Adorable Tot Rocks Out To 'Baby Shark' Leaving The Internet Collectively Saying "Aww!"

We apologize in advance for getting Baby Shark stuck in your head for the thousandth time, but its worth it to see this little one dance to it.

Let's get one thing out of the way before we get started. Having children is an amazing experience. We wouldn't change it for the world and our kids mean everything to us. Now that being said, on some levels, having children can also be incredibly annoying. Not the kids themselves per se, but having to endure the interests of those children is a lot to deal with, especially after a night of little to no sleep.

Whether it's Peppa Pig, the Gummy Bear Song, or being dragged to the cinema to see the latest Emoji Movie, all of us who have young kids know exactly how it feels. While we don't want to wish away those formative years, part of us yearns for the arrival of a time where we can have some shared interests with our offspring.


Nothing has made us long for those days more than Pinkfong's "Baby Shark". We truly believe we speak for literally millions of parents around the world when we say we hate you for unleashing this song on us, Pinkfong. We confidently say millions because, at the time of typing this, the Baby Shark video has broken the 2.4 billion views mark on YouTube. Yes, that is supposed to say billion.

As much as we hate to do this to you, and ourselves, we are going to inflict the incredibly catchy song on you one more time. Don't worry, we have a really good reason to do so. As showcased by Huffington Post, one little girl is clearly a bigger fan of "Baby Shark" than we are. That is demonstrated by some incredible dance moves by the baby who doesn't even look as if she has turned one yet.

You see? We told you it would be worth it. Yes, the song is now stuck in your heads for the next couple of days but if you can, just picture that baby and her adorable dance moves whenever it does start to play. After that, we sincerely hope that any children you do have are past the age that they find the song entertaining so that you never, ever have to hear it again.


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