9 Incredible Baby Shower Themes and Games

You’re pregnant. You’re glowing. You’re about to pop, like, any day now--or at least in a couple of months. Looks like somebody should be thinking of throwing you a baby shower! It’s typically not up to the Mom-to-be to throw her own shower, so hopefully you’ve got some “hostess with the mostest” in the wings. Whoever throws it, you or a friend or family member, she’s bound to be feeling a weight on her shoulders.

Baby showers sure can be tricky to organize—there are typically multiple generations to consider, everyone from Great Grandma to the possible presence of a young child on a guest’s hip-- maybe even one of the star’s own little nippers if it’s not her first shower! The party that is born from all these considerations is usually overly tame…and as a result, totally lame!

So does this mean your baby shower has to be a bust?

Absolutely not! The truth is, it will never be a bust. Everyone is there for you because they love you and can’t wait to shower you with gifts to celebrate the upcoming birth of the beautiful child that is growing inside your ever expanding belly!

But if you can shake up your own baby shower and make it stand out a little, why not?

What you need to make your unique baby shower fly is a little balance, to make sure none of those grannies present are offended (or hammered), but that none of your younger friends and family members slip into a coma either. What you need, Mama-to-be, is a little spark of inspiration! So with that, I unveil for the baby shower hostess:

Dream to Have a Cool, Unique Theme!

Let’s start with themes. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of baby shower theme ideas online to inspire you, but frankly all that choice can get a girl overwhelmed—not to mention flustered. I mean all of the immaculate ribbons, elaborate diaper cakes and absurdly perfect cupcakes and flower bouquets look like they were pooped out of Martha Stewart heaven!

What if you’re not crafty? What if you don’t bake? What if you’re not Martha Stewart?!! Relax--no need to panic!

Some say do it, some say don’t….no, I’m not talking about breastfeeding! I’m referring to baby shower games –and let me tell you, a lot of them have been given a bum rap.

There’s no doubt about it, some baby shower games can be pretty lame...and really just kind of gross (guess the melted chocolate bars in diapers—nuts and all? Guess the baby food by passing a jar around the room for tasting?? Are we trying to entertain our guests, or make them barf?!)

So you think, “nah---party games are out!” But I think you could be making a mistake here. I think a little diversion, no matter how brief, is precisely what you need to keep your party from falling flat. You don’t really need more than one or two games to achieve this goal (in fact more than that might actually start to irritate your guests!).

The best time to throw in a game or two is when you start to feel the room wilting—this is usually amid the endless gift opening. Nothing like a break with a little game to perk your guests up!(some games can even be played during the gift opening).

Your baby shower guests need some distraction, they need some diversion, they need an injection of COOL BABY SHOWER GAMES!! (i.e. ones that are actually fun!)

Easy does it girls, this isn’t a frat party, so get the images of bongs and kegs out of your mind.

Here are 8 fabulous baby shower themes that seems to be trending right now that don’t seem over the top—so even if you’re not a prim Pinterest perfectionist, you can hopefully handle some of these fun ideas, and put your own spin on them—simplify or go nuts at will!

These themes are much explored on the internet, so do your own research for more awesome ideas—but here are the 8 best baby shower themes and baby shower games that might perk up the lulls in your party and help you have the best shower ever! (or at least one of them,) explained in a nutshell.

4 Welcome to the World

This is where maps and globes are used for decor and international foods are served. Simple, but different! You can play with this as you wish, depending how creative your juices are. You can go all out with maps and globes covering every wall and table surface, with several food offerings from different parts of the world….or you can simply place a globe in the middle of the table and serve falafel. Hey, it’s your party!

If you're looking for some inspiration or goodies for your party you can find them at the party store, or even go online and see what you can find through Goggle for your party. The internet just might be your best planning tool.

You'll want the games to follow your theme too, so here's a game that's sure to get your guests moving and having fun.

“Pin the Sperm on the Egg”

Ok, maybe this one does sound a little like something from a frat party! But if you think this one won’t rub any conservative guests the wrong way, this spin on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game can be a hilarious game to play at your shower. The winner takes home a –zygote! You can have fun thinking of a prize that’s within your theme.

