8 Steps to Making an After Birth Plan with Your Significant Other

So you have finally decided to take the plunge and launch yourself headfirst into having a baby. After the fun bit of practicing and falling pregnant, there is of course the mental and physical preparation. This affects both new mums and dads who have to ensure everything is in place for their little bundle of joy. On the way, there are a number of different steps to take into consideration.

After all, planning to have a child is no mean feat. All those clichés about everything changing will certainly ring true as you welcome a new addition into the world. There may very well be plenty of challenges ahead, but if you are able to prepare yourself then all the better. Nine months may be a long period of time, but it will assist you in formulating the best plan possible. This is in order to guarantee the best after birth plan which will suit your individual needs.

Whether you have a good old fashioned natural birth or a somewhat more traumatic c-section, women certainly don't have it easy. After carrying this natural bump for nearly a year, it is time to greet your new baby with open arms. Unfortunately, the pain does not stop there as it transfers directly over to your finances and looking at your new born's upkeep.

Don't queue the Lion King music yet, but it just goes to show what people are really capable of. So the foundations have been laid and you have closed the door for the first time as a three. But what are some of the most necessary after birth steps you need to take with your other half?

8 Pram

As far as your new baby is concerned, he or she will need to somewhere to lay their head of course. The majority of new mums and dads usually start off with a simple Moses basket in which to place their new born. However, after the initial phase, they will have to be upgraded to something completely different.

At present, you can have the chance to choose from a wide variety of prams that have become the latest must have parental accessory. It goes without saying whatever your weapon of choice, careful thought has to go into the ideal selection. This is because the baby makes the pram or should that be the other way round? In this way, there are numerous decision you need to make concerning a pram such as storage and convenience.

Not all baby strollers are created equally

Nowadays, prams have transformed almost into F1 cars with their engineered turning ability coupled with excellent ergonomics. You don't necessarily need to be the next Lewis Hamilton to achieve parental driving success but it does help to have a study and well engineered pram. You want to ensure the maximum comfort and ease of use for both parent and child. This is further supported if you have recently given birth to twins or dare we say triples. Double trouble means thinking twice quite literally about the options.

Not only should you not compromise on quality but a pram has to be comfortable for both mom and dad. From walking down the sidewalk to a vacation, one must examine the value of purchasing the right pram accordingly. 

7 Breast or Bottle?

Many new parents undergo this particular dilemma so don't be afraid to embrace this. Ultimately, it boils down to a personal choice but deciding to go with natural feeding or bottle is vital. This will determine how you wish to feed your new born. There are many well known brands who manufacture premium formulated milk if that is the route you go down.

On the other hand, if your other wants to breastfeed then again it needs to be carefully thought out. You could also look at doing a mélange of both breast and bottle. After you have made this decision, there is of course the arduous task of selecting the bottle products. Currently, there are some product on the market which are almost as complicated as espresso machines. Yet, you need to make sure your baby is receiving all the vitamins and minerals from either source. 

6 Support Network

In addition to this, make use of support from the likes of your family. These will be crucial in the first few steps of not only your baby’s existence, but your own adjustment. You could call it baby steps, but little by little, you will need time to come to terms with this new bouncing new born. For some it can prove to be a seamless transition, whilst for some it can take a while longer. Nevertheless, as soon as you're ready to drop, you have to guarantee that everything is in place.

Another aspect to note is the fact that you need to look at your inner circle. Planning who will look after the baby is extremely important and will help to alleviate any outstanding fears. Making sure who will be responsible for looking after your child in the early stages will give you a great support. It does not have to be every day but a little assistance during the week will do wonders for your overall wellbeing.

It could be anything from a few hours to the entire day which will of course give both parents a break. Any new parent will tell you that looking after a baby is extremely tiring and can be a strain on any type of relationship. Therefore, if you have parents or relations within close proximity of your abode, it can be worthwhile arranging for them to take the weight off every now and again. 

