Abandoned 2-Year-Old Boy Diagnosed With Dwarfism Adopted By Parents With Same Condition

A two-year-old boy, Calvin, who suffers from dwarfism and was abandoned by his biological parents for his condition, is happily being adopted by another dwarf couple.

A mother and father discarded a newly born son just because he suffered dwarfism and asked the doctors to send the infant to an orphanage. The anonymous couple is from Yerevan in Armenia. The little boy named Calvin has been staying in the orphanage for two years, with almost a hundred children all aged under seven. The boy's life is now about to change when a couple suffering dwarfism from Colorado wishes to adopt a baby with the same condition. Their search ended on Calvin, and they are soon going to be a family.

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Brent and Kelsey Harris, from Aurora, have tried conceiving naturally but in vain, so they are considering adoption as an option. Brent told KDVR: “When you`re ready to be parents, you`re ready to be parents. Kelsey’s) body said it wasn’t right, but we knew adoption was right. (We wanted) to do something good for a kid who really needs (it).” Once they contacted an adoption agency specifying that they wanted to adopt a little person, they were immediately approved. Soon after, the couple flew to Armenia to meet Calvin.

The kids of the orphanage are being supervised by around six caregivers who work up to 48 hours a time for just $250 a month. The orphanage utilities and equipment are not in a very good condition and is almost broken or unsuitable for the kiddos in there. The spoons that are used to feed them are bigger than their tiny mouths. But, they try to take good care of the children, and they are even made to join school if not adopted by the age of seven. Speaking of their experience at home, Brent said, “The director said the swings and see-saws are actually critical for the orphanage because when a kid is growing up, their parents rock them.” And Kelsey added, “When they`re needing that comfort…and that comfort is not there."

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Calvin has never seen a world outside of the orphanage and has been there throughout the two years with his other friends. In fact, he never even had a visitor before the Harrises. The kid was scared when he first saw them, and the parents were busy gazing him, and they “looked at his hands and made sure there were 10 fingers and 10 toes” said Brent.

The couple is so much in love with the new addition to their family tree and has only flattering words to speak for the kid. The family is now preparing to welcome their son by gathering tons of toys and books, decorating his room with a big race car bed, and many more. The final journey of Calvin to his home will be shown on the “Little Miracle," and it would genuinely be very emotional and beautiful in every way.

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