7 Ways to Cure Pregnancy Boredom

After the initial high of finding out you’re expecting- telling your friends and family, not being so self-conscious about that muffin top (you’re allowed now, you’re pregnant!), and day dreaming about who’s nose he/she will have (you’re hoping yours), pregnant mommies often hit a wall. 

While some women are able to work late into their pregnancy, many find themselves with way too much time on their hands. At first, this is less of a predicament and more of a treat. You get to sleep in, roam around the house in your PJ’s, and binge-watch your favorite shows on Netflix. Amazing, right? Not so fast. For those of you who can do this for 9 months straight- I applaud you. That takes an incredible amount of will. 

But for the rest of you who start getting cabin fever (and possibly bed sores) after the first week, the thought of staying in and “nesting” for one more day makes you want to rip your hair out.

Many will suggest things like prepping the baby’s room, reading, and enjoying the last few months you’ll really have to yourself, but let’s be honest here, that gets old pretty quick. While getting a drink (or many, many drinks) with friends or bungee jumping is now frowned upon, there are still ways you can have fun. 

We've got 7 ways you can cure your pregnancy boredom.

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6 Get Active

While this may seem obvious to some, many women give themselves a 9-month break from going to the gym and eating healthily. While that’s definitely one way to go, there are only so many pounds you can blame on your unborn child. Whether you were a gym rat before your pregnancy or not, you will likely never have more time on your hands once you become pregnant. 

This makes your pregnancy the perfect time to get in the gym and get fit. On top of the expected results (like not ballooning to twice your weight), there are many other benefits of getting active during your pregnancy:

  • - Helps you carry the extra weight and demands of childbirth on your body
  • - Boosts energy and releases endorphins
  • - Reduces the chances of developing gestational diabetes
  • - Reduces swelling, cramps, varicose veins, and constipation (that last one is reason enough to get into the gym)
  • - Increases your chances of being able to open that jar of pickles on your own

All of the above will keep you feeling great throughout your pregnancy, unless you are suffering from all day, morning-noon-and night sickness. In this case, you might not even have the get up and go to hit the gym until your second trimester. Even in your sickened state you can still reap the benefits from exercise and maybe even feel a little better with a physical routine.

In the spirit of not getting sued, it’s important to note that you may need to alter your pre-pregnancy workout routine. It’s wise to avoid any type of physical activity that may cause you to fall (which may be everything if you’re terribly clumsy) or cause your heart rate to spike too high. 

Always consult your doctor before starting or increasing your gym activity when you're pregnant.

5 Learn Something New

While the thought of watching reality TV and daytime soap operas is awesome, it can also be incredibly mind numbing. As an adult bringing another tiny human into this world, you really need to start making more responsible choices than that. 

Being able to name all the Real Housewives (and their clothing lines) is impressive, but not as impressive as, say, being able to make an outfit for your baby (or sew holes in socks, baby steps. Pun intended). For this reason, taking the time off to learn something new is a smart time investment. You should learn something that interests you or can help your career, that way you know that it will be time well spent.

Learn a new language. Nothing says 'cultured' like a woman who can whip out a language other than English when appropriate (it’s not appropriate to assume and speak to your cleaning lady in Spanish- she’s white). Online programs like Rosetta Stone or phone apps like Duolingo make it easy to learn from home. On top of impressing your friends and family, you can pass on your newly acquired language to your child who can then include “Multi-language proficiency” to their CV when applying for jobs. The competition for good jobs is fierce out there. You need to think ahead! But I digress.

Learn to sew. Whether you know the basics of sewing already or not, there’s something to be said for a woman who can mend holes or make Christmas (or Hanukah, Diwali, Kwanza, etc.…) pageant costumes. Many community centers offer sewing classes, and if you’re not into taking off your pajama’s or brushing your hair, you can learn on YouTube. Imagine all the tiny little dresses or onesies you can make for you new little bundle of joy!

Learn to cook. Whether your cooking skills match those of Martha Stewart’s or extend to Kraft Dinner and microwave meals, having an expansive selection of recipes you can cook is invaluable. Whether it’s learning a new recipe a week or creating a recipe book of all the ones you already know, this will help you down the road when your child starts complaining about having spaghetti for the 3rd night in a row.

4 Make Fun Plans

While your hubby and friends may all be busy working during the week, there’s nothing stopping you from guilting them into spending all their weeknights and weekends with you. The more exciting your plans are, the more enthusiastic they’ll be about coming to them. 

While it can be as simple as meeting a friend on their lunch break just to get out of the house, it can be as big as planning weekend trips out of town. Let your imagination fly, you can definitely pack some fun into your 9 months of pregnancy!

Some fun ideas include:

  • - Having a spa day
  • - Having an old-fashioned movie night/slumber party with friends
  • - Having a night out on the town with your girls (you can take shots of water while they drink and pretend you’re getting drunk)
  • - Spending a weekend out of town (chalets or beaches, anyone?)