You might wonder how does this game fit into the theme, but your little one wouldn't even be ready to make an entrance into the world without the sperm finding the egg. Think of this game as the first steps of the baby's journey into the world.

If you're not able to find this game at your local party store, you can find this game at amazon.com.

2. Cravings Baby Shower

This baby shower gives the Mama to be the perfect excuse to indulge in all of her favorite foods, especially the ones she’s been craving in pregnancy. Whether it’s banana splits with hot fudge, peanut butter sandwiches, pepperoni pizzas, or pickles galore—all of that fare should be at this party, displayed tastefully, in honor of what Mama really wants!

A fun twist on this theme might be for all the women who've been through pregnancy to bring treats that they had craved during their pregnancy. Not only does it act as a conversation starter, but it's a display of support for the expectant mother.

Obviously the games you play with this theme will  revolve around food. There are so many games out there that involve food, but here's the classic one: Guess the Baby Food.

I know, I know… I just said this one was disgusting a second ago. But I didn’t know each lady would get her own spoon (it’s flu season, ladies, I’m on high alert!) So I guess this one could be pretty funny. After all, with all the odd baby food combinations out there, it’s not like it’s going to be easy to get it right.

Just don’t make it too easy by serving applesauce, silly! And be careful, because whatever baby food you serve, Great Grandma might just think it’s her supper (another one, Gran…why stop now?)

If you're insistent that you have the chocolate bar and diaper game, then have at it, it's your party after all, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should try putting a new twist on an old favorite, or search for a completely new game altogether.

3.Fortune Cookie

In this Asian-style shower, you are playing on the theme of how “lucky” the Mom–to-be is! Plant your own fun messages of advice for the Mama in your cookies, decorate with pretty paper Chinese lanterns, and serve various Asian samplings.

But watch out for sushi--Mom might have to avoid the seafood ones, so remember to at least serve some rolls that are pregnant friendly! Mom is bound to feel her good fortune with this shower theme!

And if making Fortune Cookies isn't your strong suit, you can opt for cupcakes and put messages on top of them instead. You might even want to break out your St Patrick's Day decor and run with the lucky theme this way.

If you stay with the Fortune Cookie theme you can play a round of Mah Jong, or Chinese Checkers, but if you don't have Mah Jong tiles, or the Chinese Checker board and pieces you can get creative and ask guests to give Confucious type advice to the Mother-to-be.

And if you and your guests don't know who Confucious was, then you can just make a Baby Advice Book instead.I thought a nice little page out of Martha Stewart's book might just be the ticket for those traditionalists out there! This one has guests popping little messages of advice for Mom-to-Be in beautiful little envelopes, or written directly into a scrapbook—and no, you still don’t have to be Martha.

Regardless of your theme, any of these games should help pump up your baby shower. You can even adapt them as you wish to your theme. So embrace the baby shower games, ladies—they’re here to stay, and they might just keep your baby shower from turning into a nap fest! 

4. Ready To Pop

This shower focuses on the fact that the Mom-to-be is about to “pop”--like any minute now! A fabulous way to explore the “Ready to Pop” shower is through food and games. This shower should have lots of “pop” items on display—lollipops, cake-pops, various popcorns, Cornpops (ok, maybe not those)—all beautifully presented for the Mom who’s “about to pop!”

You can even serve soda pop, or other fizzy drinks to carry the theme of popping through all the food served at the shower. You might even play pop music in the background. This theme can even be used in the games you play at the shower.

This game is only for the brave. Pin a cloth diaper around a full blown balloon while blind folded. It' sure to cause some excitement, just make sure that there are no animals or small children around. All the popping that will be happening might upset them. If this game is too boisterous for your guests, you might want to consider a quieter game.

Baby Top 40 asks your guests how many songs they can write down that have the word “Baby” in them? This game will help you find out --real fast! Give each guest a pen and paper, set a timer then ask them to write down as many “Baby” songs as they can think of in that time period. 

