9 Pics Of Jordyn With Stormi That Kylie Probably Regrets Taking (And 6 With Herself)

Okay, if there's someone out there who missed out on the whole Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson, and Jordyn Woods situation, they must have been living under a rock, and in that case, they should do a quick Internet search of their names to make sure they're up-to-date with the whole drama.

For the rest of us, let's talk about Kylie and Jordyn. The two have been inseparable throughout their teens, and Jordyn was at Kylie's side when she was building her billion-dollar makeup empire. But now, their friendship has been on thin ice, as Kylie found herself torn between trusting and being loyal to her sister Khloe or her BFF Jordyn. It surely isn't an easy situation for anyone involved, and we are hoping to hear some updates soon.

Meanwhile, we wanted to take a look at some pics of Jordyn with Stormi, Kylie's now one-year-old daughter. The pics were mostly taken by Kylie herself, and we can't help but wonder how she feels looking at them now. We also included a couple of pics of Jordyn and Kylie that remind us of their friendship, and keep us wondering if we will ever see any more of those mirror pics of the two. Only time will tell.

So while we wait, let's look at some pics of little Stormi having a great time with (ex) auntie Jordyn, and some of Kylie with her (former) best friend!

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15 This Photo Of Jordyn Holding Little Stormi

Via: instagram.com

Let's kick the list off with one of the first images of Jordyn Woods and little Stormi the world got to see. Judging from the photos that both Kylie and Jordyn posted on their social media platforms, it is quite clear that Jordyn and Stormi were very close, and pretty much hanging out on a daily basis. Of course, that was completely natural, since Jordyn was Kylie's best friend, but now that she is, according to Khloe's tweet, the reason Khloe's family fell apart, we are not so sure she will get to see Stormi as often as she used to.

14 And This Vacay Pic Of The Two

Via: instagram.com

Being such a big part of Kylie and Stormi's life often meant going on amazing vacations with them. So here are Jordyn and Stormi having a great time at the beach! You can tell little Stormi loves spending time with Jordyn, and we wonder how much she will miss Jordyn in case mom Kylie decides to kick her out of her life. According to Elle, most of the Kardashian/Jenners have unfollowed Jordyn on social media, but her (former) bestie Kylie is still following her. The whole world is now watching to see what will happen to this friendship, and we kind of have a feeling Stormi would like to keep seeing auntie Jordyn.

13 Here's Jordyn Helping Little Stormi Walk

Via: instagram.com

Speaking of all the vacations Kylie, Stormi, and Jordyn took together, here are some pics of Jordyn teaching Stormi how to walk on a gorgeous beach. As you can tell, the little one was still a bit unstable on her feet, but auntie Jordyn was there to hold her hand and make sure she was safe — all while mom Kylie was recording videos and taking pics for the memory book. While we are not taking any sides in this drama, we can't help but feel bad that a friendship as close as Kylie and Jordyn's might end over all of these recent events.

12 And Here's Stormi Having Plenty Of Fun With (Ex)Auntie Jordy

Via: pinterest.com

We also can't help but wonder how Kylie feels about all these photos of Stormi and Jordyn that are now forever a part of the online world. Feeling betrayed or hurt by a friend is one of the least fun feelings that we as humans can experience, and in a case like this, it does take a lot of work and love to rebuild a friendship. Stormi, who celebrated her first birthday this February with a lavish bash only a Kardashian/Jenner could pull off, isn't such a small baby anymore. We also bet she is wondering where Jordyn is, if it is true what the tabloids are saying and Jordyn isn't welcome in Kylie's home anymore.

11 The Three Often Took Vacations Together

Via: instagram.com

Here's another pic from one of their summer trips, and the first one of all three gals together. Honestly, it always looked like the three were such a happy little family who took daily adventures and just always had a dandy good ol' time. It sort of makes us sad to not be able to follow all of them together on a daily basis anymore, but as we've mentioned, Kylie and Jordyn do still follow each other on social media — so there's still hope. According to Cosmopolitan, while Jordyn doesn't live in Kylie's guest house anymore, the two do still text each other.

10 And Jordyn Helped With Things Like Washing Hands

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Okay, let's take a moment and forget about the whole drama because Stormi is just too adorable and deserves our full attention now. The little cutie-pie is already washing her hands by herself because Stormi knows hygiene is super important. Well, when we say by herself, we mean with some assistance from Jordyn, who wasn't only there for the trips and fun adventures but would also help Kylie take care of Stormi in her everyday life. Also, another side note: How trendy is little Stormi's hairstyle? She is rocking those little pigtails like the style queen we all know she will grow up to be!

