9 Job Titles a Mom Could Add to Her Resume

Imagine taking a job that is all-consuming. You must be available to work evenings, weekends, and holidays. In fact, you will be on call 24 hours a day for the rest of your life. There is neither financial compensation, nor chance of a raise. Why would anyone volunteer for this position? Because “Mother” is one of the most rewarding jobs ever.

Being a mom is not an easy gig, but it’s no wonder why millions of new recruits sign up every year. The benefit package to motherhood includes personal growth, joy, hugs, kisses, and the occasional “I love you.”

Mothers have become almost experts in a variety of fields because of practical preparation. That’s why mommies are so good at so many things. Obviously, without training and certification, you shouldn’t lie on your resume. But just because you don’t get paid, it doesn’t mean you don’t perform the job.

Since mothers wear many hats, we’ve broken down “Mom” into 9 separate job titles. Feel free to offer any of the following professions the next time someone asks “What do you do?”

9 Teacher

A mother is the first teacher of her child. From the womb, the baby is learning. At 25 weeks gestation, the fetus can identify the mother, and echo the rhythm of her voice with movement. By listening to mom’s voice, first words, colors, shapes and everything in the world becomes a lesson.

Without realizing it, kids are constantly learning from their mother’s example. She is a mentor. Besides instructions on manners, mom assumes the role of "Private Tutor" by helping with homework. The results of her many efforts are thoughtful, smart, and well spoken progeny.

In turn, a mother’s skills and talents improve from helping others. Children also stimulate mothers, improving her emotional intelligence. Our kids teach, as well as learn.

Mom’s school of life is always open. With tolerance and patience, you can count on mom to offer a helping hand. For shaping the future adults of the world, mothers provide no greater gift to mankind. So, go ahead and adopt the title of “Teacher.” As a matter of fact, use the job title “Model”—“Role Model.”

8 Chef

Nourishment continues in the kitchen. Moms put in a great deal of time making sure the family is happy and well-fed. According to Salary.com, 14 hours a week are spent cooking and planning meals. This includes taking requests, creating recipes, preparing a spread, and keeping the conditions of the kitchen sterile. Talk about having a full plate.

Moms have the knack of preparing fabulous meals while playing a game of beat the clock. She can handle a frying pan, a boiling pot, a microwave, a kettle, and a toaster at the same time, and make the juggling act look easy. You need breakfast and lunch prepared simultaneously? She can deliver both meals as fast as a "Short Order Cook." For a position like this outside of the home, you may need a degree in Culinary Arts.

Along with Gourmet Chef, mothers can assume the titles of "Baker," "Professional Taste Tester," and the "Head of Hospitality in Charge of Food and Beverage." Whether it’s fine dining or home cooked fast food, a delicious dish is always on the menu.

For all of their culinary work, moms cater to their families in more ways than one. So, the next time your mother prepares you a meal, the least you can do is eat your vegetables.

7 Hair Stylist

A typical work week involves hours of hair styling, a time sensitive task. Because moms spend hours brushing up on their skills, hassle-free hair is styled seemingly in seconds. Baby hair is uncontrollable and delicate, but with mom at the helm, frizzes are smoothed, and tangles are removed for a long-lasting style. Who needs a cosmetology degree when you have the experience of a mom?

Creating easy-to-do hairstyles are valuable when you have an extremely busy day. Low maintenance is the name of the game. Moms can even make shampooing fun. And when hair becomes wild, mom takes the time to schedule an appointment for a haircut.

Despite a fidgety clientele, mothers can create hairstyles that are sure to receive compliments. The results are great looking hair. After a visit to mom’s salon, her child looks clean and pristine.

When someone else is in charge of your hairdo, their vision becomes your style. We have to thank our mothers for helping us with our hair for all those years. Because they kept our tresses looking trendy, "Hair Stylist" and "Beautician" are fitting titles for mom.

6 Chauffeur

Moms are ready to drive wherever kids need to go, even when days are hectic. Parents always find time to transport their children from one place to the next. One report shows mothers make an average of five daily car trips, and women with school-age children drive 20% more.

A demanding social calendar demands transportation. Caravanning the family around town can sometimes feel like you’re running a taxi. As a "Personal Chauffeur," there are frequent pick ups and drop offs. Multiple children mean multiple itineraries. Ferrying children to school, doctor appointments, friends’ houses, and extracurricular activities can become a scheduling nightmare.

Sometimes, you have to deal with demanding passengers. When kids get hungry, thirsty, or need to use the bathroom, a cranky child mixed with rush hour traffic can be stressful. Despite the seemingly endless loop spent on the road, moms can make car rides a conduit to a serious conversation, or a fun sing-along.