Just make sure you don’t set your timer for much more than a minute…otherwise your guests might enter snoozeville again, and they’ll be singing “Hit Me Baby, One More Time!”—to wake them up.

Either way, your baby shower is well on its way to being an epic party you nor your guests will forget any time soon

3 Jungle Baby Shower

I still can’t figure out why this one is so popular, but this theme is all over the internet, so it had to get a mention! Maybe it’s because the birth of a baby reminds us that we’re really just part of the animal world, just another monkey havin’ a baby!

Whatever the case, go nuts decorating with safari and animal themes, ensuring the Mom-to-be and her guests have a wild time at this shower! You might want to serve exotic fruits at the party like Dragon Fruit and Star Fruit. If it's summer time you can BBQ brochettes and serve flat bread with Hummus.

You might want your games to be a little wild as well. One game that would fit in perfectly is Pregnant Twister. You’ll probably need a couple of really good sports as guests to volunteer for this one, but it sure could be a good giggle for the rest of the room.

Players strap on fake pregnant bellies, then play the game while Mom-to-be acts as judge—and remember no matter how much that wacky Mama begs, Do Not let real pregnant Mom join in on this oneor Great Grandma…(that’s the last one, I promise!)

Another fun game you might want to consider is Tinkle in the Pot. For this game you will still need those balloons from the previous game inside your guests shirt. The guests hold a quarter in between their knees as they waddle from one side of the room to the other to drop the quarter into a pot. The person with the most coins in their pot wins.


If it's a summertime shower you might want to head outdoors and play another version of Tinkle on the Potty. In this game the balloons are filled with water and held in between the knees as the guests race from one end of the lawn to the other. Whoever makes it to the other side of the lawn with their balloon still intact wins. 

6. Sprinkle Me, Baby!

This shower has the Mom-to-be getting sprinkled on with this raining theme. Umbrellas, raindrops, and sprinkles (think cupcakes) are your decor---and all the love and gifts that your guests sprinkle on the guest of honor does the rest!

It doesn’t get more simple than that! Oh, and no live hoses or sprinklers in your dining room, please!

The party food for this shower can just be finger food if you're sticking to the theme of little bits. You can even serve the drinks in tiny cups, and sprinkle party favors around the food setting.

If you have the setting outdoors you can ask your guests to bring umbrellas. Have the umbrellas open and string them up and use them to block out the sun as you sit outside. If it's a cold and windy day, or the wrong season for umbrellas, you can use wall stickers instead.

There aren't too many party games that you would want to play where you sprinkle anything indoors, so the Tinkle in the Potty game mentioned earlier would work here, but if you don't like that idea you could always play Baby Bottle Chugging instead.

Get a bunch of baby bottles, nipples and all, fill them up with your favorite drinks and have a chugging contest! Not the most dignified, but sure to crack people up (and help some guests get a little buzz on if you’ve hopefully filled the bottles with something a little more interesting than milk!)

You might also want to play Baby BINGO as the mother-to-be opens her gifts. Each time she opens a gift that matches the description on your BINGO card, you mark it off. And the first person with a line across wins.

7. Carnivals for Grown Ups

This groovy theme lets the expectant Mama and her guests feel like they’re having an afternoon of fun at the carnival. Carnival inspired games and treats are the highlight of this shower—with no barfing kids to dampen your fun! Now pass the cotton candy already.

This theme is perfect for the outdoors, but if you have to do it indoors there are lots of fun ways to turn your living room into a carnival inspired fun fair. You might want to use streamers of bright colours and place a carnival ticket with the menu on it so the guests know what they're eating. If you can swing it, you could have a popcorn stand where everyone at the shower can help themselves to a bag of popcorn.

The best part of this theme is that the games can be wacky and wild. Guess the Baby Photo is a pretty tame game you can play with your guests, and yet it still has a carnivalesque feel to it. 

