8 Real Life Daycare Horror Stories

Are you a fan of horror stories? Because I am, and if you are, then this is the perfect article for you. This has all of the classic horror goodies, blood, gore, murder… Rob Zombie… ha-ha not really, but none the less, these stories are quite horrific; children being left out in the cold, forgotten on buses, and yes, some of them actually have died.

These are about the worst day cares to ever open their doors, the ones you hear about on the news and say to yourself, “I will never bring my child to a place like that!” The problem is, that often these things go unnoticed, or happen in reputable places, places that people would never suspect of some of the horrible things that you’re going to read about in this article.

There are some pretty horrible day cares out there, and some pretty horrible daycare employees to match. Somehow these employees get entrusted with the lives of children every single day--other people’s precious little bundles of joy. And it’s all because people have to go to work to support their families and be able to afford all of the necessitates of life, including the very day care they are paying for; the day care they have entrusted with the very most important thing in their lives.

Somehow these awful day care employees and centers continued to run under everyone's day in and day out. You want your day care professional to value life and your little one, and when you’ve entrusted another person to look after your children you hope their responsible and the daycare centre is the best you can afford. This unfortunately is not about those fantastic day care centers and providers, this is about the worst of the worst.

Only read on if you have a strong stomach.

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8 Child Gets The “Cold” Treatment

So, here’s the low down on this particular superb day care center in question. All of the poor parents were hard at work on New Year’s Eve, which is already a travesty in itself, so of course their children had to spend the day at the locally run day care center located in the beautiful O'Fallen, Missouri.

For a little bit of fun, the  Bright Star Academy workers thought it would be a good idea to take all of the children outside-- in double degree negative weather, which in itself if all of the kids are nice and bundled up and aren’t out there for too long, shouldn’t be a huge problem. Well, the problem didn’t arise until several hours later when the parents came to pick up their kids, and one of the father’s little girls was missing; a little 2 year old girl was nowhere to be found.

Understandably the father went ballistic looking for his little girl, until the father and workers finally searched the grounds outside. In the furthest corner of the day care center's large property the father found his girl half frozen lying in a pile of grass and mulch. Thankfully the little 2 year old had the sense to use some soft greenery as a blanket.

Incredibly enough, the day care workers actually completely forgot all about the little girl and left her outside--and worse yet, they didn’t even realize she was gone until said father had a minor melt down.

It begs the question, "Who hired these people?" Apparently there were only 16 kids at the day care in total, you’d think between the multiple workers present that one of them would have noticed, but unfortunately for this little girl, they didn't. Even though they counted 15 when they came back in, they didn't go back out and look for the missing girl.

This isn’t the only story where a child has been forgotten, in  Lacey, Washington, a new school bus driver was entrusted with the lives of young children. In this story the driver forgot a 6 year old boy with special needs on a school bus. He had fallen asleep on a seat and when the bus got back to the bus yard he was left and forgotten, the doors of the bus were all locked. All because the driver didn't fulfill his responsibilities by walking the length of the bus after dropping the children off at the day care.

In this incident, the boy woke up and couldn’t even get out of the bus, luckily only a short while later another parent noticed the child on the bus and got some help. This feels like something you only see in a TV sitcom--only it's not funny at all. How do you actually forget a small child like that?

It seems that in some day care centers that the daycare workers no longer do attendance, or even a simple head count. Another question you might wonder was if they even had a list of the children’s names.

Well apparently it's easy for you to forget about small children, because it just seems to keep happening over and over again, in this case they actually lost a child--that’s one step up from forgot!

To be fair here they did forget him at a certain point. A 6 year old in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was forgotten at school and not brought to her after school day care. When the mother came to pick the child up, she was nowhere to be found.

Understandably once again the mother was absolutely irate; she immediately pulled her child out of the day care program, and any other reasonable parent should have done the same! 

7 Child Abuse-ing Children

This daycare horror story in question took place in Vicksburg, Mississippi, where the day care owner and operator ended up being arrested for neglect, and a 9 year old boy and his mother may still be charged with potential abuse and assault charges.

It was all caught on camera, but no one did anything about it. The daycare allowed the 9 year old boy to run around unsupervised for a full 20 minutes in the daycare while he waited to be picked up and brought home. The 9 year old boy proceeded to abuse practically every other child in the daycare in those 20 minutes.

Seeing how the child was bigger and older than everybody else, he proceeded to punch, kick, push around, and just generally bully the other children. The worst of what happened was when the boy purposely dropped a 2 year old child on its head.

