Adam Levine Says He ‘Adores’ Being Stay-At-Home Dad To His Two Daughters

Adam Levine shares that he is loving being a stay-at-home dad with his two daughters.

Maroon 5 singer, Adam Levine shared that he is loving his new job. The singer used to be a judge on The Voice but decided to retire from his position and stay at home with his two daughters. He announced that he would be leaving The Voice in May. He shares that being a stay-at-home dad is amazing and he is loving his new role. On October 7 he was talking to Ellen Degeneres and shared that he is now at home with his daughters Dusty and Gio. He said that he stays at home and does very little and it is great.

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Adam Levine is married to Behati Prinsloo and together they have created such an adorable little family. Levine shares that he loves being at home and just hanging out with his two daughters. He never knew that he was going to love somebody as much as he loves them. He never knew it was possible to adore something as much as he adores those little humans. Levine and Behati got married in 2014. They welcomed their first daughter Dusty two years later and she is now three years old. Their second child, Gio, is now 19-months-old.

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He shares that Dusty is probably going to be a singer when she gets older. He said that she loves music and loves to sing. He doesn't know if Gio will really like to sing, but she could definitely be a manager. She loves to boss people around and Levine says she even critiques his singing and his voice. He said that he was singing for Gio and was playing his guitar. He felt like he was in an audition. She was just staring at him and then said, "put that down" and then she pushed down his guitar. Levine added, “It was the most humbling thing that has happened to me ever. I don’t know if I have the courage to confront her again and perform music in front of her. The other one likes it.”

Behati said that she was very excited when her husband decided to end his career on The Voice. At the time he was on tour but she said that she was excited for him to come home because it will be the first time ever that he has nothing to do. She was excited that he would just get time to spend with his family without any other obligations. He has certainly enjoyed being able to take a break and spend this time with his family.

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