7 Ways To Pick A Baby Name You Both Like

Ask most parents the hardest part of picking their child's name and they'll tell you: it's hard to agree on a name you both like! Some people have a name they've been dreaming of since childhood. Can a partner reasonably squash that dream because they have a different preference? Or perhaps a family name is really important to your partner - but you can't stand the thought of another "Wilhelm" in the family tree! Your baby's name will be a way for them to define their very self, so there's no pressure to get this right. Nope. None at all! It's a big decision - so you want to be sure that you both like your baby's name!

Make A List Of Your Favorite Baby Names

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Tried and true, making a list of baby names you both like can help you find a middle ground! When I was pregnant with my son, I put a list of baby names on the bathroom mirror. Over the weeks, I realized I didn't like a certain one, or I favored another - so I'd edit the list and keep narrowing it down. Eventually, my husband and I agreed on a short list - our favorites from the list we'd compiled. At least this helps narrow it down!

Name Them After Your Favorite Sports Team

For the diehard sports fans out there! Once you have a short list of names you both like, assign them a team of your sport-of-choice. Our family would follow the NFL - professional American football. The name that wins the final championship game of the season is deemed the winner. Do you feel lucky?

Let The Random Name Generator Decide

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Ok, maybe this is just a good way to come up with a list of names. If you're feeling bold, bet that you'll accept any name that the generator spits out at you! Ok, maybe don't go THAT far! When I asked for a totally random set of eight "inspiration" names, Nameberry's generator gave me: Tornado, Gentry, Melisandre, Tancred, Kaylee, and Alex. I like at least one of those names! And some of them are the worst name ever.

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Can't Decide On A Name? Flip A Coin

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Adventurous parents might choose a different way to settle on a name. Let's say you've both got a favorite name that you're determined to give your baby. Each person picks a side - heads or tails - and you simply flip the coin. It's a fifty-fifty shot!

Name Your Baby After A Family Member

My maiden name wouldn't make a very good first or middle name - but using a family name might work for you! I can think of a few good options from my friends and family: Wilson, Morgan, Smith, Nelson, Foster. If a maiden name won't work, consider using the name of a favorite grandpa or grandma. Then, instead of fighting over which name you like, you can fight over which set of grandparents you like the best!

Use An App To Name Your Baby

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Complete transparency: my husband and I used an app to choose our son's middle name! It's probably the most millennial thing we've ever done - and yes, we chose the most millennial name ever (Finley). Baby Name, the app, allows users to Tinder-swipe left or right on names they like. When your partner swipes on a name you both like, the app notifies you of a match. Essentially, it shortlists names in a rapid-fire method. So easy, so fun, and some of the names...well, they're not all winners. You can just ignore the really awful names.

Whatever way you choose to end your baby-naming disagreement, have fun with it! Yes, the baby's name is really important! But it's also something you can fix or change if you're just not feeling it in a few months. Your baby will be the cutest and sweetest no matter what you name them! Remember? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!

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How did you and your partner decide on a name you both liked? Tell me your tricks on Twitter: @pi3sugarpi3 with #NameThatBaby. 


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