10 Adorable Hugh Jackman Dad Moments

Hugh Jackman is an Australian icon that is known worldwide for his film work in movies such as X-Men, Les Misérables, and The Greatest Showman. This Academy Awards Nominee is not just a talented actor, he is also an amazing husband and father. Jackman is married to fellow Australian actress Deborra-Lee Furness, and they have adopted two beautiful children together.

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After Deborra-Lee suffered from two losses of pregnancy, both Jackman and Furness were heartbroken, but they knew they still were going to be parents some way. The couple adopted their son, Oscar, and their daughter, Ava, to grow their family. The Jackman/Furness family seems like a happy loving family from all of their pictures. Here we have gathered up the best 10 pictures of Jackman and his family.

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10 Family In Paris

While vacationing all over France, the Jackman/Furness family was seen walking around the streets of Paris. This windy day couldn’t stop their good time, as daughter Ava grabs onto her hat making sure it doesn’t fly off her head while still holding mom's hand. Jackman was responsible for carrying the family’s bag during that trips is also holding his sons, Oscar’s, hand too. We know Jackman works hard, so we are happy to see him take a break to spend some time with his family before he starts filming again.

9 Water Fun

Jackman is known for his hard work, but just as hard as he works on set and promoting his movies, he will always make sure to take time for his family. While spending time with his family in Australia, Jackman decided to have some fun with Oscar in the water. The over six-foot tall actor took Oscar by the arm into the water. Oscar, who is on his back in the water, is smiling while dad gets his hands dirty to play. It’s moments like these that Oscar will look back at and remember with great fondness.

8 Ready For Bed

After a long day out playing in Australia, not everyone in the Jackman/Furness family had enough energy left to walk back to the car. This Tony-winning actor showed off his great physical skills be carrying his young, sleepy daughter, Ava. While parents, Jackman and Furness, walked ahead talking about their amazing day with their family, their son, Oscar, strays behind them at his own pace. It must have been quite a busy, adventurous day because Oscar seems a bit tired too!

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7 Family Scooter Time

The Jackman/Furness family knows how to have a good time. It doesn’t matter if they are on vacation or doing things in their everyday life, they want to make memories with the children. Seen in New York City is The Greatest Showman actor, his beautiful wife, Furness, and their adorable little girl, Ava, are all riding scooters on the way to drop Ava off at school. Ava is between her two parents as they cross the busy stress of New York, with her pink backpack on the steering wheel of her scooter. And how could we not mention the start of the picture- their French Bulldog, Dali!

6 Shopping With Dad

What young girl doesn’t love shopping? Here is the adorable father-daughter duo of Jackman and Ava walking the streets in sunny Californa together. Ava is carrying a reusable shopping bag for her trip out with dad. Jackman, who has grown a full beard, is walking their sweet little dog and enjoying one-on-one time with his girl. This bonding experience between Ava and her dad shows that no matter which tough of a character he has to play in the movies, he will always have a soft spot for his family.

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5 Walk Of Family

In 2012, Jackman's outstanding career for all of his hard work finally got recognized, and he received a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. For the event, Jackman’s whole family showed up to support him and this huge achievement. His gorgeous wife, Furness, was there with their two children, Oscar and Ava. Oscar does not seem to be one for the spotlight as he looks off into the distance for the Walk of Fame photo. But Ava seems to be so impressed with her dad that she can not stop looking at his star. Seeing the Jackman/Furness family together for this event shows how much they love and support each other.

4 I’ll Carry You

This adorable photo that paparazzi took of Jackman and his precious little girl, Ava, is one to make your heart melt. Seen bent forward this his hands on his knees for support is the X-Men star with is beautiful daughter on his back. Ava is holding on to her Dad with her hands locked in front of him, while the overlook his son, Oscar, playing. This sweet moment between the father-daughter duo shows that he may play a rude superhero, but he is a loving super Dad and that is what is important.

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3 Father-Son Game

We love seeing celebrities with their family out in public, but this picture snapped by paparazzi is one of the best celebrity pictures with a child to date. Jackman is seen playing football with his son, Oscar. And since his dad is not only tall and buff but is also known for playing superheroes you think he would go easy on his boy. This is not the case in the Jackman family. Here you see the Les Misérables actor completely holding Oscar off the ground in the middle of their game. Oscar loves it though as he has a gigantic smile on his face while playing with his Dad.

2 Mickey Mouse In The House

Back in 2009, during the height of his X-Men career, Jackman took a much-needed family vacation to Disneyland. Furness is not just holding her little girl, Ava, but also the iconic Mickey Ears souvenir that you have to get at the parks. The look on Ava’s face says it all as she smiles and looks past her Mom with her eyes fixated on Mickey. Jackman is not sharing away from Mikey either as we warp one arm around Mickey and the other around his son, Oscar. But we agree with Oscar and his look towards Mickey, we would much rather have gone to Disney World, not Disneyland, too.

1 Sweet Treats

Summer in Australia is hot and can feel unbearable at times. Luckily the Wolverine star knows the perfect solutions to those hot days, and that involves popsicles. Seen sitting on a bench is Jackman with his two kids, Oscar and Ava, who are in the middle of enjoying a nice cool treat. Jackman is looking over at his kids while Oscar is telling a story. Meanwhile, Ava is staring off into the distance as she works on her popsicle. Seeing Jackman and his kids like this makes us realize that he will always take a break for his kids.

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