Activists Fight For Miscarriage Education In Schools

Women in the UK are calling for what happens during a miscarriage and how to deal with them to be a part of sex education in schools.

When it comes to sex education at school, we all probably remember it as being a pretty awkward affair. The boys and girls being split and taught different things. Your geography teacher hating their life as they demonstrate how to put a condom using a banana. We remember those kinds of things, but did we really learn anything?

Nowadays, we often joke about the complex, seemingly useless things we were taught at school compared to the useful life skills that were never mentioned. We can do basic trigonometry should we ever be called upon to do it, but no one ever taught us to do an essential life skill like filing our taxes. Women in Scotland believe that lack of information extends to sex education.


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The Herald reports that Scottish women who have suffered miscarriages are urging the powers-that-be to include them in the sex education curriculum. The request has come after a woman in UK TV show Fleabag was shown suffering a miscarriage in a public bathroom and then proceeding to go on with the rest of her evening.

The portrayal of the miscarriage has been criticized for being an unrealistic misrepresentation of what happens when a woman miscarries. However, those who have sadly been through that experience point out that they can happen anywhere and at any time. While there is information out there so people can read up on the topic and potentially be prepared for it, it isn't the kind of info you go looking for until it is too late.

Miscarriage is viewed by many as a subject that should not be broached unless absolutely necessary. The Scottish women who have been through a miscarriage are looking to change that. They argue that if it is taught in schools, and it does happen to an educated child in later life, they will be better prepared to handle it and will understand what is happening to them as it happens, rather than panicking when it's all over.


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