99 Problems and Your Sitter Is One

Your children are your pride and joy. The loves of your life. And putting them in someone else's hands can be hard when you only know so much about the person. Many babysitters are found through recommendations by friends or family, but even those people sometimes turn out to be something other than what you expected. Most babysitters are good people with your children's best interest in mind. But there are a few bad ones out there who you might discover have issues that are so bad, they should not be hired again. Watch out for these 10 types of babysitters, and take them off your payroll ASAP.

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18 The Irresponsible Babysitter

You have probably seen this babysitter represented on the big screen or in television and movies. They're playing on their cell phone, totally not paying attention to your kids. They're more concerned with their Facebook status than with changing little Timmy's diaper.

They let your children eat whatever they want for dinner, fill up on ice cream for dessert, skip brushing their teeth and stay up way past their bedtime. They might even invite their significant other over and make out on your couch. Scott Disick, is that you?

17 The Mental Case Babysitter

Even though they might have good intentions, any babysitter with lots of drama in their personal life is bound to reflect that in their behavior. And you don't want your children to be around that.

Imagine if Lindsay Lohan was looking after your children. She'd probably be drinking the whole time, stirring up issues that aren't even there. She'd encourage your children to misbehave and then try and punish them for it. Not only would she be expressing her odd behavior, but your children would start to go mental too.

16 The Self Absorbed Babysitter


It's hard to imagine, but what if your babysitter put their needs ahead of your children's? What if, at dinner time, they gave your children pitifully sized meals, and piled the rest onto their own plates?

What if they wouldn't let your children watch their favorite movie, but turned their favorite program on instead? What if they interrupted your children's stories to tell them one of their own? "Look, I know your story is good and all, but my story is the best story of the year." You definitely do not want Kanye West, or anyone like him, babysitting your children.

14 The Bad Decision Maker Babysitter


As she arrives at your house, your babysitter says, "Just to let you know, I hit your mailbox as I was parking my car. It's hard to park while you're talking on your cell phone." You overlook her bad driving skills in the hopes that her babysitting skills are better. But, nope, she continues to make bad decisions throughout the night.

She is like Octomom, doing things without thinking and not thinking about the consequences of her actions. She tells your children that if they stop fighting, they can stay up an extra hour. But that extra hour comes back to bite her when the children, now overtired, keep getting out of bed and trying to sneak past her.

12 The Jackass Babysitter


You won't be able to tell that your babysitter is a jackass unless you see him in action. But that doesn't mean he isn't acting like one. Think about if Howard Stern was babysitting your children. He'd have a field day treating them like crap.

"You're going to wear those pajamas to bed? Why don't you just puke up your dinner and rub that all over yourself?" "You want to play that stupid game? Why don't you just go sit in the corner and talk to yourself?" Yeah, you definitely don't want a jerk taking caring of your children. Maybe this is a good time to have that talk about bullying.

10 The Rebellious Babysitter


Maybe your babysitter has her nose pierced, or her arms covered in tattoos, or she's wearing a crop top and some super high cutoff jean shorts. This doesn't mean she is a bad person, just perhaps someone who likes to rebel against the standards of the world.

You know, like Miley Cyrus. Can you imagine if she babysat your children? She would let them get away with anything. They would throw balls in the house, draw on the walls, blast the music super loud, run around naked and have a whipped cream fight. The rebellious babysitter would delight in anarchy at your home.

8 The Snobby Bimbo Babysitter


She gets to your house, all prim and proper in her designer clothes and well done makeup. Her smile is more like a smirk, and she secretly doesn't even like children. Perhaps it's because most of them are way smarter than her.

Your little one tells her that they have a new board game to play and she replies, "Well duh, if you're bored, play a game." Seriously though, don't hire a Paris Hilton act-alike as your babysitter.

6 The Straight Up Crazy Babysitter


Tantrums and tempers and name calling, who wants to deal with that? Probably not you, or your children, so don't let Mel Gibson babysit. It would be more likely that your children would end up babysitting him instead.

Can you picture it? Your child drops their cup of juice all over the floor, and your babysitter goes bonkers. Or maybe during bath time, your child splashes water all over the bathroom floor, and all over your babysitter. "You little brat! Look what you did!" He gets up and paces the room, talking to himself to calm down. Not a pretty picture.

4 The Way Too "Dark" Babysitter


They love black. Everything black. Their hair, their clothes, their makeup. Even their personality is black. They don't smile, and they are super quiet, except when they are hyped up on some sort of illegal substance.

When they babysit, they insist on turning off most of the lights in the house. They want slow, creepy music on and they ask your children if they have ever used a Ouija board. Your children are afraid of the circumstances, but even more afraid to say anything. I would be afraid too, if Marilyn Manson was my babysitter!

2 The Hypernut Babysitter


"Oh my gosh! We are going to have so much fun tonight! Are you as excited as I am?" Holy moly, how much sugar has this guy had? If your babysitter was Tom Cruise, none. And yet, the energy would be at an all time high.

On a positive note, he might wear your children out so they sleep well at night. But then, what kind of dreams would they have? Dreams of their babysitter, jumping on the couch and squealing? Dreams of their babysitter trying to convert them to his religious beliefs?

It's great to have a babysitter who is enthusiastic about watching your children, but there is a fine line between being excited and being off your rocker completely.

As long as you can avoid these 10 types of babysitters, your children should be in good hands. Sure, we all have issues. But when those issues put you on a Top 10 list, you probably need to get some help.

- Leena Kollar

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