9 Funky Tricks That Will Surely Get You Pregnant

For most loved up couples, there comes a time when the big question has to be asked. It’s not what you might be having for dinner that evening or even when the house is being cleaned. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the emerging possibility of motherhood

Taking time out to consider all the maternal options is of course a big step. Your partner may take a running jump for the nearest hills before steadily calming down. On the other hand, both of you may be so engrossed in becoming parents that this may be an easy decision to take. Whatever the choice may be, it is a major step that requires plenty of consideration

Aside from the dirty diaper duty not to mention round the clock feeds, everything changes when you decide to fall pregnant. The first aspect to take into consideration is the fact that you will have no choice but to think like an accountant. Budgeting for a new bouncing baby can be a tricky task at first. However, with a little forward thinking, you can have the opportunity to plan out your new borns fiscal steps one step at a time.

After all, having a baby is an expense that needs to be looked at from all angles. Once it eventually pops out after nine arduous months, not only will you have care for it but feed it, clothe it and much more. It is believed that a child can cost in excess of $200,000 so it is advisable to start saving those pennies, pounds or shiny dimes lying behind the sofa. 

One of the best ways in which to plan ahead is to ensure you have enough money aside for your prospective bundle of joy. You don't want to get caught short particularly if you have run out of diapers or baby wants another bottle.

Always make sure you have a clear vision in mind not to mention a budget and attempt to stick to it accordingly. Remain calm where possible and allow a small leeway for unforeseen items. Those bath toys and prams don't buy themselves. When it comes to providing your upcoming baby with the optimum comfort, you cannot scrimp on prams either. 

Considered to be one of the must have accessories, a pram has become more of a style icon over the last few years. This is largely in part thanks to the number of different selections that future parents are able to make. From retro to contemporary and all things in between, a pram should certainly be high up on the pregnancy hit list.

Yet, if you are looking to pop a bun in the oven, there are a host of tricks in achieving this. In the first instance, laughter has cropped up as a more unusual way of enhancing your chances. They say laughter is the best form of medicine and for some it could be a more unique tonic in falling pregnant. Making the lady pleased comically could improve the chances of conception. 

You don't need a Krusty the Clown per se, but a little humour now and again could help you relax before getting down to serious business. So what are the more funkier tricks to guarantee you hit the conception mark?

10 Jewelry

This could be one of the most bizarre tricks you may hear but jewelry has been utilised by some people in order to promote fertility. There are endless pages on the world wide web which are dedicated to what is better known as amulet jewels. At present, you can wear things that is not just a fashion accessory. 

Moonstones which are often called divine female stones are produced by casters who claim to bestow upon women several fertility type powers. This means the jewelry is able to help things such as re-balance a woman’s hormones and aid in the reduction of fluid. Whilst it may be a non starter for many ladies, amulet jewelry is again one of those trends which many are seeking to increase the likelihood of pregnancy. 

9 Sexual Position

Now we are not expecting you to be the next American gymnast sensation nor Tonya Harding but the sexual coordinates could prove to be essential. In this way, both partners can try a variety of sexual positions in order to possible improve the chances of falling pregnant. The best sexual positions are ultimately the ones where the sperm can reach the cervix as close as possible. 

One of the best ways is of course the old tried and trusted missionary position. However, if this does not float your erotic boat then why not try something completely different. You want to give those sperm every chance of reaching the egg so get creative.

8 Wine

All you oenophiles out there can rejoice and raise a glass of the good stuff in the air. It is alleged that having just one glass of wine improved your chances of conceiving quicker. Women who consume at least one glass on a daily basis do stand a better chance of getting pregnant. It usually takes only around two months with a glass of vino, whilst some who don't take at least twelve months or more. 

There seems to be an indirect link between fertility and drinking wine which leads to the increased fertility. This does not translate to the male species as far as beer or other tipples are concerned but nevertheless, wine could turn out to be a funky tonic. 

7 Rubdown

If you are in desperate need of a rubdown then this trick might also work. Many acupuncturists believe the notion that self-massage offers another way to increase the chances of having a child. This is down to the increase blood flow which takes place to the ovary area as well as the uterus. 

For these reasons, women often tend to utilize this method to improve their fertility. According to some, the best chances of using this technique is during the final few days before ovulation occurs. All that is required is for you to put both of your hands where the pubic bone is. 

A massage can do you a lot of good

After pressing down gently on the desired area, you should do several circular motions around the lower abdomen region for around ten to fifteen seconds. This process should then be ideally repeated for a period of around two and a half minutes. 

