Abu Dhabi Mother Heroically Saves Baby And Sister From A Home Fire

There isn't much a mother wouldn't do for her child if their life was at stake. According to Gulf Today, an Emirati mother from the Hili District of Al Ain, a city in Abu Dhabi which is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), rescued her newborn and sister when a fire started in the home she was residing in.

The official documents surrounding the fire reportedly explain that word of the fire reached the operations room, and not too long after, Civil Defence and police arrived on the scene. The trio was found on the house balcony after being stranded with the downstairs all ablaze.

Sources say it was because of the mother's calm and collected mind that she was able to get the baby and her sister to fresh air to avoid suffocating from the smoke. The rescue team quickly put out the fire and stopped it from spreading to the rest of the house. The mother, baby, and sister were taken to the nearest hospital and admitted.

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Although an investigation is still underway surrounding the cause of the fire, officials believe that it was due to an air-conditioner catching fire on the lower level of the house. Brigadier General Mohammed Mayouf Al Ketbi, who is the Director General of the General Directorate of Civil Defence in Abu Dhabi, wants to warn people worldwide about the dangers of equipment such as these if they are not properly checked and maintained.

Brigadier Mohammed Saeed Al Neyadi, who is the Director of Al Ain's Civil Defence Department, says that it's so important to check the electrical wires of any and all electrical equipment in your home to ensure their safety and stresses that smoke detectors can save your life and should be installed and checked regularly as well.

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Most importantly, in crisis situations, it's crucial to remain calm so you can think clearly and make the best decision on how to handle it. Thanks to this mother's bravery and relaxed mind, even while her house was nearly burning to the ground, she managed to save her baby and sister's lives, as well as her own.

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