The parents noticed that the child had a serious head injury when the toddler returned home later on that night; they of course immediately questioned the daycare and proceeded to call the police who then started an investigation.

This particular daycare worker was so negligent that she didn’t even watch any of the children for hours on end, and this was the result; not that the worker was the abusive one, but the abusive child will be dealt with by the law as well.

The moral of the story is that parents need to be vigilant and know where their children are being “taken care of." Do your research and find a reputable sitter or daycare center.

6 Abusive Workers

This day care worker only had her license for 5 years when this incident happened. Roxanne Coulson of Moline, Illinois, is currently going to court over slapping a 1 year old child in the face.

When the little girl was picked up by her parents it was apparent that she had been beaten from all the bruises on her face. Apparently her face even had hand prints on it, purple, blue and all. There was no denial on behalf of the day care owner, she first hand admitted to the police that she was just sick and tired of hearing the baby cry and scream.

In another story, 3 day care workers at a Jersey City day care in New Jersey, have been charged with child abuse. Ann Bactawar has been charged with dragging toddlers and hitting children as means of punishment.

Since being formally charged, Bactawar has been sentenced to 5 years in prison. At her sentencing she pleaded and apologized to parents telling them how sorry and ashamed she felt.

The reason we keep seeing these atrocities in the news is the lack of funding for childcare on a national level. If there were government centers with government standards less unqualified people would be employed in day care facilities and more emphasis on quality care.

In most situations where abuse is reported, the day care is underfunded, employees are not qualified or trained properly, and in some cases, the day care is accepting children beyond their maximum capacity.

You can safe guard your children by looking for certain tell-tale signs that there's something wrong going on at your day care. The first place you should look is to your own child. Your child may be displaying physical or behvioural problems as a result of any abuse they have suffered. These tips coupled with your instincts will guide you to do the right thing.

Remember it's worse to say nothing out of fear, than it is to send your child back to their abuser.

5 Cost Cutting Day Care

At this particular daycare in question, which will remain unnamed, the owners are extremely cheap and money grubbing, so much so that they pretty much refused to change diapers. The owners told the daycare workers to only change the diapers if the child actually had made a poop in them, and then to only change the children's diapers right before the parents came to get their kids.

The parents were not aware of this; they were told that they could buy extra diapers for an extra buck a piece, which is completely ridiculous when daycare already costs so much! Many of the children developed diaper rashes and other infections which alerted the parents that something funny was going on.

Next, there was a young boy who was abusive towards one of the teachers--how a 3 year old can actually be abusive to a fully grown person is beyond me…seriously, you’re so much bigger and smarter. It reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where Kramer gets beat up kids in his karate class.

Anyway, instead of punishing the child, give him a talking to or even taking the issue up with the parents, the day care fired the worker using the reason that enrollment numbers were down, and keeping this employee on was using up extra dollars that the centre could save by letting her go.

The extreme cheapness of this daycare is shocking, and as for the just how cheap the owners were, they allowed their daycare workers to “improve” the flow of the baby bottles by cutting and enlarging the ends of the nipples which would allow the babies to drink too much, too quickly to the point of making the babies sick; it might be immediately after chugging their bottles or it might be a while later.

Unfortunately for the parents it often happened when they were already in possession of their child. Needless to say this daycare is not doing too well with their enrollment numbers steadily dropping. That being said, how are they even open still?

4 Drugging The Kids

Now, if you haven’t thought that the stories up until now would really constitute horror stories or not, this one definitely does. This took place at a Kiddie Academy daycare in Morgan HIll, California. maybe it’s something about the heat that brings out the worst and the crazy in people.

This happened in 2013 when 59 year old daycare worker, Debby Gratz, was arrested for and charged with child endangerment. You see, Debby had figured something out, something that was really quite convenient and would save her a lot of headaches. For the next 5 years while she was employed at The Kiddie Academy, she would just drug the children with sleeping pills before their naptime so they would sleep quietly.

And for like 4 times as long as they were supposed to sleep for. Debby was responsible for 1 and 2 year old kids, although responsible would seem to be a very loosely applied term here.

The only reason she was ever caught was because a parent came to pick up their kid a little early and happened to glance through the window and catch a glance of good ole Gratz right in the acting of slipping a pill into the kids pre nap time juice.

She later confessed to it when interrogated, mind you it was never officially proven that she did that for the whole 5 years, but one could only imagine. On the upside, all of the parents said that their children always seemed so rested and energetic.

This type of "care" is not an isolated incident, there have been numerous reports all over Canada and the US of daycares which drug their children during nap time. Not only is this incredibly irresponsible, but it's also extremely dangerous. Sleeping pills can become addictive and can make getting natural sleep increasingly harder with prolonged use of the drug.