Organizing plans for once or twice a week will not only get you out of the house and get you out of those sweatpants you’ve been wearing for 2 days straight, but it’ll give you something to look forward to. These plans you make will increase the positivity you associate with being pregnant. The better you feel, the better your pregnancy will be for you and your little one.

If you get in the habit now of making plans to stop yourself from being bored, you will carry this habit forward after the baby is born, which is important to stop you from feeling isolated and alone after the baby comes and your significant other returns to work.

3 Volunteer

Besides it making you look like a modern-day Mother Teresa (which is a good look on anyone), volunteering can give you a sense of purpose. Whether you have a soft spot for children, animals, or old people (the cutest of the three), there are always local organizations or charities looking for help. 

Non-profit organizations and charities sometimes advertise when they need help, you should start by looking locally and seeing where you can start helping at home. Volunteering not only helps others, but often contributes to your own happiness and well-being as well. Win-win. Volunteering has several benefits including:

  • Creating social relationships with a diverse range of people
  • Increasing your sense of achievement and sense of purpose (everyone wants to feel needed)
  • Combating depression
  • Again, making you look like Mother Teresa. People really love her.

There are many cool charities you can find online that need help branching out, some great charities target women and their needs. Did you know that one of the most needed items at a homeless shelter for women are feminine supplies? If you're donating cans of food stuffs, you might also want to throw a box of tampons and pads in there as well, there's a woman out there who could really use them!

Another great charity for women collects gently used bras for homeless and abused women. This is a great way to pass on a personal item that you're not that into anymore and give another woman her dignity back at the same time.

The power of charity is that what you do with your time is precious to another person that you might never meet in person.

2 Pamper Yourself

Being pregnant gives you a hall pass to moan and complain about almost anything you want. Your back hurts? Your hair is dry? Nails are brittle? Well ya, you’re carrying an extra person in your belly! For the next 9 months your body is going to go through changes, your skin is going to stretch, you're going to become more tired and heavy feeling.

If your skin feels like it's drying on a rack or like you're being pulled in two different directions, then there are a number of ways you can handle that with some simple pampering. It can be as simple as buying some luxurious body cream to keep your skin moist, or you can really do yourself a favour and go get that massage you so badly need. 

Another thing you might consider doing is getting your nails done. If you have all the nail polish and nail polish remover you need, you can get a face mask so you don't breath in all the fumes. Or even better, you can go and let some one else paint your nails.

One of the best ways to pamper yourself is to go and get a new hair cut.  In fact, now is a better time than ever to try that risqué haircut you’ve been considering. If it turns out horribly, don’t worry! You have 9 months for it to grow out. 

You’ll never deserve pampering more than now, so take advantage of spoiling yourself while you can.

1 Spring Clean 

As your pregnancy progresses you will have a feeling of urgency to prepare your home for the baby. You'll obsess over the nursery, the baby furniture and baby clothes. Unless you've totally given in to the lazy days of waiting for your baby to come, you can give in to the nesting feelings you're having.

Nesting can be anything from preparing the nursery to an overwhelming urge to clean everything. Whose home couldn't use a little spring cleaning every now and then? As long as you're not using cleaners with chemicals that are bad to use during pregnancy, you can clean your house until the budding Martha Stewart inside of you is satisfied. 

Nesting usually sets in during the later stages of pregnancy. You might find nearing the end of your second trimester, give or take some time, that you just can't sit idle, that you need to prepare something, anything, everything for the arrival of your baby.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be exclusive to the springtime either. With a new family member on the way, you’ll need more space to store things like diapers and those crafts they’ll bring home from school (“I’ve always wanted a jewelry box made out of popsicle sticks!”). Now is the perfect time to organize your closets or get rid of that clutter under the bathroom sink. Spend a weekend doing an intensive clean of your place- you’ll thank yourself later when you’re too busy with spit-up and leaky poop to have time.

You can start in the baby's nursery and get everything picture perfect for the day you bring your little precious bundle home with you. Organize the baby's dresser with all the diapers, wipes and clothes you've been accumulating. Put up pictures, arrange the crib, rocking chair and change table in a way that is functional and makes sense. If you're an organizational nut, you might even want to organize your baby's clothes according to age and size, making sure that as your baby grows, the next round of clothing is ready for them.

7. Document EVERYTHING

In our day of iPhones and YouTube, more and more people are documenting their experiences for others to learn from. While making weekly videos of your pregnancy progress for strangers to watch may not be your thing, a personal blog or vlog can be a wonderful keepsake to look back upon years down the road. 

Even if it's your second or third pregnancy, you can still feel excited about your pregnancy and celebrate everyday by doing simple little things, like take a picture of your belly with your phone every day or every other day. And if pictures and video aren't floating your boat, you can keep a diary or pregnancy journal. This might be a useful tool to keep track of your changes for your doctor too.

Some of the different things you can do to document your pregnancy include:

Many woman do belly casts as a way to decorate their nursery and celebrate their pregnancy. If you're not a weight conscious person, you can simply measure your belly to record the growth of your baby, or you can even have your belly painted and photographed.

There are so many ways you can document your pregnancy, let your imagination run wild.

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