8 Things Pregnant Women Overshare

We're taught from a young age that sharing is nice, in some cases even expected of us. If we like people then we're told we should share with them. Pregnancy seems to be no exception to this rule, in fact most pregnant women like to share just a little too much these days. Moms-to-be are eager to share their every little not so flattering detail and odd change going on with them. Honestly, who can blame them? It’s exciting and scary all at the same time. 

We want to make sure that all our closest family members, friends, coworkers, former class mates, exes, and even that guy at the supermarket, is there to share in every up and down along the way. Whether they want to be included or not.

Luckily for the over sharers of the world, there are social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, to help us achieve that goal. There is however a very fine line of too much information, or TMI, which is easy to cross. It’s the time when you tell the world with a written post, photo or video of something that would otherwise be considered private, but not when you’re pregnant. 

Pregnancy tends to take away a woman’s inhibitions, letting her bare it all both literally and figuratively.

So if you're wondering if you're an over sharer, you're in luck. I pulled together a list of eight things pregnant women over share, read on and see if you have done any or all of these things. I know I'm guilty of one or two!

8 Positive Pregnancy Tests

If you’ve ever wondered if you were pregnant you probably took a pregnancy test. Most women do the home test where you urinate on a stick and if two lines show up then you have a bun in the oven. There is no magic crystal ball or special dance, just pee on a stick.

So you’re pregnant, now to tell the world, yes? Sure, go crazy. Just don’t go showing the world that stick you peed on. I’m sure we will all believe you if you just tell us, heck do a silly announcement photo or video if you must. I’d much rather see that then your photo or video of a thing you peed all over. Congrats, but ew.

7 Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a sad fact of pregnancy, whether you’re just a little queasy or you blow chunks it’s certainly not a fun part of this rollercoaster. 

A lucky few don’t experience any signs of morning sickness, while others have it for more than half their pregnancy. No matter where you fall in the spectrum, if you had any kind of morning sickness, I feel for you.

You don't need to know how much she brought up

That being said, it’s not necessary for you to describe it to me, or to anyone else for that matter. I have seen or heard of too many people saying or posting things like “Guess baby didn’t like breakfast this morning!” or “Barfing my brains out all day, this kid is killing me!” Seriously you’re turning my stomach now.

6 Bathroom Habits

During pregnancy we tend to have an increase in our bathroom needs. It makes sense though, seeing that the baby grows on top of the bladder. As if that wasn’t bad enough we also have to deal with constipation and bloating due to the increase in hormones in our bodies. 

Talk about your double whammies. Unfortunately it’s not something people want, nor need to know about, unless that someone happens to be your doctor.

Someone else's bathroom habits are not for public consumption

So even if you had to tinkle every hour on the hour, or you haven’t been able to pooh in days, keep it between you and your doctor. If it’s really a concern they are the ones who will know, and be able to help, anyway.

5 Ultrasound Photos Posts

Now I know what you’re thinking here, “Really? Ultrasound photo posts are considered over sharing?” Let me explain, not too long ago it was uncommon for moms-to-be to share their ultrasound photos with anyone but close family and friends. Thanks to celebrities and the internet that is a thing of the past.

Everyday some pregnant celeb is tweeting an ultrasound picture of their tiny bundle, and why not? It’s neat to be able to see that and share it with your one hundred or so closest friends and fans. 

These photos aren't all that great, but they're celebrated like their front cover material

Hooray technology! So go ahead and upload that ultrasound for the whole world to see.

4 Bare Belly Photos or Maternity Photos

This is another one of those “Really? You sure?” ones, but yes I’m sure. This one is mostly for those who tend to bare it all for the world to see in the photo. Anyone who wears a bikini in their timeline photos of their ever growing belly or those who decide it’s a good idea to pose nude for their maternity photos then post them to the internet. 

I can understand and get behind a nice photo timeline of your ever growing tummy or even some fun loving maternity photos. But to strip down to nothing or practically nothing, snap a picture and upload it? That’s just too much.

Some of these pictures are just weird

Those are the kinds of photos for your husband, or long term partner. Not the internet. I can’t tell you how many times I saw websites advertise “Awkward Pregnancy Photos” when I would visit my pregnancy websites or read pregnancy articles such as this. The amount of people willing to pose nude or mostly nude during their pregnancy is staggering. I guess some people really do lose their inhibitions during pregnancy.

