10 Adorable Pics Of Hazel Krasinski And Her Parents

Hazel Krasinski—who is now 5-years-old—is the beautiful daughter of actress Emily Blunt and actor John Krasinski. She is a sweet little girl who was blessed with wonderful parents who love her to the moon and back. Growing up in the limelight can be challenging at times, but Hazel takes on the paparazzi like a pro and always looks completely charming in the process. If you would like to see some adorable pics of the wonderful little girl, Hazel Krasinski, with her parents you are in the right place! Continue reading below to see these amazing family moments.

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10 Hair Cut Time And Balloons

Little Hazel is seen here with her mom, Emily Blunt, gently touching the back of her head. Hazel appears to possibly be trying to say something, or almost like she is in midsentence or mid-word. We can only guess what she is trying to say, but she appears to be happy holding her little yellow balloon. According to Growingyourbaby.com, this duo is on their way to a salon for this adorable baby girl to get a haircut. Hazel looks so cute in her gray top and blue skirt.

9 Smiling John Holding His Baby Girl Hazel

Dad, The Office star John Krasinski, is seen here walking on a sidewalk while holding his little baby girl, Hazel, in his arms. He looks incredibly happy to be spending time with his little one. When you’re as little as Hazel, walking is an option and so overrated, so it’s best to get Dad to carry you from place to place. Parenthood can have some many cherish-able moments, and this happens to be one of them.You can tell that Krasinski is taking in every moment that he can with his daughter.

8 Family Outings Are Always A Great Time

This paparazzi photo shows adorable Hazel with her mom, Emily Blunt, and Dad, John Krasinski, on a family outing to a farmer’s market in Studio City in Los Angeles, California, according to Zimbio.com. This snap was taken on May 22, 2016. Krasinski is shown here holding little Hazel in his strong arms. Blunt is holding her camera. Perhaps she is trying to capture some of her own family moments. This gorgeous family almost looks like tourists. Krasinski is lovingly looking at his baby girl.

7 Beautiful Picture Of Emily And Hazel

This is such an adorable picture of mom, Emily Blunt, and her precious little girl, Hazel. According to Dailymail.co.uk, Blunt brought her daughter to work with her and this duo is on the set of Blunt’s movie The Girl On The Train. This has to be an amazing experience for little Hazel. She’ll probably grow up to love being on movie sets. It’s something that not every kid gets to experience. This photo was taken in November 2015 in New York.

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6 Shopping In West Hollywood

Hazel is just an adorable little baby girl in this picture. Hazel spent the day shopping at Fred Segal with her mom, according to Zimbio.com, and the two were out Christmas shopping for all kind of goodies. This snapshot was taken on December 16, 2014. The guy on the left side of the picture is an employee at Fred Segal and has been given the awesome job of carrying Blunts’ bags to her car for her while she holds her beloved daughter. Hazel is curious as to way someone is holding her items and is seen looking over to the employee.

5 Emily And 2-Year-Old Hazel

Little, adorable Hazel is two-years-old in this picture. She is seen walking with her mom, Emily Blunt, and holding her hand. This picture was taken on July 19, 2016, according to Celebbabylaundry.com. Hazel looks like she is deeply lost in thought as she is walking next to her mom. Blunt looks like she may be annoyed with the paparazzi who took this snapshot of the mother-daughter team. Hazel looks so cute in her pink and white striped dress with the gray at the bottom.

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4 Adorable Family Time

What family doesn’t like to spend time outside on a nice day? The Krasinski/Blunt family is no exception to spending their days out in the sun. Hazel is seen playing outside with her little sister, Violet, as Mom and Dad relax at a picnic table. Hazel is an independent little girl as she crouches down towards the ground to play while little Violet is holding Mom’s hand to keep balance. The best part of this family photo is how Krasinski is looking at his wife Blunt as she looks off into the distance, proving that they are one adorable family.

3 Paparazzi Airport Snapshot

This paparazzi snapshot shows the Krasinski/Blunt family at the JFK Airport in New York. It was taken on April 8, 2018. Here, you are able to get a side glimpse of the couple’s other daughter, Violet. You can see Krasinski holding Violet’s big sister, Hazel, while he looks straight at the camera. He doesn’t look all that happy to be having his family’s picture taken. Mama Blunt is also looking directly at the camera and she is holding baby violet in a baby carrier.

2 Shopping At Toys R’ Us

The best place for any kid is at a toy store, and we are not talking some small mom and pop shop toy store, we mean Toys R’ Us. Krasinski is seen looking casual on a day out with his little bundle of joy. There Hazel is being carried by her Dad as he has his arm wrapped around her bottom for support. The adorable Hazel looks like any child that has to leave a toy store and that has a look of disappointment as she leaves behind all the toys.

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1 What A Gorgeous Family

A family outing for the Krasinski/Blunt family is bound to cause people to stop and stare. This gorgeous family was out one sunny day with both little girls. Hazel is seen walking just in front of Mom as she holds onto a stuff animal seal. Her little sister, on the other hand, is being carried by Dad as he holds her close to his chest with one hand. Krasinski and Blunt are both wearing sunglasses to ward off paparazzi, but no wonder people can’t get enough of this family with photos like these!

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