9 Unbelievable Heroic Mothers! Simply Amazing Women!

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9 Mom who let car run over her to save her kids

She had just finished strapping her twin daughters into their car seats when she decided to go check to make sure the house door was locked. When she turned around she saw the cars was starting to roll away backwards into oncoming traffic. 

Her first instinct was the stop the card by going in back of it and push it forward but it did not work. So Tran, the mother, used her body as a speed bump to stop the car. “I had to use myself as a speed bump to slow it down enough for one of my neighbors to get in and completely stop the car.” Her neighbors saw and helped her stop the car and saving the kids. 

Unfortunately, Tran's legs got crushed. She has a long road to recovery but is on her way with her beautiful daughters by her side. 

8 Mom gives birth in tree to avoid crocodiles 

It was summer time back in 2010 when an expectant mother got stuck in a widespread flood in her town in Mozambique. The water was everywhere and started to get infested with crocodiles. Chirindza, the expecting mother, was forced to climb a tree to find safety and stayed there for 4 days. 

On the forth day, she went into labor and gave birth to her daughter, Rositha. She was rescued shortly after by helicopter. “I had no food or water. I was feeling dizzy and I was scared I would fall into the waters and drown. I still have nightmares of Rosita tumbling into the rivers running beneath our feet and being dragged away from me. I still can't believe we both survived to tell our story.''

7 Marathon mom who lost both her legs but was determined to run again

The Boston Marathon Bombing was a horrible tragedy that changed many lives forever. Celeste and her daughter Sydney were at the finish line and waiting for their sister. When the first bond when off they were both extremely injured. Due to the injury, Celeste had to get both legs amputated. 

A year and many hours of physical therapy later, Celeste surpassed all expectations and returned to the Boston Marathon. She decided to race with her daughters and they crossed the finish line together. They are all a great message of hope! 

6 Mom who made ultimate sacrifice for child

Mothers make sacrifices everyday for their children. One mom sacrificed it all, including her life. Elizabeth Joice was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in 2010. She was eventually told she was cancer free after receiving treatment so they decided to start a family.

They got pregnant in 2013 but one month later she found out that the cancer had returned. They were faced with a decision to do treatment or delay it for the safety of the baby. She told her husband Max that ‘If we terminate the pregnancy and it turns out I can't have a baby [later], I'll be devastated.' She knew this might be her only chance.” 

She delivered in March 2014 and had a baby girl named Lilly. Sadly the cancer had spread during her pregnancy and she succumbed to cancer on March 9th 2014 with her husband and daughter by her side. 

5 She endured labor for days...upside down

Joanna Krzysztonek, who is from Poland, found out she was pregnant with triplets. Unfortunately one of the triplets passed so doctors suggested she lay down with her feet above her head to give the other two a fighting chance to survive. 

Due to her sacrifice and bravery, the other two babies were born healthy at 32 weeks. She said that being upside down for so long affected her balance but is almost back to normal now. 

4 Super Moms who lifted a car to save a child

Bailey Fowler and Jaydon Sicolo, who were 8 years old, were outside playing with water guns when Fowler ran into the street and was hit by an oncoming car. Being trapped under the engine, he let out a scream and neighbors Donna McNamee and Abigail Sicolo ran out and took charge. 

“All we could see were these little legs under the car. He was trapped right under the engine and screaming. We knew we had to get him out. We just bent over, grabbed the underneath of the car and lifted.”said McNamee. They lifted a 1.1 ton Renault Clio and the boy was pulled out. 

Bailey broke his leg and suffered other injuries but it could have been much worse. “You don't need to exercise when you have a young family to run around after. We do plenty of lifting and carrying around the house so perhaps that's why we could manage it.”

3 Mom who fought a tornado for her child

We know not to mess with Mother Nature but we also know you cannot mess with a the love a mother has for their child. In Southern Louisiana, on March 6 2011, a tornado went through their town. Winds up to 135mph were reported and destroyed and damaged over 150 homes. One of the homes belonged to Jalisa Granger and her infant son. 

"She sheltered the child to protect her from the storm and a tree fell on the house. It killed the mother, but the child was okay.” The next day the mother and child were pulled from the wreckage. Jalisa was only 21 years old. 

2 Mother who took down a terrorist 

It was a normal day in Southeast London in May 2013, when mother Ingrid Loyau-Kennett got off the bus to a terrible and violent scene. There had been a car crash and a person laying on the street. Being trained in first aid, she took his pulse and he unfortunately had not made it... but he was not killed by the crash but by two 20 year olds with machetes. 

The killers were still on the scene and warned Kennett to stay away. “I asked him what he had done. He said that he killed the man because (the victim) was a British soldier who killed Muslim women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was furious about the British army being over there.” Her motherly instincts took over and talked to them and calmed them down possibly saving many more lives. 

She kept the killer occupied until police arrived and took over. 

1 The mom who held on to a moving car when her child was kidnapped

On May 2, 2014, Priscilla Ekpenyong and her 9 month old daughter Emannuella were waiting at the bus stop in Calabar, Nigeria. Other woman with her child was standing with her as well. A car with two men pulled up and tried to gran the babies from their mothers. 

Priscilla told police “He then pushed me out of the vehicle, but I held on to my baby. The vehicle dragged me on the road...a distance of about 500 metres, before some security agents intervened. They caught the man who was trying to snatch my baby and took him to the Police Station.”  

That is one strong and loving mother. 

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