8 Birthday Party Themes For Your New Baby

It’s important to take into consideration how new parents embrace the whole birthday thing. Some tend to fret for weeks--if not months--regarding the big day. Not only is it down to the preparation, but many parents want to ensure the day goes seamlessly. After all, precision is key when it comes to a child’s birthday party.

This pressure has been increasing over time as many look to unleash a parental tidal wave of entertainment on their babies. Elaborate parties are becoming the norm even though some parents simply cannot afford to spend too much green on it. Although there is absolutely no pressure coming from the tiny tots, it’s the parents who feel the burden. Even a simple children’s entertainer can cost more than $200 for one hour.

Furthermore, parents have to take into account whether they intend to cater the event. This can cause the price to get out of hand quickly, especially if they intend to invite a host of parents and kids. We all like a goody bag, so this also has to be factored into the price. Not to mention location. Some people still have parties at home, whilst some choose to hire out a venue.

Presentation and dramatic effect is, without question, the order of the day. Everything has to be carefully planned, from the invitations to the sweet treats. But how do you pull off a successful toddler birthday? And what are some of the best themed parties to throw your baby?

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8 Pirates

Whether you are providing vibrant party hats to goodie bags, many parents like to lavish their love as well as dough on their little ones. Some parties can run into tens of thousands of dollars as some parents vie tooth and nail for the best shindig. At the end of the day every new mom wants the best for their precious little thing. They do their utmost best to make the day one to remember. After all, what better feeling is there than to see a child’s face light up with pure unbridled joy.

Time to shout the house down and shriek, “Shiver me timbers,” as pirate themed parties seem to go down well. Those tiny ones may not know how to walk the plank just yet, but it doesn't stop many parents from putting this theme to good use.

Who doesn't want to be a pirate?

Some examples that can be utilised in this scenario include pirate based cupcakes, a treasure map themed cake and even dress up. Parents can put their acting skills to good use by donning fancy dress for the kids. This of course can lead to all sorts of hilarity, but will add to the fun on the day. Ideal for boys, a pirate party is the ideal source of adventure and fun for a baby. 

7 Pink or Blue

The children’s party has come on leaps and bounds. This is largely in part thanks to the growing influence of social media. This certainly has a significant impact on new parents who can look at images and tweets of what their friends are doing. This kind of social media bragging has increased the parental stakes where parents are willing to spend in excess of $2000.

This theme is pretty simple to organise and can be tailored as much or as little as you wish. From coloured candy sweets to party hats, a pink or blue theme is an extremely popular party for a new baby. Best of all, it won’t cost you $2000 to do this theme and have a fabulous looking party.

Sometimes a simple theme is the best theme of all

Depending on a girl or boy, a colour themed party is the perfect way to capture their birthday imagination. Let their imagination run wild and free against a colourful backdrop of coloured fairy cakes, balloons and treats. 

6 Football

With the rise of Major League Soccer, babies might not recognise the likes of David Beckham and Steven Gerrard just yet. But, parents can always fall back on the tried and tested formula of American football as a concept.

The NFL is loved and adored by millions of fans and what better way to put this into practice than with a football themed party. How about a football goal post for a cake or football shaped cookies? If that’s not enough, then why not look into creating a helmet cake or something a little more innovative.

Show your team spirit with a fun football themed party

From banners adorning the walls to colourful scarves with your child’s face on them, this is a real winner in the birthday themed stakes, especially if your guests love football as much as you do! You might even consider dressing your tot in your team’s colours for the big day.

5 Disney

From the wobble on the jelly to the bounce on a castle, some parents will go to no ends in order to give their son or daughter an incredible experience. This is in spite of the fact that they won’t have a clue what’s going on. There might well be numerous colours as bright as a rainbow in the sky, but it seems kids are easily impressed.

No matter what time of the year your pint sized bundle of joy celebrates, this is a sure fire winner. Considered to be one of the most popular party theme in recent years, has been a Frozen themed party. Having already swept the box offices and many homes across the planet, there is plenty of choice when it comes to the type of regalia available.

'Let it go' with a Frozen themed party

It does not necessarily have to be baking goodies as iced slushy drinks are a great option for new babies to consume. Another item to take note which will provide hours of fun is the specific ice theme which can be conjured up to great effect in the comfort of your home.

4 Willy Wonka

Babies can literally be a kid in a candy store thanks to a Willy Wonka inspired birthday party. Imagine oversized chocolate bars coupled with unctuous cupcakes and a giant sized crazy cake as the piece de resistance.

No baby big or small will be able to resist getting their mitts on this item. Some parents may like to hark back to when they sat in the front of the TV. Being immersed in the film will bring a certain nostalgia to some parents and this can be utilised in an ingenious Wonka way. Think over the top decorations, whilst you can even create weird and wonderful candy that even Augustus Gloop would be proud of.

Let your inner child loose with Willy Wonka

This theme can be lavish from the invites with lace and different types of expensive materials which are sent through the mail, or parents who hire caterers for their parties. Gone are the days of simply opening a bag of chips into a bowl as parents whip up a foodie frenzy in the kitchen. This is of course inspired by many channels such as Food Network where creations are specifically made for babies.

3 Sesame Street

Whether your child is pinning the tail on the donkey or receiving one of their many gifts from grandparents or friends, this particular theme is irreplaceable and even parents are inspired to get in on the act. There’s also a sense of madness as the toddler takeover of your home ensures for a chaotic afternoon at the very least.

What’s not to like about a bespoke Sesame Street themed party. Bring all the characters into the home with favourites such as Big Bird as well as Bert and Ernie. Add a dash of Elmo and you have a colourful tableau of cupcakes to choose from.

Back to basics with your Sesame Street friends

Meanwhile, songs and games can also be incorporated into the mix which babies will all recognise. This interaction will help inspire parents to possibly perform some of the routines which will add to the overall experience. Throw in some alphabet inspired design and you are on to a sure fire winner. 

2 Baking

On top of this, some parents may be the proud parents of twins or more. That equates to double or sometimes triple the going home gift bags and much more. Instead of doing an expensive birthday party, some parents might seek alternative ways to entertain guests.

Too many cooks may sometimes spoil the broth, but for a birthday party, baking is the way to go. This trend of getting your hands dirty is already being undertaken by many parents who want to show off their baking handy work. Of course there are the regular fairy cakes to make, but with the variety of products on the market they can be easily jazzed.

Let your guests master chef side out with a bake off or cake decorating contest

Besides this, there’s edible glitter to literally put the icing on the cake. Parents have the ability to tailor their baking needs and come up with some innovative goodies. Some will feel like this may be a strain with all the planning to do, so there are a wide variety of quick and easy cake recipes available online. Depending on the age of the child, parents can engage with their babies by doing some cake decorating as part of the birthday. 

1 Alice in Wonderland

Step into the magical make believe world of Alice in Wonderland and experience whimsy and splendour at least for an afternoon. Based on the book by Lewis Carroll, this theme can be easily executed with aplomb. Think cute mini cupcakes with quirky messages on them which captures the essence of this particular tale.

If that doesn’t float the parental boat, then there’s always Cheshire cat biscuits in the form of large grins or oversized party regalia. These can be strategically placed on the table, but think along creating extravagance. This is another one for girls who can become princesses for the day as pinks and bright colours come very much to the fore.

A fun theme no matter what age you are

If your daughter is young enough, you can dress her and her toddler friends up like cats for a Cheshire Cat themed party. Everyone gets whiskers and ears for the day, afterward they can play games that have an Alice in Wonderland theme as well. This party theme is only limited by your imagination, so think big--or small--and have a blast!

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