A "Parenting Coach" Is The Newest Way To Control Unruly Children

Many parents are now turning to parenting coaches to help them with their kids with behavioural problems. The trend was started by celebrities, and now coaches have become more accessible to those who are willing to pay for their services. It’s important to note that they aren’t trained psychologists, so they are not the solution to raising kids with learning disabilities or mental health issues.

We first started learning about parenting coaches when high-profile celebrities would hire them. Well-known coaches like Nanny Connie and Jo Frost began to gain more fame on social media, and many found an opportunity to start a coaching business of their own. Each coach has a different style, method of assessment, and prescriptions on how to deal with your kids.

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How it generally works is the coach drops by your house for an initial assessment. They will observe your family’s dynamic, the children’s general temperament, and the parenting methods currently used. Management of temper tantrums is one of the main reasons parents feel the need to hire a coach. Based on the information they gathered, the coaches will provide feedback and solutions to problems they see.

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Other than a step to correcting the children’s behaviour, parenting coaches also provide tips and plans on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle for the household. Some of the common behaviours that coaches aim to change are the reliance on a device for entertainment, discipline to do homework, eating habits, and willingness to exercise. They are also available to coach you through difficult times. Parenting can be made harder if you’re going through a divorce, someone in the family has become terminally ill, or there has been a death of a loved one.

For parents looking for a coach to help them with parenting a child with a learning disability or a mental health issue, parenting coaches are not the solution. They may be trained in personal performance coaching, tutoring, or teaching kids, but they do not have the educational background to deal with specific medical conditions. Psychotherapists are available to counsel you on how to raise your kids who have ADHD or anxiety, for example. Parenting is a lifelong sport, so it makes sense that some need a little coaching to keep them on track.

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