75-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To 1.5 Pound Preemie Via IVF, Becoming 'World's Oldest Mother'

A 75-year-old woman gave birth to a premature baby girl using IVF Treatments.

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Recently an Indian woman became the older woman every recorded to give birth to a child. She was 74 years old and gave birth to twins via c-section. She was unable to breastfeed the babies and had to remain in the hospital along with her two girls. Now, there is a new story that reportedly takes the record for the oldest woman to ever give birth. A 75-year-old woman named Prabha Devi. Devi and her husband had one child that they adopted but they always wanted to have a biological child. In many cultures, people who do not conceive a child of their own are sometimes shamed or believed to have been cursed which may be the reason that they wanted to become pregnant even in their old age.

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Devi knew that age was not on her side and so she knew her only option of conceiving a child would be to consider IVF treatments. She went in and discussed her options. The IVF treatment was successful and she became pregnant. Pregnancy was understandably very difficult for her and she struggled through the entire few months that she was pregnant. At 30 weeks she went into the hospital because she was very ill and they knew that they had to take out the baby. The medical staff conducted some tests and found that there were some severe complications in her pregnancy, so they delivered the child via c-section. The baby would have most likely died in the womb if they would have not taken her out. The baby was actually safer on the outside than in the womb.

Dr. Abhilasha Kinker, gynecologist, and obstetrician who delivered the baby, said that it was not a very easy surgery. The mother was very old and she was extremely ill. She had a collapsed lung. Kinker said that it was not an easy thing especially since the baby was so small. The little girl weighed only 1lb 8oz. She is being kept in the NICU and they are monitoring her progress. They currently have the baby in stable conditions but she will not be discharged for quite some time. The mother was discharged but the baby will not be able to go home until she is at least 3.3 lbs.

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