9 We Have A Feeling Stormi Might Miss These Picnics

Via: instagram.com

Honestly, if you've been a fan of the Kylie-and-Jordyn friendship that we got to follow for years on their social media accounts (and occasionally on Keeping Up With The Kardashians), the thought of not seeing pics like these anymore is definitely heartbreaking. Of course, we do completely understand that Kylie is in an incredibly difficult situation now, where it almost seems as if she has to choose between being loyal to her sister or her best friend, and while she is, according to Forbes, the world's youngest self-made billionaire, we don't think we'd like to be in her shoes right now.

8 And Hanging Out With Jordyn In General

Via: instagram.com

Yup, another summer vacay pic — because that's what rich people do a lot. We doubt we'll see many more like this, because even if by some chance Kylie and Jordyn do continue being friends, we doubt they'll be as close, and we doubt Kylie would show off their friendship online for Khloe to see all the time. Either way, you can tell we are definitely excited to see how the rest of this drama unfolds, and we do hope to see some news about the two soon. But judging from all these pics, we can definitely agree that cutting out Jordyn from Stormi's life completely would be kind of mean.

7 They Always Seemed To Have All The Fun Together

Via: instagram.com

Just look at how much fun the two always had. Honestly, there's not one pic of Stormi where she isn't laughing and having a great time with Jordyn. Regardless of the mistake Jordyn is said to have made, it is undoubtedly that she cared (and probably still cares) about Stormi a whole lot, and it must be really hard for her to now be cut off from Kylie and Stormi's life so much. We do truly wonder if we will see any more pics of the Jordyn and Stormi in the future and whether Kylie regrets taking all of these and posting them online! We guess only time will tell.

6 Kylie Posted Plenty Of Pictures With Her (Former) BFF

Via: instagram.com

Alright now let's move on to some pics of Kylie and her (former) BFF Jordyn. According to Cosmopolitan, the two met in the summer of 2012, right before starting high school. They were introduced to each other by Jaden Smith, whom Kylie met in middle school and Jordyn knew since they were pretty much babies. Apparently one day Jaden invited both girls to hang out, they immediately clicked, and the rest is history that we witnessed through their social media accounts. And now, after seven years of being inseparable, the two are going through a really difficult situation, and we are still unsure of how it will end.

5 And Mirror Selfies Were Their Thing

Via: instagram.com

If there's one thing we will miss, it's their iconic mirror selfies. The two always nailed that perfect friendship mirror selfie, and their poses were copied by girls and boys all over the world. Seriously, if you go and scroll through both girls' social media profiles, 90% of their photos are mirror selfies. So while we are kind of hoping we'll get to see more pics like these, we also know there are some not so hopeful signs. For one, according to Harper's Bazaar, the Kylie Cosmetics Jordy Lip Kit went on a half-price sale once the story of Tristan and Jordyn became public.

4 The Two Would Flaunt Their Stylish Outfits With Coordinated Posing

Via: instagram.com

It is undeniable that these two ladies have amazing style, and seeing their daily looks in photos like the one above was what fans lived for. The two always knew how to strike a pose and compliment each other's fashion looks without stealing each other's spotlight. But yes, as we've already mentioned, while there are little things that keep us hopeful that this friendship will make it through at the end, it also doesn't look too bright. At the end of the day, Khloe is Kylie's sister, and anyone who follows the Kardashian/Jenner klan knows just how close their family bond is.

3 And Both Were Always Camera-Ready

Via: instagram.com

Of course, we had to include another mirror selfie, because if there's one thing that sums up the social media presence of their (former) friendship, it's mirror selfies. I mean, look at this one; they are using a bathroom like a prop, Jordyn is even posing with what looks like bathroom stalls. It's so ridiculous, but somehow the two are rocking it, and the rest of us are impressed. The idea of seeing no more new pics of Jordyn with Stormi is breaking out hearts, but seeing none of her with Kylie is even worse! They have been gracing our feeds for seven years, and now it's supposed to stop?

2 They Traveled The World Together

Via: instagram.com

Even before Stormi was born, Kylie and Jordyn traveled the world together. Wherever Kylie needed to go for work, she'd bring Jordyn and the two would have a grand time. At that time it all seemed like such friendship goals, but now that friendship is completely shaken. It's been a couple of weeks since the drama became public, we've all seen Jordyn's Red Table Talk interview with Jada Pinkett Smith, and now we're waiting to hear something new from Kylie. While we are low-key enjoying all the drama, we're also aware that these are real people's lives, and being hurt, betrayed, or making a mistake is never a good feeling, regardless if you're rich and famous or not.

1 But Now Their Future Seems Uncertain

Via: instagram.com

So yes, here we are now, stalking all of them daily on their social media accounts, waiting for hints on what's currently going on, and hoping on hearing some kind of update soon. We do bet the whole drama will be addressed at some point on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as the show follows the family through the good and the bad stuff. Until then, we are kind of hoping Kylie and Jordyn's friendship does make it through, and the fact that Kylie hasn't unfollowed her bestie of seven years on social media yet is giving us some hope.

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