8 Fun Winter Activities for Pregnant Women

It’s winter outside. Days are shorter and the cold gets its spree harder. Even for the most cheerful of people, the mood can slip. The sadness of winter could be described as a soft depression -- the lack of motivation and energy weakness. Most of us feel these senses.

Fortunately, there exist some ways to avoid experiencing the bummer effects of winter. Ice skating, skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and other winter sports can be really fun if you have suitable clothing and inventory. Some people are looking for a snowy winter only for this reason.

Of course, if you are pregnant, everything could seem more difficult. You probably know that winter sports (that seems so exciting) are not recommended for moms-to-be due to the risk of injury, so you need to think about calmer activities to keep you and your baby safe during this cold period. Hide the sleds and keep your head up – here come 8 incredibly nice ideas to make your ‘pregnant winter’ fun!

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6 Take a Walk and Get Some Fresh Air

“The weather outside is frightful..” No doubt, you know this song. And yes, you can agree that the weather is really cold outside. But the fresh air is deeply necessary for you and your baby! So, put on your winter boots, a coat, a hat, and gloves - and you are ready to enjoy the crisp, refreshing winter air outside. The fresh air is very useful for your blood circulation, and it refreshes your thoughts and mind. The walking can also be a relaxing sport activity for you as a pregnant woman.

But the scenery and fresh air are so delightful?

You can create a healthy daily ritual by going for a little walk. You can take a walk in the nearest park. Enjoy some snowy sightseeing. Feed the ducks and swans near the lake. Invite your hubby to join you and ask the kids if they want to go together with sleds, or just take your dog with you.

One great idea could be to have a walk in a forest or a bigger park. The view of frosted nature is incredibly amazing in winter. You can plan a family weekend trip in the snowy forest if it is not very ‘frightening’ outside.

Just don’t forget to check the thermometer before your airing. If it is very cold outside, your walk should not last longer than 10-20 minutes. You don’t need to get a cold or another (bigger) illness!

2. Visit a Pool

While talking about the benefits of the pool, we need to mention that swimming and various exercises in the water positively influence the pregnant woman body, train her breathing system, and strengthen the heart. Even if you didn’t participate in sports before, the water can help you to get ready for birth giving and repair more quickly after baby’s arrival.

Is the water fine?

It is important to check if there are some groups for pregnant women at the public pool. Ask what the temperature of the water is, how is it cleaned, how long a regular class is, and what the standard training looks like for moms-to-be. If you can choose, prefer the pool with seawater. The recommended temperature of water in the pool should be no less than 29-31 degrees; otherwise, the future mom can catch a cold or illness.

Before visiting the pool, talk to your doctor and ask his opinion. In some cases, it may not be advisable to swim for a pregnant woman. 

5 Enjoy a Warm Cup of Hot Chocolate or a Nice Herbal Tea

Sound boring and not exciting? Not at all! Just make a cup of some warm drink (hot chocolate, tea, or other you like), take a seat next to the fire, and choose a romantic book to read. It could be a plan for a very cozy evening (especially, when your hubby is late at his job!). You even won’t notice how fast time will pass and you probably will enjoy positive emotions from relaxing in this activity. You can also listen to some records you like to keep the spirit of a full house.

Other Relaxing Options

Don’t like reading? Then wrap into a warm blanket, take your tea (or hot chocolate), and watch a nice movie. You might even choose one about pregnancy and motherhood. It will cheer up your mood and will give you some advice on this period of your life. Maybe you will find yourself in some funny situation.

Take your cup with filled with your hot drink of choice and look through the window. The view of falling snow can warm you up even more than the cup with hot drinks. Especially in the night! A romantic tip for those who are not afraid of cold: wrap yourself into a blanket and go outside to watch snowflakes and starlight in the sky. Maybe your lover would like to see this view together?

4. Do Some Safe Sports

Winter period is a great time to start doing some sports. Of course, we are not talking about dangerous and unsafe sports for pregnant women. However, you can find some sort of sports suitable for moms-to-be. It can be low-impact aerobics, pregnancy yoga, weight training, or using an elliptical trainer for pregnant women.

The regular physical activity is connected to a healthy lifestyle even for everyone, especially moms-to-be. The average physical load is useful to both the future mom and baby’s health. Of course, it is necessary to evaluate your potential. If you didn’t do sports before conceiving, start with easier exercises.

