7 Reasons Why Men Like Pregnant Women

They say pregnancy makes a woman glow. But for some of the opposite sex, the female form takes on an altogether different perspective. This is especially the case when there is a bun in the oven as some men go potty for a pregnant lady.

This is of course nothing new as women have been portrayed through the ages as sex symbols. Take for example the iconic image of Ursula Andress appearing from the sandy, golden kissed beach in Dr. No. This catapulted Andress into the fore as she took on the role of Honey Ryder back in 1962. The female form in this case was really taken to the next level as men drooled over the curves of her suntanned body.

It developed into a craze where the white bikini took off in some style. It was regarded as one of the finest cinematic fashion moments of all time. We all know that ladies look great in a two piece, but women can show off their pregnant bumps when dressed in this particular garment. Fashion also plays a pivotal role in the portrayal of pregnant women, and Andress’s bikini was to help aid this monumental swing. 

After all, it's no mean feat to carry something inside you for nine months. Many males love that females have taken on this mantle and are able to undertake such a burden for their husband. This is the additional appeal that makes men become even more attracted to pregnant women. This change that gives them a greater degree of sexual aura means males become even more excited. 

This turn on is nothing new but adds to the many layers of how they are ensconced by the opposite sex. But what are some of the main reasons why men appear to dig pregnant ladies?

7 Testosterone

He shoots and he most definitely scores! To a certain extent, there are some men who take a great sense of pride in getting their wife pregnant. It not only reaffirms the male but ensures that he has a little one for the next generation. This battle of the hormones plays out to great effect as a man can use his levels of testosterone to experiment with his wife for example. 

There doesn't need to be any nervousness as far as the bedroom is concerned, as being pregnant opens up a whole new sexual milieu. It means men can try a wide variety of new things that he may not have done previously. 

He feels more manly now that you're carrying his seed

Maybe it’s the hormones which seem to be flying about in the air or it could be a fetish. Nevertheless, the light goes off and some men swarm round expectant females like there's no tomorrow. When exploring further into some of the reasons why this craze occurs, it's important to take note of some crucial factors. In the first instance, aside from the hormonal thing going on, those newly formed curves may attract a man who might find the female form even more attractive.

This extremely comforting set of pillows from a nurturing lady see many males go wild for one with a larger set of boobs. This homely sensation in some can date back as far as early childhood. Here, there is a distinct connection between lactation and a sexual thrill we for some men which they are now experiencing. Being exposed to a mom who is pregnant at an early age could leave a defining imprint on a male that could later develop further into adulthood. 

6 Affection

Ever since the dawn of time, women have been depicted on all types of materials. From stone tablets to Egyptian hieroglyphics, the female body has entranced sculptures from all corners of the earth. In Roman times, women were depicted like never before on pottery as slaves and everything in between for their sexuality and figure. 

This symbol of fertility resonates highly with many women and men alike. This affection for the pregnant form can become a real fetish for hitting on the pregnant woman. 

The pregnant form is being celebrated and appreciated like never before

There are some men who simply cannot get enough of a kiss and a cuddle. This is even more reinforced when it comes to pregnant ladies. This overwhelming attraction means men want to touch ladies more for a bunch of reasons. It could be those engrossing eyes or maybe he wants to give a woman a back rub.

A little one on one time has never been better appreciated as many males love to take care of their pregnant wife. Tender loving care is all that it takes as men like to pet their loved ones like a new born puppy. Nonetheless, males feel an urge to canoodle and caress the opposite sex even more as they begin the journey of pregnancy. 

5 Birth Control

When a man can sit back, relax and look at his pregnant partner, it means that birth control can definitely go out the window. This provides a number of different advantages and is sure to go down very well. It's both liberating and freeing to the man as he can stop worrying about any outside factors and focus on enjoying himself. 

That in itself is a wondrous and joyous aspect to take into consideration. Being able to focus on the task at hand means it's more pleasurable for both parties involved, and when everybody's happy, then they're...really happy.

