10 Adorable Ways To Prepare For Baby's First Halloween

Celebrating your baby’s first Halloween is exciting. There is just a special magic about this holiday that people love at any age, from people dressed up in customers to orange and black decorating each town Halloween is a very unique holiday.

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Though celebrities your baby’s first Halloween might be more for you these are memories that you and your partner will cherish forever and will look back at with your child when they get older. So start creating a new tradition when it comes to Halloween and keeps reading to see ten adorable ways to prepare your baby for their first Halloween.

10 Get Some Halloween Books

One of the best ways to get your child ready for anything is to read them a book about them. There are thousands of Halloween books out there for you to read to your little one so they will not be afraid of the celebration, but instead, they will be excited.

There are books out there talking about trick or treating, picking out customers, and not being afraid of the “monsters” they see that night. Head to your local library to check out some books on Halloween to read to your baby.

9 Make Some Crafts

Some of the best ways to create memories and have something you can show your child when they get older is to make some crafts with them to celebrate Halloween. Though your child is still too young to be able to do any crafts without your help there are many things you can do with just dipping their feet and hands in paint then put them onto a canvas.

Pinterest is a great place to look for cute and fun designs that you can do to create some holiday spirit. If you are feeling, even more, adventurous in your arts and crafts then you can dip your baby’s butt in paint and make a pumpkin on paper with it.

8 Have A Back-Up Costume

If you are the type of person who has a lot of friends with children then you are going to want to get a backup Halloween costume for your child. Babies are messy and when you are trying to keep them clean they seem to get even messier.

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You want to be prepared no matter what happens. Wither your child throws up on their costume or tears it before Halloween at another party you don't want to be stressing out days before the big trick or treating event on the big day.

7 Attend A Costume Parade

Halloween is a time of year when people can show off their skills when it comes to creating costumes. That is why costume parades are very popular during the month of October. Bringing your little one to one of these events can be something that they will love.

They will sit there in awe as they see lifesize characters of their favorite shows and movies come to life right in front of them. The people in the customers are so nice and do not mind if your little one ends up going over to them after the parade for a picture.

6 Go To A Fall Fair

Since fall and Halloween are intertwined together, a great way to have some fun with your child is to take them to a fall fair. Fall fairs are wonderful since the weather is cooler meaning your child can last out in the song longer.

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These fairs are known for fun like corn mazes, petting zoos, and music all perfect for your baby to enjoy. IT’s taking the time out to spend with your child during this time of their lives will be something that will give your memories to look back on.

5 Host A Halloween Party

With your baby’s first Halloween being more for parents why not invite over all of your mom friends and kids for a kid-friendly Halloween party? This a great way for you to show off how cute you little on is in their customers and get some great group photos of their friends too.

This party can feature fun crafts and food that your little one can actually enjoy and since you are the hostess you’ll know what is age-appropriate or not. Send out the invites now so you can host your very own kid Halloween party.

4 Invite The Grandparents Over For Trick Or Treating

No matter what holiday it is if you can make sure you invite the grandparents over so they can have some fun with you and your baby. Once they arrive to make sure you capture the moment and take photos that will be on their fridges for years to come.

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Since going trick or treating is a must-do for any Halloween having helping hands and more watching eyes can help you when you are out with your baby. Let your parents and in-laws have some fun too when you invite them over on Halloween.

3 Have A Fall Photoshoot

Kids grow up so fast and before you know it they are going to be all grown up and moving out. But capture the moment of your kids how they are right now with a fun fall/Halloween photoshoot.

Photoshoots are perfect to have done when you want to save a moment for every and your child’s first Halloween is perfect for a shoot. These shoots can be of your baby in their costumes, by a pumpkin patch or in the fall leaves. No matter what you choose you now these photos will be amazing!

2 Go To A Pumpkin Patch

A classic activity that everyone loves during the Halloween season is going to a pumpkin patch. Picking out pumpkins is something you can start doing on their first Halloween and start a fun new family tradition.

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Since your little one is too young to handle carving a pumpkin instead do the easier active and pain them! Pumpkin painting is the new fun trend that will leave to adorable moments between you and your baby. Start a new tradition for your family this year and take your baby to pick out and paint pumpkins to get into the season fun.

1 Get A Halloween Costume

Something you need to start thinking about right away is what costume you are getting your baby for Halloween. With your baby’s first Halloween you get the complete say in the costume. You can do a family group costume or dress them up as one of their favorite characters or animals.

Finding the right costume might be difficult at first, but it will all be worth it on the day or trick or treating. So start looking online and at the store to get that adorable costume that is perfect for your child.

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