10 Adorable Gender Neutral Baby Gifts

A friend or family member is expecting a little bundle of joy in the upcoming weeks, and you are attending her baby shower. You want to buy the perfect gift that is cute yet functional, but one problem... the parents-to-be are waiting to find out the gender once the baby is born. So buying something gender specific, pink or blue, is not an option. Who knew buying a baby gift could be so stressful!

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Instead of getting lost in the possibilities at your local Babies'R'Us, rest assured, the following are 10 Adorable Gender Neutral Baby Gifts that the mom-to-be will love!

10 Baby Wearing

Many cultures, including the Aymara people who are the oldest surviving ethnic groups of the High Andes, have carried their babies in brightly woven alpaca-fiber mantas for thousands of years.

Baby-wearing not only strengthens the bond between parent and baby but allows the parent to be hands-free (which is great for mommas with more than one child) while still being close to the newborn. Wearing a baby is also great for the mother's breast milk production and perfect for her to discretely nurse on the go! There are many scientific studies that show that baby-wearing is great for the munchkin's physical and emotional development; plus promotes neural and gastrointestinal health. Baby-wearing also develops early language development because it puts the baby at the conversational height of the parent, where the babe can watch the mom's mouth while she speaks yet still be soothed by her voice.

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However, there are many varieties of baby slings and harnesses you can buy nowadays that are much cuter and functional than what the Aymara people use! From conventional color tones to brightly colored patterns, you'll be sure to find something she loves!

9 Stuffies!

Regardless of what you call them; stuffed animals, teddy bears, or stuffies – they are always a fun and adorable gift to receive when you're expecting a little one. Stuffies are more functional than what most give them credit for! Not only do they help to bring comfort to a child, but stuffies also encourage social and play skills in children as they age. Smaller stuffies are great to use for fine motor skills in babies, for him to learn how to grasp and hold onto items that are soft and fluffy.

The possibilities are endless to the kind of stuffies you can buy! Big or small, furry or smooth, themed or generic. Who knows! Maybe the stuffie you will gift to the baby will end up being his sentimental security object. How cute would that be?

8 Chairs or Swings

Chairs or swings are generally a staple on a baby registry list. Despite this helping to bring down the options, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on the Cadillac version of a chair. Ranging from swings, lounge seats, and bumbo chairs, it doesn't hurt having more than one!

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Even though baby swings and chairs aren't meant to act as “baby sitters”, they are useful to have as a safe spot to put down a young baby. Since little babies have very little neck strength, a chair or swing lets them sit up at a slightly angled level, able to keep an eye on whatever mom is doing or watching the world around them. Some lounge chairs and swings even have vibration settings, which is great to use for a gassy newborn.

7 Teething Toys

In light of all babies being drooly teethers, buying teething toys are always a favorable gift. Since babies are notorious for putting objects in their mouths, the more teething toys the better! Teething toys are available in many different colors, textures, and themes which make things easier when you are trying to gift more gender neutral. You can also consider buying a teething toy that can be refrigerated, which is great for alleviating pain and inflammation for those swollen red gums!

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Not only are teething toys great for chewing on, but they help develop cognitive and motor skills. A baby must see the toy, try to grab it, and then move it to his mouth. The success of the babe grabbing the toy and moving it to his mouth is a sign of developing hand dexterity.

6 Baby's first-year Milestones Blanket and Cards

Which mom doesn't love mementos, especially in the first year of her baby's life. Baby's first-year milestone blanket and cards have exploded in popularity in the previous years. This great keepsake item allows a parent to keep track of her baby's monthly age while sharing with friends and family through pictures, how rapidly the infant is growing and boasting how quickly milestones are reached.

The milestones blankets and cards range in price and diversity. Perfect as a gift for a gender neutral baby shower; one can choose a set that is popular or custom, or perhaps matching a theme that you know the parents have chosen for their nursery. Plus, who doesn't love seeing a cute baby on their social media news-feed gnawing on those monthly number cards.

5 Push, Pull, and Ride-on Toys

Another adorable gender neutral baby gift idea is buying a push/pull/ride-on toy. Babies and Toddlers LOVE these toys and are perfect for flourishing gross motor skills. Babies who are learning how to stand or walk on their own can use these toys to learn how to build strength, balance, coordination, and confidence.

The beauty of these toys is that they usually have other toys built right in, which helps stimulate play and encourage imagination. With the various mixtures of toys you can buy; these are perfect to have at any age, for both indoor and outdoor use.

4 Hand-made clothing, blankets, and booties

There is something absolutely priceless about receiving a gift that someone spent hours creating specifically for a mother-to-be's bundle of joy. Knitted, crocheted, or sewn gifts are the best mix of functionality and sentimentality. Bonus, many items that are hand-made are generally very warm and soft which is perfect whilst bundling up a baby for going outside in cold weather.

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Regardless if you know how to make these items, many farmer's markets or craft events, have them available. You can opt for something that is animal themed (because those are ALWAYS so darn cute) or you can go with coloured clothing that is gender neutral such as yellow, green, orange, white, or brown. The best reason for gifting something that was hand-made is that they are custom and unique... something that someone else won't bring to the baby shower.

3 Bath Sets

Looking for a gender-neutral item that will be useful for the parents daily, but won't cost an arm and a leg to buy? As a parent of a baby or toddler, you can never have too many bath items! Due to a baby's sensitive skin, they'll need hygiene products that are not filled with strong perfumes or parabens. You can buy them as sets or individually, but some of these items include; baby shampoo and conditioner, baby soap, baby lotion, baby powder, brush, baby nail clippers, and so on!

You can also get creative and purchase a baby tub and fill it up with the essentials, along with a few rubber duckies and some cute baby towels and washcloths. Luckily, they offer towels with cute animal faces and many different colors, which is perfect while not knowing what the gender of the baby will be.

2 Outdoor Baby Tents

Although this adorable gender neutral item isn't a baby essential, they are fantastic for expecting couples that live a busy or outdoor enthusiast lifestyle. Not only are these tents compact and easy to set up, but it's also a great place to put a newborn or toddler that is safe and comfy while you are out of the house.

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While the baby is napping or playing, some tents provide UV Protection from the sun and have screens to keep those pesky insects out. With these tents gaining in popularity, they are available in different price ranges, themes and colors... and most of them include toys that are connected to the tent, so mom's don't have to worry about dirty teethers that may or may have been thrown out of the tent.

1 Books, books, and more books!

In this day and age, we all know the importance of reading to our children! However, some may be unaware that reading to children right from baby age is important for developing early receptive and expressive speech and language skills. Studies also show that children who are read to from an earlier age are more likely to be early readers. Reading to your babe from a young age gives a mom an opportunity to snuggle up to her babe for bonding, plus a much-needed excuse to relax!

Books are great because most are non-gender specific, and come in soft and hardcovers. From sensory touch and feel, to silly Mo Williams, or clever rhyming Dr. Seuss' books, you'll be sure to find the perfect book to gift. Plus, if you want to personalize, you can always write a cute message to the baby on the inside cover of the book.

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