9-Month-Old Baby Falls Ill After Drinking 'Fake' Formula That Had Been Tampered With

A mother gave her 9-month-old daughter tampered formula.

A new fraud trend is underway and it is very dangerous to children. Parents are encouraged to be more vigilant before they used the formula for their children. People are starting to purchase formula from the stores. They then are saving the formula for themselves, filling the containers with flour and then returning the package to the store for cash. They are essentially getting the formula for free. Parents are then purchasing the already opened formula and unknowingly giving their babies flour water instead of formula.

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Many parents had complained that their children were getting sick from the "formula" but they didn't know why. They thought something was off when their children were clearly very ill and they were also extremely fussy. That is when they noticed that the formula was not formula. One mother shares how she was giving her child the "formula'" and she started getting sick and crying. Mother, Madeline Roque, shared that her 9-month-old daughter, Adeline, had a very rough few days. Roque shared how her daughter was so upset for a couple of days. She was crying, vomiting and then she refused to take her bottle. That is when she started checking her daughter's food. She realized that there was something wrong with it and it looked "off." After analyzing the formula she noticed that the texture and the color were completely off.


Roque poured the formula into water to see what it would do. She noticed that the formula started clumping at the bottom of the bottle and she knew that formula does not do that. She knew it wasn't formula and she noticed that her daughter's stomach was all clumpy like what the liquid was doing. She called Walmart and told them that she had purchased formula that was filled with flour. Their policy is to never allow people to return formula and then to put it back on the shelf, but they obviously have been letting some things slide. Police have been investigating the issue.

There have been confirmed cases in the past of people being caught tampering with formula and then placing it back on the shelf. Last month an Arizona couple was caught organizing a formula traffic ring. They were purchasing formula, taking the formula and then returning the "formula" back to the store. The couple was caught after making nearly half a million dollars. In 2017, a woman plead guilty to buying formula from the store, filling it with flour and sugar, and then returning it back to the store for cash.

As a note of caution, it is important for parents to double-check their formula. They should never buy formula that appears to have ever been open. Never buy formula that has it's seal broken or that looks like somebody has tampered with the product. When you do purchase formula it is very important to make sure that you analyze the product before you give it to your child. Thankfully, Adeline was perfectly fine after her mother found the tampered formula. She is back to her happy self!

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