5 Shifts

One of the most difficult things to decide is who is going to do the night and morning feeds. It is key to arrange some form of itinerary to establish a harmonious order and stick to it. Depending on if you are a lark or an owl, it is imperative to create an order where both mom and dad will be there to pick up the feeding pieces. Doing this from an early stage will help keep you focused, whilst at the same time ensuring stability and a set routine.

Once your baby develops his taste buds and move over to solids, it is up to the onsite catering staff to regularly offer a diverse menu. Furthermore, if he or she becomes a little cranky, the dedicated spa team can provide a wide variety of tummy rubs and back massages so baby can fall fast asleep. This new period of transition will no doubt be a shock for some but the benefits are incomparable.

At the end of the day there is no better sensation than being responsible for creating a baby. 

4 Childcare

However far down the line you may be, you will have to take into account about the array of childcare options. This will affect your plan to a certain extent but needs to be looked at both in the short and long term. There are a wealth of choices which are at your disposal which feature an au pair or nanny or specific childcare. 

Having a live in nanny or au pair could be a blessing as they will be able to assist with all the daily routine that might be a struggle at times. This includes waking the baby up as well as clothing, feeding and washing. The latter could be essential in time management as you can get a nanny to prepare the babies clothes and garments on a regular basis. 

If you feel that someone living in the comfort of your own home is too much of a burden then you can always look at the variety of childcare options which might be a better solution.

3 Organize

Your home now becomes the equivalent of a five star hotel as you deliver the finest round the clock service to your child. This includes the likes of early wake up calls not to mention meals on demand and even a nightly turn down service. This new phenomenon can be draining at the best of times, but the fun does not stop.

Having the chance to organize yourself will stand you in good stead. This could range from stacking all the babies garments in the cupboard to where you keep those all important diapers. If your home is a pig sty in no time, it will not help you on the way to achieving that parental Zen. Instead, look at how you can achieve this by clearing out dirty cupboard and keeping everything in one place if possible. 

2 Documents

Forget about the diaper wiping, cream smearing and tummy tickling. It is time to get down to some serious business as you prepare on all fronts. The fun does not stop as soon as your baby pops out. You might say that mums and dads become full time butlers and personal concierges to their little ones.

It doesn't stop when your baby is crawling around making noises and playing in his or her cot. There is of course collating all the documents regarding your little one. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents including birth certificate and other paperwork and file it away.

You could be entitled to maternity benefits so this is something that you will need to have the relevant documentation for. Birthing forms need to be considered too which usually occurs in the first thirty days after your baby’s birth. All the vital information and details that you may need can be usually obtained from the relevant government authorities or local council. 

1 Budget

From the amount of daily dirty diapers to creams and shots, attention to detail is of paramount importance. It will enable you to cope with different types of scenario when it comes to your newborn. They say on average that a new baby can cost upwards of $200,000.

Although this could go towards a hefty deposit on a luxury place in Boca Raton, there is no time to dilly dally. Eradicate those days of lying on a sun lounger with margarita in hand and focus on the fiscal sacrifices you will have to make.

It goes without saying that if you are married to a stock broker, then things might be a little sweeter. This is in comparison to some folk who may very well be scraping the economic barrel. However, many are not in such a fortunate position and careful consideration has to be looked at in detail. Those anti natal classes may be all but a distant memory, but you have most likely been through the most painful ordeal already.

You'll have to find a budget that works for your family

Considered to be the grand daddy or mommy of the lot, planning a budget should be the most crucial step on the list. We are not saying that you need to be a chartered accountant working for a major corporate firm but you should do without having a budget planner.

Whether this is undertaken on a simple Excel spreadsheet or on some old school paper, organizing your baby budget will be a genuine time saver. Being able to forecast what you will for your child will help you stay on track. Meanwhile, you will have to account for numerous unforeseen factors that are sometimes out of your control.

This might include trips to the doctor, extra formula for their feeds and much more. Preparing a detailed plan or a forecast of how much you will spend every week or month should be written down. It will help you see the amounts, whilst making sure you do not overstep the fiscal mark. 

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