There are things mothers do for their children that sometimes go unnoticed. Considering how much time moms spend on the road, their contributions behind the wheel need to be recognized. 

5 Therapist

Although mothers and fathers work relatively the same amount of hours per day, moms dedicate far more hours to child care. The mental, emotional, and physical demands are crazy.

Mom is the heart of the home. As a regular counsel for her children, a mother offers sage advice, and a shoulder to cry on. She serves as a Mental Health Counselor, ready to deal with emotional outbursts, such as mood swings, and hyperactivity. It’s a honed skill to remain calm in the face of irrationality.

Armed with a practical doctorate in Reverse Psychology, a mom has to be part therapist. She analyzes her child, decoding language and body language. When mom is a good listener, she is responsive to her child’s needs. From a toddler’s tantrum to adolescent moodiness, she can diagnose her child better than a Child Psychologist. Babies know their mothers, and mothers know their babies.

Because they are known to help everyone with their problems, mothers should assume the title of a "Therapist," "Director of Child Development," "Guidance Counselor," or even "Spiritual Advisor." It’s a never-ending job, so it’s no surprise we’re sleepy by 9 p.m.

4 Head of Housekeeping

According to Salary.com, mothers rate housekeeping as one of the most time-consuming jobs. Mothers spend an average of 10 hours a week cleaning messes, vacuuming, laundry, washing dishes, scouring bathrooms, and removing suspicious stains from floors and furniture.

Cleaning the home is not that hard, but keeping it clean presents an ongoing challenge. For instance, a family can create a seemingly infinite pile of dirty clothes. Is laundry ever really finished? Whether you have a tot or a teen, there’s always something to clean, or put away. It’s a job that is never short on work.

Since 70% of moms handle their children’s tasks by themselves, creating a clean and cozy environment is a never-ending job. Is it excessive to assume the title Head of Housekeeping, Health and Safety Manager, or Mrs. Fix It? And since mom can always find a misplaced sock, doesn’t that make her a Match Maker?

A mother creates a sanctuary for her family. Thanks to organization and efficiency, mom helps to create a home that runs like a well-oiled machine.

3  Law Enforcer

Being a mom is one of the best jobs in the world, but it’s also one of the toughest. As the matriarch, she serves and protects her family. Sometimes, she has to lay down the law like a police officer. Tough love parenting is not easy but, at some point, it’s necessary.

Imposing self-discipline is every parents' goal. You have to teach your kids to get out of bed, do homework, and not be lazy. When your requests aren’t carried out, it can be mentally challenging.

This is when mom assumes the roles of “Detective,” “Correctional Officer,” “Judge,” and “Drill Sergeant.”

Mothers don’t enjoy removing privileges, but it’s part of the job. Boundaries have to be set. With multiple children, moms may have to be a “Peacekeeper” or a “Referee.”

On the other hand, a mother can be your greatest protector. She could banish scary monsters from under the bed, and oust boogeymen from the closet. In this instance, mom becomes a resident Bodyguard.

In all situations, mom is a Law Enforcer. But you may not want to use the title “Director of Homeland Security” because it may be a little confusing to others.

2 Nurse

Like nurses, mothers offer guidance and emotional support when her child is sick or injured. She’s always ready with a napkin to wipe a runny nose. After a scrape on the knee, she’ll make you feel better in a pinch.

Changing dirty diapers, taking temperatures, giving medications, taking care of wounds is all in a day’s work. Moms don’t mind getting their hands dirty. As long as her child is comfortable, that’s all that matters.

A mom will sit bedside, and endure a sleepless night to help her child through an illness. They’ll take the time to help ease your pain until optimal health returns. Most importantly, mom makes you feel safe.

Unless you are, in fact, a Registered Nurse, you don’t have the qualifications of a "Nurse." Self-diagnosis is never recommended. But moms know they can help their children feel better with the cure of a loving hug. Mommy’s kisses heal better than Neosporin. 

1 Captain of the Cheerleading Squad

As "Head Cheerleader," mom motivates her team. She’s all heart. Despite other responsibilities or any other pressures, Mom is a loyal teammate.

Like a cheerleader, she works hard, maintains her stamina, stays optimistic, and supports her family to do the same. She’s the backbone that supports the family, ready to catch anyone who slips. Most of all, cheerleading moms have spirit. Enthusiasm goes a long way to the health and happiness of her household.

Mom’s responsibilities span several jobs. To replace all of these duties would be costly. Could your spouse afford to hire another person in your absence? Besides financial concerns, mothers make significant contributions to her family every day.

Every mother wants to be a Supermom, but maybe we just need to relax and recognize how well we’re doing. And still, moms continue to do double duty, but at least, we know why we do it. We juggle all of these hats to give our children better futures.

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