An Adoption Success Story In Austin, Texas

An adoptive mother is in tears as she finally takes her new baby home! Lauren Koller, of Austin, Texas, was full of emotions when she held her new son for the very first time, all while the boy’s biological mother was right there to wipe away the tears.

Koller and her husband Mel have dreamed of adopting a baby. The couple was approved as a “family in waiting” back in 2015, and it has been a long period of counting down the days until they could finally adopt a child of their own. "We waited, for two, long emotional years,” the couple told PEOPLE.

“It was very hard, and we were beginning to wonder if there was a light at the end of the tunnel,” Koller wrote in a post on Love What Matters. However, things starting looking up in April 2017, when the Kollers got a phone call from the adoption agency with news that a woman had been considering the couple to adopt her baby.

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After weeks of getting to know one another, the families both knew they had found their perfect match. On August 18, four short months later, “a beautiful baby boy came into the world and into our lives,” Koller shared. Weeks after the birth in September, the Kollers were able to finally welcome their baby boy home, officially making him their own.

Photos of the sweet moment depict the emotions the Kollers felt, all while the biological mother named Felicia, was sitting by Lauren's side wiping away her tears. This was particularly touching because Lauren and Felicia clearly have such a strong bond.

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"It was evident that they both cared deeply for this baby and wanted the best possible life for him,” the family told PEOPLE. We are more than ecstatic for this family to finally be complete.

Nothing can compete with the feeling of finally having a child of your own and sharing a moment with someone who was able to make that happen. We’re sending our best to the Koller family, and wish them nothing but the best throughout their journey as new parents.

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