9 Ways Hospital Births Are Changing

Technically, child birth has not changed at all. Children are still born today the way they were born many years ago. There are, however, a lot of aspects of child birth that have changed. Some of these aspects include:

  • What a woman comes to expect during child birth
  • Options for pain management and control
  • The technology used during child birth

How Exactly Have the Expectations of a Woman Changed Over the Years?

Today, most women do not worry about the health of themselves or her baby. This is because the advances in technology and medicine allow a woman to reasonably expect the pregnancy and child birth to be a healthy process. A century or two ago, getting pregnant and having a baby was a scary thing. It was unknown whether the mother or the child would survive.

Furthermore, you live in a world where you can plan your pregnancy and control when you do and do not want to get pregnant. While accidents and surprises do happen, you live in a world where women tend to have less children than they used to.

A century ago, most child births happened in the comfort of your home feeling every ounce of pain there was to experience. Today, women can go to the hospital and feel very minimal pain thanks to various pain treatments.

9  How Has Options for Pain Management Changed?

First of all, just the fact that there is options for pain management is a big deal. When you were having your baby in your home, you didn’t have a doctor or nurse there to give you pain medication to make it easier on you. Naturally, you have advancements in medication and science to thank for the changes and increased options for pain management.

Methods of Birth

Even though you have chosen to give birth to your baby at a hospital, you still have a lot of options to consider. Some of the more common birth choices include:

  • Vaginal Birth
  • Water Birth
  • Hypno Birth
  • Caesarean Birth

It is a good idea to decide how you want to deliver your baby as soon as possible. This is because not every hospital offers every type of delivery. You want to make sure the hospital you are going to offers hypno birth, if you decided that was the route you wanted to take.

8  Vaginal Birth

The most common and traditional form of childbirth is giving birth to a child vaginally. When a woman gives birth this way, she has less trouble breastfeeding, gets to go home sooner, and does not have to deal with the risks of a major surgery (C-section). 

There are, of course, pain medications available to make giving birth to a child vaginally a little easier. Furthermore, there are pain medications you can take that will dull the pain while still making sure you are alert and in control enough to push out the baby.

These types of births aren't dangerous, otherwise women wouldn't be able to give birth in the comfort of their homes. So don't fear a vaginal birth, you can do it!

7  Water Birth

The truth is, a water birth is not a very common choice. There are, however, more and more mothers considering this type of birth because of just how comfortable it is. Furthermore, there are more and more clinics and hospitals that are equipping themselves with birthing tubs in order to provide this type of birth to any mothers who might want it. You also have the option of renting a birthing tub, if you plan on having the baby at home.

Once you start to go into labor, your doctor is going to have you get inside of the birthing tub. The water will be between 90 and 100 degrees. Once you are in the water, the baby will be monitored using special technology such as a Doppler device. During the final moments of the birth, you have the option of giving birth to the baby in the water or just above the surface.

Water birth is one of the most popular forms of water birth

A water birth is a very gentle and easy way to bring a baby into the world. It is a comforting position for the mother and the baby, who has been floating in an amniotic sac for nine months, will feel more relaxed coming into the world this way. Once your baby is removed from the water, he or she will start breathing.

This type of birthing method has been discovered as a great way to release stress, relax muscles, and give the mother more freedom to move and push. If you are thinking about giving this option a try, it is a good idea to make sure you are a good candidate. Breech births and multiple pregnancies should not use this method as it is not safe for the baby. 

6  Hypno Birth

Just as the name implies, this type of birth involves hypnosis. Your child birth happens traditionally, but you are hypnotized into believing it is not painful. Whether or not this type of birthing option can work for you really depends on whether or not you are susceptible to hypnosis. 

If you think hypnosis is silly or does not work, this would not be a good option for you. You have to believe you can be hypnotized. This birthing option is all about the belief that giving birth to a child and overcoming the pain is largely about mind over matter. 

Being asleep during birth isn't a new idea, but at least using hypnotherapy you're somewhat semi conscious for the main event. Not to mention relaxed which will probably help the baby to come out easier and cause less trauma to your body.

5  Caesarean Section

A Caesarean section, or c-section for short, is the name of a surgical procedure to remove the baby from your uterus. C-sections are very controversial and it is a procedure you tend to be for or against. They usually aren’t gray areas where you could care either way.

It is important to understand a C-section is a major surgery. Your doctor is going to cut into your stomach and uterus to take your baby out. You will spend more time recovering and may be restricted for a while after giving birth to your baby.

