8 Apps that Parents Should Be Aware Of! Not Safe for Kids!

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8 Snapchat

Everyday 4 million photos are shared using Snapchat. The photos will then disappear after being viewed with no evidence. 

The Problem: Lots of under age children are seeing this as a good opportunity to share photos of themselves thinking they will disappear without thinking they can screenshot the photo before it disappears. Snapchat also added a new "Stories" feature which allows the photo to be seen for up to 24hrs increasing the chances it of it being stored.

7 Vine 

This app is usually pretty innocent and provides hours of laughter by looping 6 sec videos over and over again. it can also get pretty creative. 

The problem: Although vine has removed the ability to use adult hashtags (XXX, NSFW), the videos remain there to be seen and new hashtags are made to get around the restriction. Plus, anyone can look up the work "teen" and see videos of your children. 

6 ChatRoulette

This site lets anyone chat with others on the internet who has a webcam. Users are asked to confirm that they are 18 and over before being able to use the site. 

The problem: No is is checking your child's ID. Once they click to enter, they are often exposed to explicit content and often nudity. Also the fact that they will be talking to complete strangers is more than off putting! 

5 Tinder 

This hook up app let you go through pictures of other users and you flag them if you like what you see. If the other person flags you as well it lets you connect and lets you chat with the possibility of meeting up. 

The problem: The minimum age is 13 years which lets your teen connect with complete strangers and obviously some with the wrong intentions. Anyone can fake a profile and this could lead to potentially dangerous situations. 

4 Ask.fm

This app is used for users to post on the Q&A forum in order to get to know each other in a fun and friendly way. 

The problem: Questions can be answered anonymously which lets a person post and answer in a way that they wouldn't if they weren't hidden behind a screen. This app is filled with bullying and sexually charged discussion. This app has already been associated with 5 teen suicides! 

3 Whisper.sh

This app  and website is for anonymously posting your secrets and sharing them with everyone. 

The problem: The location feature can be unable so that you can see the secrets of those close to you and so that others who live close can see yours. Depending on what a person post, it can be easy to figure out who the user is, rendering the anonymous feature useless. 

2 Yik Yak 

This app allows a person to post a text of up to 200 characters that will be shared to the 500 closest Yakkers thanks to their GPS device. 

The problem: The content is filled with sexually explicit and abusive language and connects your kids to 500 potential strangers around them. 

1 Down

This app is maybe one of the worse for extremely obvious reasons. This app which used to go by a different name "Bang with Friends" lets you connect to Facebook and organize your friends into 2 categories: Friends you would hand out with and Friends you would be "down" to hook up with.

The problem: Well if it wasn't obvious enough, the slogan for the app is "The anonymous, simple, fun way to find friends who are down for the night" If that doesn't freak you out, I don't know what will. 

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