9 Amazing "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" Stories

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9 Half-Marathon Runner 

Trish Staine, 33, had no idea that she was pregnant, let alone how far she was in her pregnancy. 

That day she thought she was just having really bad back pain but it turns out that it was actually labor. On June 22nd 2013, she ran for 2 hours in preparation for an upcoming marathon. She went back home and complained of unbearable back pain to her husband on the phone. He got worried and called an ambulance. Once in the hospital, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. 

They named her Mira - Short for Miracle!

8 Stomach flu was actually labor

Gaynor Rzepka ended up giving birth on the toilet on February 16th, 2014.

She woke up due to very sharp pains. Thinking she just needed to use the bathroom, she instead gave birth to a healthy baby boy she named James. She said she continued to get her period throughout the unknown pregnancy and only had a small amount of weight gain. The only clue to her pregnancy she says looking back, was that she had a strong craving for Mars Bars which she usually hates. 

7 The Caller 

When a dispatcher answered the call she immediately recognized the voice as the one of her nephew who was asking for an ambulance for his fiancee because she had just given birth. The first thing the dispatcher said was "Dakota's not pregnant!"

Anthony and Dakota didn't know either that they were expecting. Dakota had complained of back pain but she had been in a car accident years earlier and blamed it on that. She had also taken two pregnancy test a month apart and both gave negative results. That day she had terrible stomach pains and Anthony had told her to rest. She ended up giving birth to a baby boy they named Able James. 

6 The Nun 

Roxana Rodriguez, a nun, gave birth in Italy in January 2014 shocking the world. She complained of stomach pains and was rushed to the hospital where she ended up giving birth. 

The nun, 31, named her son Francis after the current Pope. She ended up getting pregnant in El Salvador. The convent's mother superior commented on the situation and said it best, "It seems she was not able to resist temptation." 

5 Ski Resort Surprise

Karine, 45, had no idea she would become a mother again during a holiday ski trip to the Alps in February 2014. 

At the resort, she said she felt ill and went to the bathroom. After only 15 minuets from the first pain, she delivered a healthy baby girl. Thankfully her sister in law sister in law is a prenatal nurse and was able to look into the situation and help with the delivery of the surprise baby. 

Karine has two other children and it has been 12 years since her last pregnancy. 

4 Kick Boxing Baby

Pamela Vugts, who is 17 years old, was rushed to the hospital shortly following a kickboxing match. 

Not knowing, she entered the ring while she was 7 months pregnant. She received a kick to her stomach from her opponent, who was unaware of her condition as well. She began bleeding and was immediately sent to the hospital. Although Pamela and her parents deny knowing that she was pregnant, she was 17 lbs over weight and her stomach was larger than normal.

3 McDonald Baby

Danielle Miller only had a few moments to prepare when reality hit during a night back in 2007. 

Miller, who was only 16 at the time, was working a night shift when she ran to the bathroom after suddenly feeling ill. Her co-worker, Jaynae Herrera, ran after her to help. She found Miller shaking and in extreme pain as she was delivering a baby. Jaynae called 911 and with the help of a dispatcher, was able to help with the delivery. 

The baby was born healthy and named Austin.

2 She delivered & her boyfriend slept through it

Nadia Watson, 22, woke up in the middle of the night with what she thought was period cramps. Once in the bathroom, she collapsed and started to scream and ended up delivering a baby. Her boyfriend however, slept through the whole thing. 

Although her screams did not wake her boyfriend, it definitely woke the neighbors who called the police. When Nadia went into the bedroom to him and present him to his new daughter, he initially fell back asleep and then woke back up in complete shock. 

Nadia never knew she was pregnant and remained the same size with only a small about of weight gain. 

1 Giving birth on the front lawn

This woman who was only 22 at the time, was making her way to the hospital due to unbearable stomach pains. She never ended up making it to the car and ended up giving birth on the front lawn without ever knowing that she was even pregnant. 

Thankfully, Police Officers Vinnie Damiano and Michael Morre arrived quickly to help. The baby was born approximately 3 months premature and was not breathing. Officers performed CPR and were able to revive the baby boy.

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