3 Sex

Sex, it is a pretty important part of getting pregnant, and a general fun activity afterwards. Most pregnant women out there has had sex or tried it in order to get pregnant, unless you had IVF treatments. You, yourself, wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for two people making love. I’m sure that you never wanted to know about those details though. It’s just better off assumed as having happened, a distant memory to your folks, one you’d rather not share.

So if that’s the case for them, what makes it any different for you? Yes, I know that pregnancy increases a woman’s sex drive and for some it might even lead into some juicy conversations to have with your friends. It’s just not the kind of thing you want to tweet, or post to Facebook about.

Do you even really want to know what goes on in someone else's bedroom?

Sex becomes like doing really advanced yoga as a pregnancy progresses because many of the tried and true positions are uncomfortable or off limits. As frustrating as that might get, it is not a share worthy story. Remember, those parents whose sex stories you’d rather not hear about, probably feel the same way about your own adventures in the sack.

2 Mucus Plug

When you’re pregnant, you know that there is nothing more exciting than getting close to that ever awaited due date. The chance to finally hold your little one in your arms, and see if they look like you or their daddy, it’s something you have waited 9 months for. It can be almost agonizing waiting for the day to arrive. Personally, I did everything in the book to try and hurry my little one along, none of it worked though. She had her own plans and I was at her will.

There are a few things that happen as you get closer to your due date that help indicate the day is drawing near. One of those is when your mucosal plug falls out. For those of you not in the know, the mucosal plug, or mucus plug, is exactly what it sounds like. It keeps unwanted things from getting into the womb and as the due date draws near it will start to fall out. Usually it falls out in bits and pieces, and for some in a big chunk. 

It’s pretty gross, especially because it looks like a giant booger.

Apparently its popular for women, who are close to their due date, to excitedly write posts or upload photos of said plug. Can I just say, gag me! Who thought that was something other people wanted to know or see? This is definitely one of those things where I am happy for you, since the end is in sight and horrified at your willingness to share that disgusting tidbit with the world.

1 Home Birth Videos

Videos of women giving birth are not exactly a new concept. People have been recording the birth of their children since handheld cameras became widely available. Why, you might ask, for posterity perhaps or to remember a wonderful event in their lives? Whatever the reason, the videos themselves usually were for the eyes of close family and friends. Again, thanks to the internet, we have YouTube and an overabundance of people willing to share their every move.

In comes the creation of WombTube, this of course is just a nickname for a section of YouTube where you can find pregnancy vlogs and home birth videos shared publicly for all to see. The Today show even did a segment a while back on the rising trend of women uploading their home birth videos to YouTube where anyone can watch it.

If you’ve ever had a child, at home or in the hospital, you know it’s a busy to-do. Usually there are at least one nurse and the delivery doctor, or in my case halfway into the process of pushing, a gaggle of nursing students came trooping in to see if they could stick around for a learning experience. I figured they already had a good look at my “spread” so to speak so they might as well get some education from it. 

Let’s not forgot that usually there's a family member or two in the room with you for support. It’s a pretty crowded place to be.

Knowing all that, do you really need any more people to take a look at what’s going on down there? For that matter, do you want millions of strangers to be able to see that whole process; it’s not exactly a pretty thing. Yes, giving birth to a child is a humbling and miraculous experience, but neat and tidy it is not. There’s a lot of grunting, screaming and blood. Not my thought of a good YouTube video. 

I can understand making a short introductory video later, and I mean hours later, after mom and baby have had some time to recoup. But during the whole birthing process, let’s not and say we did?

There are probably a lot more things out there women over share during their pregnancy. It seems we live in a world of over sharing, not just for pregnant women. Social media and smart phones have given people connectivity to others like we have never had before. I’m sure that before all the technology, we as a people shared too much information; it just wasn’t as easy to do it with the masses. 

If you were going to over share you had to do it in person with whomever you had around you.

Looking at the plus side of over sharing, women can get peace of mind from others as they travel the long road that is pregnancy. By being able to tell others about their every happening or concern they make available information to other women with similar concerns who might otherwise suffer in silence. 

There's also a certain solidarity that goes along with pregnant women. It’s a silent nod that says “We totally understand you, and we feel for you. Let’s work together in this venture.”

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