10 Adorable Nicknames To Match Your Kid's Personality

By the time your little one is born, you may already have a multitude of nicknames for them, based on what happened during your pregnancy. Maybe you refer to them as Peanut or Blueberry, if you happened to use one of those adorable pregnancy apps that tracks your babies size based on fruits and vegetables.

Once your baby arrives, however, and starts to develop and exhibit their own unique personality, you may start to come up with other nicknames based on that little personality of theirs. Here are 10 adorable nicknames that you might choose to use, based on your child's personality.

10 Dynamo

Is your child a carpé diem kind of kid, who seizes opportunities and fearlessly charges into new situations? Do they walk into a room and immediately size it up and take charge? Are they the leader of their little friend group at play dates?

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Dynamo might be a good nickname for your little one if they tend to exhibit these types of personality traits. Dynamo is a nickname that signifies strength, energy, and confidence. It is a take charge and seize the day kind of nickname, perfect for your little firecracker!

9 Giggles

Does your child have an adorable little giggle that makes you smile whenever you hear it? Does she bubble with positive energy and a cheerfulness that lights up a room? If you have a child with a sunny disposition, who loves to giggle, and finds humour in many things, you might want to use the nickname Giggles for them!

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Giggles is a sweet nickname for those children who seem to be fuelled by sunshine, and who have an inherent ability to find humor in their lives. They love to socialize and meet new people, they don't tend to be shy, and they giggle at any opportunity. Their infectious giggle makes others smile, and their positive energy is contagious to be around.

8 Mr. Man

Mr. Man is your little guy who is a non-nonsense, man-in-charge type of kid, who likes to know what's going on at all times, and lets you know how he's feeling about things. He likes to be in control, and if he's a toddler, it's crucial that you give him choices rather than telling him what to do.

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Mr. Man is your little Mini Man in charge, and he has no trouble asserting that around the house! He keeps the other kids in line and lets them know what they need to be doing, and he keeps his parents organized and on-task! Mr. Man is your little dude who takes care of you, loves you to pieces, and makes sure his little home is running smoothly.

7 Punky

Do you have a free spirited, fiery little one who faces their fears and stands strong? Does she challenge perspective with her little hands on her hips and a twinkle in her eye? If so, you may choose to use the nickname Punky for this spunky kid!

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The nickname Punky would be suitable for a child who exhibits confidence and fearlessness, and who isn't afraid to challenge other people's opinions or assert her own opinion. She is full of energy and a curiosity that keeps her wondering about the world around her. She is a go-getter who loves a new challenge and thrives on the excitement of learning new things.

6 Slugger

Does your child love sports? Is he athletically-inclined, always reaching for a ball to play with? Is he your little mascot, sitting beside you and cheering as your favourite sports team plays an important game? He may be involved in sports from a young age, and so the nickname Slugger would be a good one for him!

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Slugger is a great nickname, especially if your child is interested in baseball, however it has become a popular nickname for any child that is into sports of all kinds. Champ is another sporty nickname that parents sometimes use for their kids that love sports. So, the next time your baby is reaching for that little ball, you can say, "Way to go, Slugger!"

5 Tink

Do you have a little one who is just so magically adorable that you can almost envision her little fairy wings? Does she love all the mystery and magic of fairies and pixies? If so, Tink might be a cute nickname to use to call to your little one.

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Tink is the nickname for Tinker Bell, the infamous fairy from the movie Peter Pan, and one of Disney's most beloved characters. Tink is a fiery little fairy who, although small in stature, has huge courage and an even bigger heart. Your little fairy may exhibit these same traits, and so Tink might be a perfect nickname for them!

4 Snugabug

Snugabug is a lovely little nickname for your child, especially if they love to cuddle and snuggle with you. Most children love to cuddle, either people or pets, so Snugabug can be a very sweet nickname to use to emphasize this loving quality.

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If your child loves to cuddle up with you, is always ready for a hug, and thrives on physical contact, you might choose this nickname for them. Do they have a kind heart, always looking to take care of others, and always making sure the people and animals they love are well cared for? Then they are a true, legitimate Snugabug!

3 Grumpy Pants

Oh, I'm sure we've all used this nickname at one time or another to refer to our children. This one's meaning is fairly self-explanatory, and we often use it when our little ones are struggling to find their happy, and are feeling tired or just plain grumpy.

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When little ones get into their moods, depending on the severity of the "grumpies", it can sometimes be rather humorous, and it's hard to not refer to them as Grumpy Pants while they work through their little moods. So, the next time your little one is in a funk, perhaps calling them Gumpy Pants and making a little joke of it will be enough to snap them out of their grumpy mood. Or perhaps not...

2 Honey Bunny

Do you have one of those inherently sweet little kids, who just has such a kind little heart and a wonderfully snuggly personality? They might be your little Honey Bunny then, full of love and sunshine for everyone they care about.

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Perhaps they are an older sibling who loves and cares for their younger sibling in such a kind and thoughtful way. Perhaps they are a younger sibling who is so fiercely protective of their older sibling, watching out for them, and charging toward them for a hug at any opportunity. Whatever your little sweetie may be like, Honey Bunny might just be the nickname that best suits their personality.

1 Sassafras

Does your little one regularly stand with her hands on her hips, a tilt of her head, and an expression that reads "3 going on 13"? Does she march up to grown ups to demand a question (not ask, demand)? Does she assert herself wherever she goes, and stand up for herself whenever she is being wronged?

Then, Sassafras might be a great nickname for your sassy, feisty little one. Sassafras is a fun little nickname that plays on the word sassy, which can be a cute way to sum up your little one's personality. So, if your child is one with fire in their hearts and a perfected teenage eye roll, Sassafras might just be the nickname you're looking for!

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