10 Adorable Photos Of Paul Rudd Being A Cool Dad

Paul Rudd might be a popular actor, who's appeared in cult classics like Friends, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and Ant Man, but he's also a devoted husband and father-of-two. Even though Paul keeps much of his family life private, he has given the public a little insight into his approach to fatherhood.

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What we've gathered is that Paul seems to take a non-traditional approach to fatherhood. He doesn't really do things by the book. Instead he does thinks that feel right for his family. Some might even say that he qualifies as a cool dad. Still not convinced? Here are 10 adorable photos and anecdotes of Paul Rudd being the coolest dad around.

10 He Lets His Son Make Fun Of Him

To us, Paul Rudd is a movie star, but to his son, Jack, he's not all that cool. This is a point that Jack had no problem sharing with his dear old dad back in 2015. During an interview with ET, Paul said that his son responded to the news he'd be playing And Man with, "Wow I can't wait to see how stupid that'll be."

Most parents would have probably chastised their kid, but Paul just laughed things off. Considering Paul could have allowed his ego to get the best of him, it's super cool that he let his son's slight slide. At least that time.

9 He Rode The Carousel With His Daughter

There's nothing more special than the bond between a father and a daughter. Unfortunately, traditional gender roles can sometimes make bonding difficult, given the "acceptable" interests society has afforded men and women. Thankfully, Paul Rudd doesn't subscribe to any of that nonsense.

Even though some fathers wouldn't dare step foot on a carousel with their daughter, Paul knows that there's nothing more manly than making your daughter happy. And he did just that in 2015 when he and his daughter spent the the day at King Author Carousel.

8 He Took His Son To A Knicks Game

The bond between a father and his son is also super important. Thankfully, Paul Rudd knows how to devote time to each of his children. His daughter, Darcy might get play dates to carousel rides, but sports are more his son's speed.

Over the years, Paul and his son Jack have been photographed seated front row at several NBA games. As if that isn't cool enough, Paul also frequently sits next to other high-profile stars, so Jack gets to experience a double dose of the good life

7 He Keeps All Of His Daughters' Drawings Of Ant Man

Not even Paul Rudd gets to escape the endless supply of poorly drawn pictures that kids are known for creating. In fact, Paul has to deal with the added task of getting pictures, based on one of his most popular roles: Ant Man.

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That's right, Paul's daughter loves Ant Man so much that she's constantly drawing him photos of him. And while that's definitely cute, the fact that Paul has admitted to keeping all of them is even cooler. Because, come on, most parents would have totally thrown most of them in the trash.

6 He Took His Son To The Ant Man Premiere

Paul Rudd's son, Jack might not have initially been impressed by the fact that his father would be playing Ant Man, but he eventually came around.

One thing that might have helped was Paul allowing Jack to walk the red carpet at the premiere of the film, an experience that he said "moved him. "[Ant Man] is the first mine that he’s seen and it makes me proud and nervous at the same time," he told The Guardian. "I took him to the premiere ― he’d never been to a premiere, and that was a very moving experience for me. The best thing about anything is sharing it with your kid."

5 He Proved That (Movie) Dads Are Fallible Too

Okay, so technically this wasn't Paul Rudd. It was Pete, the character he played in This Is 40, a sequel to this uber-popular film, Knocked Up. However, it was too funny not to include.

In This Is 40, Paul Rudd's character, Pete has a dizzying addiction to cupcakes, even though diet restricts him from eating them. As a father, you would expect Pete to have maintained his self control. But there's one scene where he's unable to practice self-restraint and gives in to his urges. Even though many of us see our fathers as superheroes, who can do no wrong, they can and do fail sometimes. It was nice for such a humorous moment to bring that point home.

4 He Was The Weird Al To His Daughter's Ant Girl

Paul Rudd might play Ant Man in the Marvel films, but in real life, he has other interests, too. Like dressing up as Weird Al for Halloween. Even though Paul Rudd dressed up as Weird All in 2018, the photos recently went viral this year, for some reason.

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And while they're a site to marvel all on their own, it's Paul's daughter, Darby, who really brings the photo home. As you can see, she's dressed as Ant Girl, which means that Paul missed out on the perfect opportunity to be the Ant Man to his daughter's Ant Girl. For some reason, this seems like a totally reasonable Paul Rudd thing to do.

3  He Carried His Daughter On His Shoulders

Paul Rudd isn't photographed out much with his family, but now and again the public gets a little peek into his life. It's obvious that, just like with Paul's son, he has a close relationship with his daughter.

Take the photo above, for instance, where Paul is carrying her on his shoulders. She could have been tired or just wanted to be tall like her father. And while we're sure his daughter was too young to appreciate at the time, one day she'll look back over the sweet moment and realize how much her dad loved her. And that's pretty cool.

2 He Attended A Brockhampton Concert With His Son

Really, is there anything cooler than letting your son tag along to a Brockhampton concert? Short answer: not really. Well, that's exactly what Paul Rudd did in the fall of 2018.

Users on Twitter went absolutely wild when a concertgoer noticed Paul Rudd jamming out to the band with his son, seemingly in his own world. Later, Paul took his son backstage to meet the group and pose for a photo, so we're sure his son nominated him for a father of the year award that year.

1 He Got A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

There's more to being a cool dad than just indulging your kids in their every want and dream. It's also important to show them the payoff of hard work.

In 2015, Paul Rudd received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and he, of course, brought his wife and kids along to the ceremony. Because of this, they were able to witness their father being honored for his many achievements in Hollywood.

What could possibly be cooler than that?


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