Ask each guest to bring a baby photo and pass them around the room or tack them up somewhere for everyone to guess who’s who! With possible multi-generations on the guest list, this one can be a real hoot (of course the wilted black and white photo that looks like it’s from 1858 might be a definite give away for Great Grandma—sorry for hacking on you, Great Grandma, you know I love you!)

You can set up a photo booth and have the guests take crazy pictures then put the pictures into a scrapbook with messages of love written next to them. You could even let the guests get creative by buying baby onsies and have your guests put creative slogans on them like- Spit Happens.

It is the carnival theme after all, so go wild and have fun!

8. Bun in the Oven

The focus of this theme is baked goods, to celebrate that “little bun” that’s growing in Mama’s oven! Have a blast with the dessert table, and with the decor—retro kitchen is a possibility (as shown below), or whatever unique kitchen type decor you can come up with on your own, Domestic Goddess! –(hey, shouldn’t that be a theme?? I think I’m onto something!)

This is another theme where you can ask guests to bring a little something they made at home. That way everyone can taste each other's baking and maybe even swap recipes. The guests might even want to give the mother-to-be recipes for the baby, or life hacks for keeping life simple after the baby comes.

The games you play with this theme can be centered around the baby and the home. One fun game you might want to play is Play-Dough Babies. Have each guest explore their inner Michaelangelo by sculpting their very own play-dough baby.

The results should be highly entertaining—even kiddie guests can participate in this one! Prizes can be handed out for your own fun choice of categories: weirdest, funniest, most artistic, etc.. This game is bound to keep the guests busy and laughing their asses off during the shower!

Another game that you might want to play is Baby Bag. Put articles into a bag as though the mother-to-be was leaving for the hospital. Tell the guests how many articles are in the bag and then have them guess which articles they are. Not only will this be fun, but the soon-to-be-mother might get some tips of what she might need in her overnight bag.

This last game will sure to be a hit at any shower, is Don't Say Baby. At the start of the shower give each person a pin attached to6 pins. And as the shower goes on anyone who says baby has to give their pin to the person who caught them saying 'baby.' At the end of the shower the person with the most pins wins the game.

1 Dadchelor Party

Dadchelor Party. No I didn’t just sneeze! That’s a real term….and it appears to be a growing trend. I think the name speaks for itself, but for any of you still scratching your heads, a “Dadchelor Party” is the Daddy equivalent to a baby shower. This is a sort of repeat of his Bachelor Party—a chance for him to have “one last wild party” with his friends before this life changing event occurs. “And why the hell would I want to do that?! “ You think.

I know, I know…I would have thought that too (lucky for me this wacky trend didn’t seem to have really taken off when I had my first baby—dodged that bullet!).

But I think it’s actually a pretty good idea. Having a baby is a huge change for both of you, but let’s face it—there’s really only room for one star when it comes to the pregnancy. You’re it! Up to now, it’s really been all about you, and if he’s a good guy, he’s probably happily supported that.

Lately, he’s been listening to you and your friends talking about your own big, special shower, and by now he’s probably feeling a little left out sometimes--he's a little bit more than a sperm donor (awww). Chin up, Daddy!

This “a target="-blank" href:https://www.pinterest.com/kitaj101/dadchelor-party/>man shower” could be just the thing to have his impending Dad-hood celebrated together with his pals--and even a good way to help him confront it all in his own mind!

No, I’m not saying he has to go all out, strippers and all—but letting him have his “last hurrah” before the life changing event of baby’s arrival is showing him that he can be the star for a night too. (Don’t worry--after that, it’s all about you again, Mama, no question!) Showing your man this kind of support can only bring the two of you closer together when it matters the most.

And after all, this could just be your insurance policy to ensure he has no future excuse to sneak out for a ”guy night” when things get tough in those first weeks after baby’s arrival! (he can try, but you’ll be waiting for him at the door with a rolling pin!)

Well, I sure hope all these theme and game ideas help you get your baby shower game face on!

Just remember, you can’t really go wrong with all that love in the room just for you and your baby—so long as there’s plenty of wine to knock back!

Well now that you’re hopefully well on your way to picking a baby shower theme... let the games begin!

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