5Breast Poop vs. Bottle Poop

There are definite differences on the stools produced by breast fed and bottle fed babies.


  • poop is seedy and can have a pasty texture
  • breast milk contains immunoglobulins, which also can have a laxative effect, producing loose stools which happen often - sometimes at every feed
  • bowel movements smell almost sweet


  • poo

    is more solid

  • the color can range from tan to green
  • definitely more smelly poops are in store with a formula fed baby

Who knew the poop would be so different?

For certain, keep in mind that no two babies elimination schedule will be the same. Every child is different, and what is healthy and perfectly normal for one is not the same for the other. For a fact, a breastfed baby can go a week without a poo and that is no cause for concern. 

Unless of course, your baby does not seem well, is crying a lot, has a distended belly or is vomiting. If you are concerned for any reason, call your pediatrician. No worries, they are used to plenty of questions from concerned parents on the topic of poop.

Formula fed babies tend to be more regular, and tend to have bowel movements on a daily basis. For babies of either feeding method, as long as they are gaining weight and eating well, the number of stools isn’t something you should be stressing about.

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