There's a mandatory 60 day rest period after a c-section

Getting a c-section is recommended for a woman who has a high risk of complications, birth defects, is having more than one baby, or has health problems. If there is a chance something could go wrong with the vaginal birth, this is the safer option for you and your baby.

It is important to keep in mind that not everyone needs to have a c-section. The unfortunate truth is a lot of hospitals routinely perform this type of birth and force it on people because it is faster. That being said, you just need to make sure you actually need a c-section if it was not the type of birth you wanted and you have a doctor telling you it is the better option. This is your pregnancy and you have the right to try to have the baby any way you want.

4  Natural Child Birth

Even in a hospital setting, you can have a natural child birth if you want to. A natural child birth means you have to go into labor on your own. Doctors cannot induce you, they cannot break your water, and they cannot give you medication for pain. 

A lot of women are choosing natural child birth because they think the lack of medication makes the birthing process safer for the child. Of course there's nothing wrong with a woman who feels the need to take some medication either.

Just like each woman, birth is an individual experience, just because one woman wants to go completely natural doesn't mean she gets some sort of special recognition for her efforts. All births are major achievements.

3  Non Recumbent Birthing Positions

Despite what you’ve seen and learned in school, you do not have to be lying down on your back with your feet up in the air to give birth. In fact, some medical experts believe it is more comfortable and easier to give birth in a position other than lying down.

One of the biggest benefits to not having a baby laying down is gravity. Think about it, if you are standing up the baby is going to have an easier time “falling out” so to speak. When you are lying down both you and the baby have to do more work in order for the birthing process to be successful. Lying down when you give birth actually causes all of the following:

  • The contractions are more painful when you are lying down.
  • Contractions are less effective when you are lying down which makes labor take longer.
  • You actually have a narrow passage for your baby when you are lying down. Squatting or standing up give your baby more room to pass through.

Even with all of these benefits in mind, women are more likely to give birth lying down than any other positions. This is due to nothing more than it being the position the doctor puts you in. It is also what you see on television, in books, and in the movies.

2  Aromatherapy and Herbs

Something as simple as having a scented candle in your room while you are giving birth can make a huge difference in the way the room feels. Your favorite smells can make you more comfortable, and there are specific smells that can relax you enough to make giving birth a whole lot easier.

Herbs is not really new, but it is something that tends to go in and out of being popular. There are all kinds of natural herbs and remedies you can explore to help with inducing labor as well as easing pain. For the most part, it is as simple as looking online for a recipe.

Even the Rooms Have Changed

The very surroundings where you give birth to a baby have changed as well. There was a time where there was nothing more but a cloth divider between one woman and the next. Now, some hospitals provide you with an entire with several pieces of furniture for family members and friends to enjoy as well.

1  The Biggest Change That Has Happened is Your Rights

Over the years, one of the biggest changes that has happened regarding giving child birth is your rights. It is your child, your pregnancy, your birthing process, and your right. There was a time where you just gave birth the way you were told or in the comfort of your own home. Today, women and health advocates are very big on you giving birth the way you want to give birth.

It is important to keep in mind that there are some hospitals and health care providers that just see you as another pregnant woman. Your pregnancy and birth is not nearly as important to some of them as it is to you. For this reason, they may just try to suggest (or force) a specific method of child birth on you because it is what is more convenient for them. What you have to keep in mind is that you always have the right to choose. Do not let a doctor tell you how to give birth to your child.

If you want to have a c-section, you can have a c-section. There is no reason for you to listen to your doctor tell you about the risks or why a natural birth is better. Tell your doctor you want what you want and that is the end of it. Unless there is a serious medical risk as to why you cannot have the birthing method you want, you should have your baby the way you want to.

You now have the right to pain intervention in the method you choose

Is your doctor telling you there is a medical reason why you cannot have a vaginal or natural birth? You also have the option of getting a second option. It is your body, your baby, and your right. If nothing else, tell the father of the baby or a family member you need to have a second medical opinion to make sure the birthing method you want is actually dangerous for you and your baby.

If women from a few hundred years ago could see how children were being born today, chances are pretty good their minds would be blown. They may also be a little annoyed because of how much harder and more painful it was for them to give birth. Just imagine what giving birth to a child is going to be like 100 years from now. One day when you are old and wrinkly, you will also be complaining about how good women have it when it comes to child birth compared to what you had to deal with.

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