A New Ace Fitbit Tracker For Kids

Fitbit is launching a new tracker just for kids.

Although Fitbit has been leaning into smartphone watches with their latest product Versa, the fitness line has always been missing a key demographic with their items. Kids ages 8 to 13 have not been a target audience of the company until now. The new tracker is aimed strictly at that age range, and is essentially a scaled down version of company’s entry-level Alta tracker.

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The Ace is a wearable wristband like almost all of their other trackers. Ace offers step counting, sleep tracking, and move reminders. It also includes a mute button, so reminders don’t go off while the kids are at school. The tracker is water resistant, which is great for the kid age range. Plus the battery will last up to five days, a bonus for kids who aren’t so good at remembering to charge their devices. Ace also comes with an adjustable wristband, so it can grow as the kids grow.

There is a big difference between the adult wearable trackers and those designated for the kids: software. Parental control will allow parents to add Ace to their family account, so they can monitor their children’s activity. It also allows parents to approve or deny the friends their kids interact with on the tracker. Parents can even limit what their kids see on the trackers in terms of information. Ace also displays phone call information if the child has a smartphone.

Fitbit is actually a little bit late to the kid’s fitness tracker game. There are a number of other companies, including Garmin, which have already launched the special trackers for kids. Again the only real difference is the software, meaning the company didn’t have much to do to generate the Ace for kids. Therefore it is slightly surprising this is the first wearable tracker they have geared toward the 8-13 year old demographic.

Those looking to get the Ace for their kids can pre-order it at Fitbit.com. They will be shipped to customers later this spring. It is $99, which is not too bad for a fitness tracker and definitely worth it to keep children walking, moving, and getting into shape.

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