3 Daycare Worker Abducts Child

So, this one takes place in the quaint little town of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that is not at all known for having any criminals. In 2013 a daycare worker working at a local elementary school thought it would be a great idea to see what it would be like to have a 5 year old child of her own for a day.

So what did she do? She posed as a 5 year olds mother and took her from the classroom. What is really odd about this is that these teachers and other daycare workers see these children and their parents every day, so why did nobody noticed that this lady, Christina Regusters, was not in fact the real mother of the child.

What is going on at these daycare centers? It's just crazy! Christina was able to pull off her kidnapping by posing as a Muslim woman dressed in a burkha. Christina's attorney believes that Christina did not act alone, but Christina has never given up the name of her accomplice if she even had one.

Is being politically correct so important, and is the fear of offending somebody so prevalent that people will keep their mouths shut when a child is being abducted?

The abductor took the child, kept her for a little less in a day and then abandoned her in an empty playground where the child was later found by police. And what’s even more impressive is that the 5 year old child was able to lead the police right back to Christina’s door.

This clearly shows 2 things; first is that this child is quite bright, and secondly that Christina was quite the opposite. I know she was just a 5 year old child, but geez Christina, you could have really covered up your tracks a little better. Thank God criminals tend to be stupid.

2 Babies in Daycare Fire

This very sad story took place in Houston, Texas, at a home daycare center named Jackie’s daycare center. Although the owner and proprietor of the daycare wasn't even named Jackie, which seems just a little odd, her real name is Jessica Tata. On the day the fire broke out in her home, Jessica Tata had some errands to run, she wanted to run to the local target to pick up some snacks for the kids--or so she said. 

The problem was that there was no one else there to look after all 7 children. Tata didn't see a problem with making a quick run to the local Target that wasn't far away from her home. Unfortunately for those kids, Tata was gone from the home for almost a whole hour, and while leaving the children completely unsupervised was bad enough, she had left oil on the stove to heat up. 

What ensued of course is a parent's worst nightmare. The oil spilt, the house quickly caught fire and was engulfed in flames. Tata had claimed that she came out of the bathroom and couldn’t find the children due to the smoke so she ran outside; whereas several neighbors noted her pulling up to the house in her car just as this all unfolded. She did run inside and came back out; but she was definitely not there the whole time. 

While Tata and her neighbors did attempt to rescue the children form the blaze they were unable to save all of them. What unfolded in the end was a terrible tragedy with a total of 3 children dying n the blaze, and the other four children suffering major burns and trauma. This just goes to show how important it is to only leave your children in the hands of trusted professionals with reputable backgrounds; do your research!

Mind you she lied about going out when later questioned by the police, she said she was in the bathroom, when the police found all her Target bags behind the door--the burnt door--with the receipts in them proving she was absent at the time in question.

1 Drops a Baby

This particular story took place in St. Paul, Minnesota, and involved a certain individual name Jolene Oster--and yes, she dropped a baby. Jolene, perhaps being a little overconfident in her abilities of strength and being able to hold multiple children, made a grave miscalculation when she tried holding 2 children at once; her own in one arm and another child in the other. 

She claims she was trying to comfort her 21/2 year old toddler and the 12 week old infant at the same time in order to comfort them, when she claims her son "freaked out" and caused her to tug at the wrong part of the baby's swaddling and dropped him 3 feet to the leather couch below.

But based on all of the previous entries, that claim seems dubious at best. unfortunately, of course she managed to hold on to her own baby, it was somebody else’s child that fell to the ground, and as a result ended up with a broken arm. 

The mother pressed charges because she felt that there was neglect on Jolene's part. Jolene didn't call the mother right away or seek medical help after dropping the child. Instead she waited it out and called the mother when the child became inconsolable.

After taking the child to the emergency room, an x-ray revealed that the upper left arm was broken. Although Jolene hasn't changed her story she faces charges of child neglect which could come with a one year prison sentence, a $3,000 fine and a possible revocation of her daycare license.

It always seems that people seem to protect their own things first before other peoples, when in reality  you are entrusted with someone else’s things--LIKE A CHILD! It would seem that you have taken an oath of responsibility to make sure they are safe. I'm not saying she did it on purpose, or that she should have dropped her own child instead of the other, it’s just a regrettable coincidence, people seem to always look out for number one. 

Daycare involves a great amount of trust. If you feel that your child is in the wrong daycare, then don't leave them in the care of someone you're uncomfortable with. As the saying goes, it's better safe than sorry.

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