Adidas Releases "Toy Story 4" Sneakers For Babies Ahead Of Movie Premiere

Adidas is releasing a line of Toy Story 4 sneakers for babies and kids and we absolutely must have a pair of each before the premiere.

One of the perks of having children is being able to go and see kids movies without feeling as if you're being judged by the parents around you. That is handier now than it has ever been before with the continuation of the Toy Story story. We were just kids ourselves when the first two installments of the franchise hit theaters. Now our own kids are preparing to see Toy Story 4.

The fourth chapter of one of Disney's most iconic movies hits theaters next week and we already can't wait. If you haven't booked tickets already then we'd suggest you do as this is going to be a biggy. We'd also recommend kitting your little one out in Toy Story apparel should they be so inclined, and we have the perfect footwear for such an occasion.

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via Adidas

Adidas has collaborated with Disney and created a line of pretty awesome Toy Story 4 sneakers for kids and yes, even babies too. They come in four designs: Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Bo Peep, and the newest member of the cast, Forky. Rather than the sneakers being covered with Toy Story prints, the designs are much more subtle.

via Adidas

As you can see from the snaps, the sneakers are made up of the color schemes associated with each of the four characters. The Buzz Lightyear ones are featured in the first pic, but our personal favorite is the Bo Peep pair above. Our babies will definitely be donning them for the movie, and we might even throw a bonnet on them to complete the look, even though Bo Peep herself has ditched the headwear for Toy Story 4.

You can check out the entire selection in all its glory at the Adidas website. The prices start at $65 and go all the way up to $160. For the quality of the sneaker and the subtlety of the design, we think that is a fair price to ask. We know that kids, especially babies, grow out of clothes quickly so an expenditure such as this might not seem worth it but nevertheless, our kids will be wearing Toy Story sneakers after they're released on June 21.


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