9 Precious Moments During My Pregnancy

As a new mom, I often felt there weren’t enough articles to read which truly express the journey of pregnancy. There are all kinds of self-help books that range from medical information, which basically explain how the baby is developing. Who really compares their baby’s size to a grapefruit? Other books focus on how to eat during pregnancy to have the highest level of nutrients for a developing fetus.

I understand most moms want to know what week the lungs and nervous system start to form, I did too, but I also wanted something more. I wanted a mom to explain the whole process in a loving tone, where she broke down the greatest moments of each month, rather than a medical walk through of pregnancy or something else.

I wanted the shared experience from one mom about cherishing and saving moments of pregnancy and birth in a special way. As our infants grow up, it’s a flash in time where we feel closest to our babies. Over the last two years I’ve had a wide range of moments where I mentally filed away precious moments, and now I’m going to share with you my 9 most precious moments from my pregnancy, with a little extra touch of honesty. 

9  Finding Out I Was Pregnant

You can’t really go on a pregnancy journey with me without starting at the beginning. Most women prepare for motherhood with a plan. I wasn’t one of them, my pregnancy was a complete surprise. I found the 1 minute wait for the test to turn positive nerve racking. During the process of confirming the pregnancy, I had a million ‘what ifs’ that go through my mind.

I was scared and excited at the same time. It’s not until it was confirmed that the tears of joy flowed. I was astonished at the idea of being a mom. I wanted to tell everyone and no one all at once, because my parents were first ones I wanted to tell on my list, and I wasn’t telling anyone before them.

My first memory of finding out that I was going to be a mom will forever be retold as comical reactions I relive in the stories I tell.

8  OB/GYN Visit for an Ultrasound

Your first OB/GYN visit can vary depending on how far along you are. I was disappointed because I didn’t receive an ultrasound on my first visit, the doctors only confirmed I was indeed pregnant and did a full medical check up on me. I wanted to see my baby so badly, but I had to wait.

When I do saw my baby for the first time, that first look at the small seed, it was magical. There’s nothing there but a dark spot ,and if you’re a mom of multiples like me, your world exploded. I had the double dose of joy and fear. Seeing my babies I went from “I’m going to be a mom” to “There’s two…wtf!”

Now, I have their first pictures in a frame in their rooms, because in that moment, my love doubled and I made a promise to both of them before they were even in my arms.

7  Finding Out the Sex of the Baby

This is the moment I was waiting for. I had people asking me every day if I knew what I was having. Often times, it was just a shake of the head or a laugh and giving a very generic answer, but I was anxious for the news. I had preconceived notions on what the next chapters of my life were going to be.

I dreamed about ballet class or baseball camp. Dolls or a ball was my inner joke for weeks. Then I got the greatest gift when it was confirm one of each. All the thoughts just combined, because knowing if I was having a boy or girl, or double of one, was what I had waited five long months for. My world had almost a timeline where I was kind of expecting certain things to happen a certain way.

I would say that this moment in your pregnancy is special since now you’re making an announcement to everyone you want to surprise. Plan the gender reveal for the biggest wow factor for your love ones. It was an important moment for me, making it a lasting memory for you and your loved ones as well.

6  Picking Baby Names

I loved these moments, although I really changed my mind multiple times. I was so unsure of what to call my babies that I made lists. I researched meaning and spellings of everything I thought would fit. I joked and laughed because I didn’t want to have the freak moment where my worries of picking the wrong name overshadowed letting my heart decide.

Ultimately, I didn’t choose a name off any of my lists, in fact, my significant other and I had already decided on names for our twins. It was a random day and the new names just came to me. I thought about the names for a day before I asked their father if he liked them.

5  Butterflies in the Tummy/First Movement

Around week 18 is when a pregnant woman should start to truly feeling her baby moving around. I started with the tiny butterfly feeling which I wasn’t sure half the time was gas or the babies kicking. It was late one night when I was just sitting in my favorite chair watching a movie and my stomach moved like a wave. I remember screaming at the sight and crying, it was the next moment I was looking forward to experiencing.

The first time I was ecstatic, it was my babies right there, alive and moving. The first moment the babies move and the pregnant woman sees it with her own eyes, tells her that everything with her baby is alright. The saying, “Seeing is believing,” hits the nail on the head, because a switch goes off in the brain that reads, “Things just got real.”

4  Preparing for the Arrival

It seems to me that a responsible person starts buying things for their baby after the first trimester once the risk of miscarrying had passed. I’m a procrastinator. I received plenty of things from friends of the family and co-workers that reduced a large chunk of the cost of buying the essentials.

Hopefully, you have people to do the same for you since babies are expensive! I truly appreciated every item I received, but when I purchased the outfits my babies were coming home in, I felt like I was prepared. One small gesture I made that meant a lot to me to do by myself, was picking out and buying the very first thing my babies would wear.

Although no one else really understood why it meant as much to me as it did, they let me revel in my accomplishment. My babies came home in an outfit covered in baby monkeys!

3 The Baby Shower and Celebrations

This was probably the last party I was going to be attending for a couple of months. This celebratory day gave both families a chance to come together and make it all about me and the babies. Even though most of the time I was sleepy and tired, I smiled and played games. I truly enjoyed being in the spotlight and realized it was as much for them as for me.

It also gave everyone the opportunity, who wanted it, to help with the babies in some away. And that made the shower all the more meaningful and special. If on the day of your shower you don’t feel up to it, or even feel like you have enough friends or family to attend, take stock of everyone who did come and make sure to appreciate their contribution before they leave from the party. A shower doesn’t have to be more than 20 people for you to feel like it’s a success.

2  Setting up the Nursery

For some mothers-to-be, it’s painting walls and adding either little painted animals or wall decor stickers everywhere. For myself, it was putting up cribs and cleaning the heck out of every corner. Choosing the paint color and finding the right crib bedding makes a pregnant woman feel so maternal, it’s almost a little silly.

When the room was finished and everything came together, I enjoyed the final design of the babies’ room, I was so ready for them to be born and enjoy their place in the home. Stuffed animals were set up and a rug was placed on the floor. I designed and made it comfy warm on the budget I had and was proud of what I could accomplish.

1  When It's Time for the Baby to Be Born

If the truth be told, every pregnant woman is ready to have her baby long before the due date arrives. Although, no pregnant woman is ready to experience the actual birthing part. Whether a woman decides to go natural at birth or ask for a little relief with an epidural, it’s still a battle.

There are a million reasons and moments during the whole day when I was experiencing every emotion there is. Above all there’s one important emotion I felt that day, and that’s the pure love and joy after everything is over and I was finally holding my babies. That moment was the single most important one I will ever have felt.

I will never forget my babies’ first cry and the smell of their skin in my nose as I held them close to my heart. In the end, everything I went through was worth it, I felt like I existed for this purpose alone.

Some memories will be treasured forever

You spend nine months trying to figure out the best way to care for the future of your child. You worry over one factor then another while experiencing your body change on a daily basis. Each day will bring you something to look forward to and be excited about. You should stop and fully appreciate these precious snippets in time. Relish everything that makes you cry and smile about your pregnancy.

Afterward, write down your memories and save them. Love those moments, because as your children age, you will often think back to how small they were. How much hope you had for the moment when you would finally hold them.

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