15Infant Tub With A Contoured Slant - Perfect For Newborns


Gone are the days of babies needing to be bathed in the kitchen sink (although this does make for a cute photo op if you can be bothered to get the dishes out first). These days, there are millions of baby bathtubs on the market, all of which make it

easy and convenient to give newborns comfy, relaxing, and, most importantly, safe baths. And, if you've ever tried to bathe a tiny, soapy, squirmy baby, you'll know that it's not as easy as it seems.

Infant tubs are the perfect product to use when a baby is not yet old enough to sit, unassisted, in a big tub. They also come with the added bonus of being usable on any countertop - saving parents from the backbreaking ordeal of kneeling on the bathroom floor and leaning over the side of the tub.

Baby tubs are designed with a gentle slope and removable mesh sling, both of which allow for the baby to recline gently without lying all the way back. These bathtubs are the greatest invention and a must buy.

The experts at BabyCenter suggest looking for a tub that's easy to clean, and ideally one that comes with mildew-resistant (or washable) lining. "Look for a contoured, smooth shape that will be comfortable for your baby. There should be a plug at the base so you can easily drain out the water," the experts at BabyCenter say.

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