Talking about yoga, it is not advisable to enter the general yoga trainings. You should choose separate groups of pregnancy yoga. If you are there for the first time, just inform your coach. Don’t do the exercises if you feel some discomfort doing them. In the pregnancy yoga, most attention is dedicated to relaxing and breathing exercises. It will be very useful during the birth giving. 

4  Photos Are a Good Way to Capture Your Memories

Especially when it is white all around you! If you like taking pictures (even if you don’t have the professional camera, you can use your cellphone), don’t lose an opportunity to do it. Remember that walking outside is very useful for you (read above no. 1). So, all you need is just to take a camera with you and catch some spectacular moments.

‘Click’ - here you go! Make an album of your ‘snowy pregnant winter’. Maybe you will find an artist’s soul deep inside you. Check for some contests of amateur photographers and send them your pics! Who knows, perhaps you can win a prize. In any case, you will have a good emotion and time while taking photos.

Want to be in front of the camera instead?

If you are not a picture-taking enthusiastic person, try scheduling a winter pregnancy photo session. It is a nice way to remember your pregnancy. It can be a nice idea to make a “picnic” type photo session with colorful cups of tea. Ask your hubby to join. The “waiting” photo session can look very pretty if you wear the same color (choose the bright ones) sweaters or scarves. Just check some nice ideas on the Internet. No doubt, after a few years, it will be nice to remember your “belly winter” photo session. 

3  Try a New Hobby

Maybe you will find something new and interesting to you. We are pretty sure that there exist tons of activities and hobbies you have never tried before. Chase away all thoughts of “it is not for me”, “I have no time/creation/imagination”, “I am not interested”, and so on. You will never know if you don’t try. And the pregnancy period is an amazing time to try something new and realize yourself in unseen areas.

Thinking of what to do? Cooking and baking could be fine and useful: take your hubby for a date and cook dinner all by yourself! If you are a rare visitor in the kitchen, start with simple meals. They can be exotic salads and easy-made dessert. Ask for some tips from your friends who are crazy about cooking.

Another useful and interesting idea could be a handcraft. Sewing, crocheting, knitting, and others can help to create clothes for your little baby. There is nothing cuter than a little angel dressed in his mom-made clothes. Not prepared for making booties, a sweater, or hats? If it seems like ‘mission impossible’, start with a blanket. You can try various patterns and find your favorite. 

2  Indoor Visits Are Waiting for You

Of course, when it is cold outside, it is the best time to visit some museums, exhibitions, and art galleries. Try the ones you have never been to before. Check what is up and coming in your town. If you are living in a mega-city, the selection of cultural spots is huge. You will widen your knowledge and maybe will know some really interesting facts. Choose those that you are interested in most.

Another option is entering some cinemas and theatres. Check out for newest movies, plays, and concerts. You can even arrange some weekly movie reviews together with your bestie! This is a good way to refresh your mind, meet your friends and watch the top movies.

You also can find some interesting groups for pregnant women or learn some new stuff. Enter some exotic language courses. Two birds killed with one stone – a new ability for you, and some uncommon leisure time spending. 

1  Prepare for Your Baby’s Arrival

Winter is also known as a ‘lazy period’. Of course, you should relax all your pregnancy period. Probably when the spring comes, you will want to spend more time outside and enjoy the sun. So now, it is the best time to complete all your homework for baby’s arrival. Don’t think that it is a fun activity during the winter season?

There can be nothing more exciting than preparing for your baby. Check what you still need to buy. Search for some interesting baby’s clothing ideas. Winter sales are a good way to visit markets and shop for something really cute in low price.

Getting All Your Snow in a Pile

Other tips would be: find your baby’s pediatrician, check for interesting names, decorate your kid’s room, make her bed, and read some useful literature about baby raising. Prepare in winter, and you can enjoy the waiting ahead without any unnecessary stress. Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the waiting!

These 8 activities for pregnant women during winter season can be really useful for you. We hope you will choose some of them and could enjoy the cold and snowy winter season relaxed. It’s not necessary to apply all tips, but some of them could be very fun when you get bored. Make winter joyful and don’t forget to live your full-fledged life. 

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