A Pregnant Eva Amurri Martino Spent Thanksgiving With Kyle Martino Despite Recent Split

A pregnant Eva Amurri Martino spent this past Thanksgiving with her husband, Kyle Martino, despite them recently announcing their break-up. The couple- who announced their split on Friday, November 15th, 2019 through identical messages on their respective Instagram accounts- spent the holiday together with their two children.

Eva, 34, took to Instagram to reveal how they spent Thanksgiving together and captioned one of the photos by describing the day as being the best for all five family members. She added that they decorated her tree and that her three-year-old son Major James, and her five-year-old daughter Marlowe Mae, selected which half of the decorating ornaments would go to the tree at their dad's place. The mom-to-be also posted another snap and quoted her daughter, who commented on having a great day with her dad.

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People reported that the actress also joked about her separation. The report reveals that she posted a picture with a quote about Kyle still torturing her. The pair separated on good terms and chose to remain as close friends.

The report also reveals that Kyle, 38, gave Eva a pretty friendship ring in October as a gift to commemorate the eighth year of their anniversary. She made a post on her Instagram wearing and appreciating the friendship ring. This clearly shows the amicable nature of their separation.

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Eva used the hashtag "#DoLoveYourWay" in her Thanksgiving post that echoed her current sentiments about her life. She previously opened up about the difficulty of their split on her Instagram Story by describing how painful the process can be for the soul. She also wrote that some moments were terrifying as she thought of being a newly single mom to three children.

Over the years, Eva was honest about the challenges about her marriage, and even wrote about some of the issues they dealt with on her Happily Eva After blog. She wrote this past September that one of the biggest problems in their marriage was their different opinions regarding gender roles when parenting. She explained in the post that her NBC Sports analyst husband helped with the kids at the bare minimum despite her working full-time.

Despite going through therapy and understanding that some differences came from their different backgrounds, the Martinos weren't able to save their marriage. Their situation shows the difficulty that can come from differences in traditions and beliefs. Nonetheless, it also shows how people can still be friends after a painful separation.

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