6Newborn Poop

The mysteries of your newborn’s diaper are many. You know, just exactly what should be expect to happen in the diaper in the first few days of baby’s life? Well, for starters, once the meconium is all said and done your baby will start bowel movements. Lighter in colour than

meconium, and pretty soft and runny at the onset is more or less the expectation. 

Meconium is black, but after a few days the colour will gradually go to dark green, to lighter green. By about week’s end you can expect even lighter stools which will gradually change to brownish yellow.

Important info to be aware of in regards to the colour of baby’s poop: if you see grey, white, pale green or pale yellow let your pediatrician know. Signs of liver problems can be shown if baby’s poop is yellow, for example.

Breastfed baby's poop will be relatively odourless

It’s interesting to note some of the changes that your wee one’s digestive system goes through in the early days. After all, the digestive system is the path to the diaper contents. Here are a few facts:

  • at birth, your child’s stomach is the size of a marble, which explains why your baby asks for frequent feedings
  • the pancreas of a newborn can’t produce all of the enzymes necessary for processing complex carbs and starches until around three months of age
  • why do babies spit up so much? because the lower esophageal sphincter is not strong yet and opens more recurrently, allowing reflux to occur
  • baby’s intestines are not matured with the lining that will eventually be present - that’s why breast milk or formula are what is best for the first four to six months of baby’s life.

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