The Top 10 Most Adorable Homemade Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a magical time of the year. There is just something in the are that makes October special as the leaves fall and the weather gets cooler. But Halloween also means trick or treating and costumes. Every parent knows that buying a costume in-store or online is expensive, so this year make your little one's own Halloween costume.

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Even though it can seem like a daunting task there are several customers that you can make with just a few items. So keep reading to discover ten adorable Halloween costumes that you can make even if you are not the best DIYer.

10 The Wild West

The wild west was a crazy time in American history, and the stories of cowboys still make kids excited. Dressing your little one up as a cowboy is a great way to make an adorable Halloween costume at home. 

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Cowboys are known for wearing jeans since they are always on a horse, plaid or neutral color shoots, cow boots, a bandana, and a cowboy hat. Many of these items you can find in your kid's closet and anything you're missing like a cowboy hat can be picked up at a dollar store!

9 Hoot Hoot

Animals are always a go-to choice for little kids' costumes. There is just something about seeing a little one dressed up as an animal that makes people's hearts melt. This sweet owl costume shows you that even on a budget you can have a great Halloween costume. Have your little one were a hat with the animal have on it and then all you need to do is find matching colors that would go with those animals. But make sure you add feathers, a tail, or draw in some scales depending on the animal!

8 The Life Of The Party

What is a kid’s birthday party without a pinata for kids to break? So let your child be the life of Halloween and make your little one a pinata costume. This costume is great since all you have to do is add fringe over a sweatshirt and pants. 

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Though it might take a bundle of felt and some time this costume will be the talk of the town. Don't worry if you are not good at sewing, you can use fabric glue to get all of the fringes on the outfit.

7 A Halloween Staple

There are a few things that will instantly come to a person's mind when they think of Halloween: orange, trick or treating, scary movies, and a jack-o-lantern. Make your little one a simple jack-o-lantern costume by designing a face and cutting it out on felt pieces before adding them to an orange shirt. Or if you want to take this homemade costume to the next level, cut out the face on the orange shirt, have your little one wear a black shirt under that then and glow sticks to make a cool glowing effect!

6 Girls Rule

Who doesn’t love superheroes? There are so many movies, T.V shows, books, and toys out of superheroes for your kids to love so of course, they want o to be a superhero for Halloween. But we both know that buying a new customer is going to be expensive. Instead, make your own version of it. Get the superhero your kids want to be as symbols as a t-shirt or tank top. Then you can make a tutu to go with it. Then the only thing left for you to get is going to be the mask if that superhero has one.

5 It's A Me

Two of the most classic video game characters are Mario and Luigi and these two brothers are a perfect idea to use for a Halloween costume. Mario and Luigi were very basic outfits that you might already have on hand or will not cost you a lot of money to make. Starting with the basic t-shirts you need a red and a green one, a pair of overalls, and matching hats. Now all you have to do is add Mario’s and Luigi's first initials to the hats and sew on some buttons felt buttons. Show the world who much your boys love each other and get them a homemade group costume.

4 Keeper of The Garden

Babies tend to be the perfect size to make an adorable garden gnome. Garden gnomes are also an easy and affordable Halloween costume you can make on your own. The basic of the outfit you probably have already since they were blue tops and brown bottoms. 

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What you need to do is make the long pointy hat, a felt white beard, and then add some large buttons or a belt to pull the outfit together. Have your baby be the cutest gnome in any garden with a homemade outfit like this.

3 Flintstones, Meet The Flintstones

Everyone knows the greatest family in history is the Flintstones! The Flintstones is a classic cartoon that is loved by multiple generations. The best part about the Flintstones is how easy it is to make their costumes. For the characters, all you need is an oversized t-shirt and you can make either Fred or Pebbles Flintstones. But don’t forget to add the black marks on the shirt before you go out trick or treating. So let your kids be the cutest cave people and remind everyone of this classic cartoon.

2 Sweet Treats

Although Halloween is supposed to be all about candy and junk food let your little one show just how sweet they are and dress them up as fruit! These types of customs are easy for any mom who is not good at DIYs. All you need for these is the color onesie of the fruit they are going to be, a marker to make the lines and some felt to cut out into the top of the fruit. These Halloween costumes are great since they can be made in minutes, yet everyone will still love this outfit!

1 Minions

The minions are the biggest hit to come out of a movie in a long time. There is just something about these little, yellow creatures that both kids and parents love. So let your child dress up as a minion for Halloween this year! Getting the minion costume together is easy too! You need jean overalls, a yellow shirt, a yellow hat, and some markers. On the overalls you are going to want to draw the icon Gru symbol on it and then for the hat draw one or two eyes. And just like that this costume is complete!

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