't forget the seamless bras and camis.

Price Point: $35-$100

Best Seller: Cross-front pullover and nursing top in a long-sleeve option - also comes sleeveless. Looks cozy and like it would work during and after pregnancy!

My Take: Good for comfy basics. Not great for a full wardrobe buildout, sadly. Better for stylish maternity than nursing!

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These Nursing Tops Are The Softest And Most Comfortable Ever

Who or What Are They?: Latched Mama was started by a mom, Melissa, after she had two babies close together. She spent lots of time struggling with inconvenient nursing clothing and decided there had to be a better way! Latched Mama is all about nursing wear!

Style: Comfy, casual, easy. Well-thought-out. Clearly made by a woman who has spent some time nursing!

Price Point: $25-$60

Best Seller: Lightweight nursing hoodie. Has thumb holes. both fitted and relaxed. stylish. with a pocket or without. great layering piece.

My Take: I want ten "mompers". I want all the hoodies. I literally could live in this entire line. I love the value!

Outfits Fit For A Maternity Photoshoot - Or Instagram

It's possible to nurse while looking chic. Via Mamas Milk No Chaser

Who or What Are They?: They're a maternity line designed to look great during and after pregnancy. They carry women's and plus sizes, maternity and maternity plus, and baby/kids clothes.

Style: Feminine, colorful, sweet, floral.

Price Point: $25-$70

Best Seller: Maternity Wrap Top and Dresses - fitted on the bust, very flattering. Long sleeve. Super soft fabrics. Unwrap the top and use one side as a cover. It's a versatile look!

My Take: PinkBlush is everywhere on social media - you'll see influencers wearing it all the time. It's popular for photo shoots. I LOVE that they offer plus size clothing and not just a few options. They've grown into more work-appropriate as well - while their casual line still leads.

Amazon Has Tons Of Options For Breastfeeding Clothing

Or make it yourself! This maker created her own nursing top. Via Patterns For Pirates


Who or What Are They?: You can get anything on Amazon, people.

Style: Literally anything you want. Come on!

Price Point: $5-$100. Honestly, it's full-range. At a certain point, you get what you pay for!

Best Seller: I've found that nursing hoodies and cami sets are popular! It's also a great way to buy bulk underlayers.

My Take: Be careful to read sizing! I prefer to get basics from Amazon. Best suggestion: make sure it's got free returns and you're good to go!

Build Your Nursing Wardrobe With Brand Names On A Budget

Who or What Are They?: Built by a mom who spent seven years pregnant or nursing. What a trooper! Size XS to 2X. Plus, they carry name-brand nursing bras like Bravado and La Leche League!

Style: A must-have for nursing moms! Nursing clothing, dual function maternity/nursing clothing, Basics to build a wardrobe - including bras! Comfortable knits in cute solid colors - no prints here, sorry! This is a great wardrobe builder.

Price Point: $25-$55. I love the price point - I had to hunt to find one item (a Bravado nursing tank) that was $55!

Best Seller: Their long and 3/4 sleeve tops are big sellers at the moment. The asymmetrical nursing top is so chic - it uses clever stitching and layering to create an illusion that the top is one continuous piece.

My Take: One of them is a tulip-front top; I sewed myself a top just like it a few weeks ago! Cuts are flattering for all shapes and sizes, with sleek details to conceal the nursing underlayer.

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