No worries means everyone's happy

Everyone has their kicks now and again. Some like a little Frank Sinatra on the jukebox, whilst others love the thrill of a roller coaster ride. It's this inexplicable sensation that has led to a new found wave of male thrill seekers who love pregnant ladies. Whether it's online or elsewhere, some guys like to imagine knocked up ladies in an all together different light. This is because it's delving into the unknown, an unwritten taboo that finds men fantasizing about the female form. 

4 Breeding

In some cases, men feel that pregnant women are super hot because of breeding. Many men tend to drift towards females who are already well on their way to expecting. It's a natural instinct which is uncontrollable in some men as they'll hit on pregnant ladies shamelessly. 

Maybe it's that primal instinct which is deep within a guy since caveman times but it seems that many males cant escape these sentiments. Therefore, it is this ability to breed that draws more and more men to expectant mothers. 

This attraction goes deeper than just the ability to breed

The baby bump is considered to be a phenomenon as more and more guys cant resist the pull of an expectant mother. He is literally basking in your full glowing glory. Whether it is that all in one black sundress or flow white skirt, the magnetism radiating off a pregnant woman can prove to be too much for some. Meanwhile, an expectant mother’s skin may also be an indication as to the attraction.

Not since coming out of the womb themselves have ladies experienced such fine and delicate skin. In this way, all those skin creams as well as lotions and potions that some ladies use seem to be paying off. On the other hand, in spite of the fact that ladies may feel like a bloated hippopotamus, it is something about fertility that drives males into overdrive. Despite sagging boobs not to mention droopy eyes and bags as large as Droopy, women can be at their best when they are with child. 

3 Security

As soon as you hit that first trimester and women are nurturing their newly discovered baby, some men like to offer plenty of protection. Although women come from Venus and men hail from Mars, some males like the principle of offering security to a pregnant lady. 

A point to consider here is, in essence, men adore pregnant women because they feel a lot safer in their company. They have the ability to flirt or chat endlessly without the fear of anything taking place. Most men should be wary that ladies with bumps are taken even though they're a walking fertility advert. It’s precisely this confidence and assurance that some men crave, whilst prattling on doesn't seem to affect them either.

He knows you can't cat around on him

This is largely in part down to the confidence factor that emanates from every feminine orifice. Men see this as a real sexy factor and flop at some ladies feet. It may seem banal to some but this particular glow leads to many guys circling round their female counterparts. Another key aspect is of course the breast size. Whether you are a leg or boob man, female boobs tend to grow in size whilst pregnant. 

2 Sexy

Never mind that burgeoning belly. For many guys the appearance of a pregnant lady turns them on even more than some without a bump. That joie de vivre in an expectant lady drives many to be with them. Ladies are full of vigour and want to share that with the man. Therefore, it is the body that many find aesthetically pleasing. 

This je ne said quoi feeling stays with a large proportion of men during the pregnancy period. At times it can prove to be inexplicable but women seem to become much more radiant when in the throws of conception. 

Pregnancy has become sexualized over the past decades

On top of this, women are depicted in a wealth of adverts as sex symbols even when they're carrying a child. This is supported by some of the most iconic ads which features an advert for Maltese's from 2003.

This spot sees two ladies being celebrated for their bumps but the underlying thing is that many pregnant ladies have been targeted for their natural sexiness which can be made into a great advertisement for television. Visually, it also creates a real talking point and for men, they are able to look at women as real symbols of pure sexual power. 

1 Team Effort

The wonder of child birth and undergoing pregnancy is somewhat of a marvellous miracle. But for some guys, this effort that both people endure has to be very high on the maternity list. It is this effort by two individuals to create something so special that many guys love the thought of. Both bodies intertwined makes the chap feel particular pleased, whilst seeing the stages of pregnancy is another impressive sight. 

The amazement of going through this journey together is something many guys love to share in. The love expressed between each other is yet another contributing factor to how making a baby is possible which many men take a great sense of pride in. It is this major addition and sense of self-worth that men seem to love. 

Nothing beat security in a relationship

Sometimes what a man finds sexy is security. and what's more secure than knowing that you're a pregnant couple now.

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