• 9 Must Have Items for Your First Trimester

    Being pregnant is not easy, someone who has never been pregnant may think, "Oh, just a cute baby bump and baby shower fun," when the truth is being pregnant is a process and it all starts with the first trimester.

    The first trimester is the beginning of your new pregnancy adventure, it's also among one of the most unpredictable times during a pregnancy. It truly is a rocky road, however, everyone is different and we all need things to survive our first trimester.

    Here are our top picks of 9 must have items for your first trimester, that will truly make your first trimester a breeze.

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    -New Bra

    Your first trimester is the expanding trimester. One of the first things that will expand and become painful is your breasts. Sore breasts are actually one of the very first signs of being pregnant. Studies show that 75% of women will actually notice a change in their breast before they notice any other changes in their bodies. Because of this, one of the very first things you’ll need to purchase is a brand new bra.

    The trick to purchasing a new bra is buying a bra that feels comfortable. During your 9 months of being pregnant your breast will grow and become larger. The larger they become, the heavier they feel, the more uncomfortable you will be. 

    The key to maintaining your comfort level is to have two bras, one for your day-to-day activities and another for the night time. We recommend a sports bra with light support for the evening and a supportive bra for your daily use. 

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    - Pregnancy Workout Videos

    Your first trimester usually beginnings with a whole bunch of aches and plenty of nausea. Nausea can cause many women to want to stay in bed and not be as active as they used to be. However, this won’t help with the nausea one bit. What will help with the aches and nausea is lightly working out. Working out can help with muscle tension and pain.

    Because of this, we believe purchasing pregnancy workout videos are a first trimester must have. Pregnancy workout videos were established to help pregnant women stay active. Women who have been there pregnant know all about being super tired and not wanting to get up and move, but also having an extreme desire to go to the bathroom. 

    Working out will keep you alert and feeling great about yourself throughout your entire pregnancy. Best of all, you can find workout videos for free on YouTube or cheap ones on Amazon. Get active, it's best for you and your baby!

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    - Snack Box

    Yes, we said it. A must have for your first trimester is a snack box. Nausea is usually caused by being hungry and not consuming the proper amount of calories throughout the day. Which is among the main reasons why we usually become nauseated first thing in the morning or late at night. To help with those nauseous feelings we recommend having your favorite snacks in a box next to your bed.

    You can decorate your box and make it a cute DIY project that will keep your mind occupied and will have all your favorite goodies on hand every time you are in need of a snack.

    We recommend filling your snack box with the following snacks:

    -Your favorite snack bars that are full of protein and fiber

    -Mints or gum

    -Water bottle



    -Small bag of nuts


    -Favorite veggie juice

    These items will satisfy your cravings at any time of the day without the added calories.

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    - Prenatal Vitamins

    Maintaining a balanced diet along with a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients can really help make your first trimester go by as smoothly as possible. Prenatal Vitamins should always be recommended by a doctor, as your OBGYN will be the only one who will be able to tell you which vitamins will work best for you.

    It’s essential to have a healthy balance between the nutrients that you consume and the vitamins that you take. The better you take care of you and your body while being pregnant the healthier your baby will be.

    Even if you aren’t pregnant yet, but are planning on it, doctors now recommend starting prenatal vitamins before your try to conceive. You should try to get a pregnancy vitamin that is loaded with what you’re missing from your daily diet. Your doctor will recommend which vitamin is best.

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    - Schedule Nap time

    Being tired is another huge symptom that comes with pregnancy, especially in your first trimester. For this reason it’s essential to sleep as much as you can. Remember, after your first trimester your sleeping patterns will change as you will become larger in size and start to feel even more uncomfortable.

    For this reason scheduling nap time is definitely a must have for your first trimester. We suggest jotting down your free time and fill that time up with nap time. The more rested you are, the better you will feel, which will make you feel more prepared for the rest of your pregnancy.

    Not only that, but getting in a quick nap will make you feel refreshed and may even help with those nauseous feelings. You’re more tired during this time because your body is providing a lot of energy to rapidly growing your embryo into a fetus. So if you feel tired during your first trimester, go with it and lay down for a few minutes.

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    -Pregnancy Preparation Books

    When we find out, we’re pregnant we all go into an information gathering state trying to prepare ourselves for everything ahead, you probably haven’t studied like this since the SAT’s. For example we all begin to question if we know enough about being pregnant and having a child. It happens to the best of us, we could never be too prepared or know too much. 

    This is when our mothers and pregnancy preparation books come in handy. Having a book that will lead you throughout your pregnancy can really benefit you. It will help you know what’s happening to you is completely normal.

    While being pregnant we sometimes begin to wonder if we ‘re doing something wrong or if we’re doing things correctly. The best way to know if we’re doing things correctly or know if other mother's are having similar experiences as you are, is to get a pregnancy preparation book and enjoy it. Books are a great way to calm your nerves and feel more prepared for what is to come. 

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    - Stretchy Pants

    Your first trimester is the time you prepare and start purchasing stretchy pants. You definitely want to get yourself more than one pair. Stretchy pants will become your favorite clothing item. As your belly starts to grow and form you’ll notice that nothing fits you the way you like. Not only will you feel bloated, but your clothes will start to fit in an unflattering way. 

    For some women, stretchy pants can become addicting, especially while being pregnant. They just feel good on the skin and everything fits better in them.

    The first trimester is the weird stage of pregnancy you don't really have a belly just yet, but you do feel extremely bloated and you can't figure out how to stop feeling like your rapidly expanding. Everyone woman’s pregnancy experience is different, but for the most part, your first trimester will be a roller coaster of unflattering clothing. However, the solution to that is stretchy pants.

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    - Antacids

    Acid reflux is an unfortunate side effect of being pregnant. This happens when your stomach muscles relax and more of the acid is allowed up your esophagus causing the heart burn that keeps you awake at night and hurting during the day.

    Not every woman gets acid reflux as soon as she begins her first trimester, but just in case, make sure you stock up on antacids as much as you can. Because the moment you lay down at night for bed you will begin to feel the heartburn creeping up on you. The best way to make sure it doesn’t happen is to avoid extremely spicy food and take 2 Tums 30 minutes before you’re ready to go to sleep.

    Antacids will help keep your heartburn at bay during your pregnancy, but you never know when heartburn will take over, so help yourself by being prepared. We recommend you carry Tums or your favorite antacid inside your purse. If the heart burn seems too overwhelming, make sure you speak to your doctor so he can prescribe you something stronger. 

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    -Body Moisturizer

    The moment you find out your pregnant, think baby, growing belly, growing body parts over the next nine months. You know what's coming next, Stretch marks! Yes, stretch marks will be making their way towards you once you really start growing, we believe prevention is key, so it’s extremely important to start using body moisturizer as soon as possible.

    Genetics is fundamental when it comes to stretch marks as we have discussed here before. For this reason, make sure you ask your mother how her pregnancy was so you know exactly what to expect.

    However, applying a thick layer of moisturizer will benefit you and give you smooth skin all year round. If you want to create your own body butter we recommend

    1 cup of coconut oil

    3 Tablespoons of olive oil

    1 tablespoon of avocado oil

    Mix that all together into your favorite body butter and let it sit in your refrigerator for about 3 hours until it is completely solid. Afterward you’re good to use it. Just remember not to use an excessive amount if you’re going out. Because it’s oil based it may stain your clothing if you are wearing something nice. A quarter size is all you really need.

    You can never be too prepared for the next adventure you will enjoy for the next two trimesters ahead. These 9 must haves will get you through your first trimester without a worry in the world. Please inform us below if you would like us to discuss your must haves for the second trimester and your third trimester.  

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