6 Sunshine

As the Jackson 5 once proclaimed in the 1970's, don't blame it on the sunshine. Believe it or not there is a way to soak up a few rays and benefit from improved reproductive function. Forget those supplements of Vitamin D for a moment and soak up a bit of the natural stuff. Exposing your skin to the sun could lead to much healthier levels of testosterone according to some. 

This is also not only found in males but women too can enjoy the advantages of the natural sunshine. A daily dose of sun can be found when many go off for their vacations in search of rest and relaxation. But for some, the weather condition can have a significant impact on women before any IVF is introduced. The main reason for the sun’s benefits is down to the hormone melatonin which can be found as a stimulant in sunshine. 

Getting sun is a good idea

It already has been recognized as a major influence on the reproductive cycle. This is coupled with Vitamin D that is a major helper in the different between a good and a bad egg. The quality of egg production due to the sunshine could ensure the best conditions. So fret not because you don't need to frazzle for the entire day. Some have taken the viewpoint that by having an hour’s exposure to the sun is sufficient to reap the sexual reproduction rewards. 

5 Detox

We have all heard about the Atkins and the cayenne diet. These have been some of the most iconic diets of the last decade and have been promoted endlessly by the likes of Beyonce Knowles. However, before you launch headfirst into a total conception overdrive, why not consider having a go at a diet. 

It is difficult to comprehend but you might as well get your fill in before starting to eat carefully. Some women choose to gorge on oysters which are known for their fertility boosting properties and contain rich amounts of zinc. Meanwhile, it is said to improve the quality of sperm in men so don't delay. 

Don't deny yourself essential nutrients, but do watch what you eat

By preparing your body before you begin your fertility adventure, you will stand a better chance of having the right amount of vitamins and minerals in your system.

4 Egg Whites

We have all heard of Chef Boyardee or Gordon Ramsay but some people swear by cramming a few egg whites into their nether regions. Food might be according to some the way to a man’s stomach but for others this acts as a lubricant, whilst trying to fall pregnant. 

A sticky mess it might be, but it is said to work wonders for many individuals. This is one area which you could try if all other weird and wonderful tricks have failed miserably. Simply take a couple of raw egg whites and place them in the most convenient way possible in your private area before you start to copulate. 

Researchers now say the whole egg is good for you, but go ahead and just have egg whites if it makes you feel better

The whites of the egg can be a cervical lubricant which may just assist in the sperms direction to its final destination. It may be a long shot but it may well be worth a punt. 

3 Tight Pants

Another way in which you can get yourself on the way to bump drive is by ensuring your partner does not wear any tight clothing. This is because some males enjoy the feel of tight shorts around their waist. 

Although there are no Kylie Minogue wannabes in sight these hipsters like having their scrotum all scrunched up. Unfortunately this leads to poor circulation and a less likely chance that the sperm can produce enough. 

His tight jeans don't do anything for his sperm count

Decreased sperm production is something to take into account when looking to get pregnant so if your man loves cycling shorts or tight boxers then dispose of them quickly. Even a one degree difference in your mans body temperature can affect the production of sperm.

2 Yoga

Mind, body and soul can be extremely important in having a baby. In fact, it is not only women who use this ancient technique to help them achieve an inner balance. Many soccer players around the world swear by yoga techniques which have prolonged their careers. 

Beauty is only skin deep but if you were to take up yoga classes, this could help your chances of pregnancy to a certain degree. For many women, practicing yoga has significantly increased their chances of falling pregnant. By removing the stresses and strains from your everyday existence, a healthy body can mean increased chances of conceiving. 

Yoga is good for couples to do together as well

So whether you are a fan of the lotus or want to embrace your inner self, this could actually be the way forward. 

1 Pearly Whites

If you have ever had a problem with your gnashers or simply forgot to clean those teeth then how about having a tooth brushing session. Poor tooth hygiene could spell trouble in the bedroom department for some folk. 

If you suffer from poor gums or have any form of gum disease then this means it could have an effect on your pregnancy. In some cases, you might be affected by premature delivery. Furthermore, some babies have been underweight at birth. In spite of the fact that oral hygiene is located way up in your body, it can cause problems with your man’s sperm. 

A nice white smile is a good sign that you're taking care of yourself

Therefore, it really is time to dust off the floss that is gathering dust at the back of the cupboard and make an appointment with your dentist.

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