A ‘Missing’ Toddler Drove Himself To The County Fair On A Toy Tractor

A very determined 2-year-old from Minnesota disappeared from his house only to be found at the local county fair. The kicker? He drove himself there on his battery-operated John Deere Tractor.

The Chisago County Sheriff's Office got a call one night last week about the missing boy, named Kenneth Allen. His parents, Kristopher and Lynn Allen noticed their little boy was missing...and so was his beloved green tractor. His mom immediately calledd 911 and the police responded quickly. Thankfully, they found the little guy and he wasn't in any danger. He just wasn't done having a good time at the fair.

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Kenneth Allen Via Kristopher and Lynn Allen

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Apparently, Kenneth lives less than a mile from the festivities and can see the rides from his house. He and his family watched the fair being set up for two weeks in advance so you can't blame him for his extra excitement. He was found in about 2-3 minutes time and was easy to spot thanks to his bright red hair.

He drove on sidewalk less than a mile away into a back entrance of the fair. He was found by the tilt-a-whirl, his favorite ride. When dad was reunited with his little runaway he removed the battery from the tractor to help prevent a repeat incident.

Poor Kenneth is grounded from his tractor for one week but his parents aren't mad. his dad told the local news, "Kids will be kids and things will happen; it is what it is. I’m not mad at him; next time, stay in the yard." The family also said that Kenneth has had the tractor for about 3 months but didn't like it at first. Now? They can't keep him off of it.

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It's definitely a different type of incident so the Chisago County Sherriff's Office had to share this story on their Facebook page. The story went viral with many praising little Kenneth's ingenuity and determination.

We are out at the Chisago County Fair all night and through the duration of the fair. Stop by our booth and say hello!...

Posted by Chisago County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, July 18, 2019

We're so glad Kenneth was found safe and all he wanted to do was have some fun. Hopefully, he learned his lesson to not give mom and dad a heart attack to go on a joyride to a carnival.

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