10 Adorable Russian Names For Girls

Are you looking for names for your new bundle of joy, but having trouble deciding on something that fits? If you are a parent that wants a beautiful, yet slightly unique, name for your little girl, then consider giving Russian a try!

Many Russian names for girls have unique sounds and meanings. They may also share meanings in other cultures that will make your child's name multicultural and even more interesting! Some of these Russian names also have variations in English, so if they sound a bit familiar, that might be the reason.

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You might be surprised at how much you love these adorable names, so keep scrolling to learn more about 10 great names for your baby that originate from the Russian language!

10 Anna

Anna is one of the most popular names out there, but that doesn't make it any less wonderful. Usually within the Top 25 baby girl names worldwide, only slipping in the last couple of years, Anna has roots in many different cultures, including Czech, Native American, Russian, and Swedish.

Decidedly more popular today than other variations like Ann, Anne, or Annie, Anna is a simple yet meaningful name perfect for your new little girl. If you're looking to make Anna distinctly more Russian, an option could be Anya, one of the name's many international counterparts.

9 Zina

Names that start with Z are definitely less common, so if you're looking to give your baby girl a unique name, Zina might be the way to go! This short name has many meanings in various different cultures. In Russian, Zina translates to "life of Zeus," while in Africa, it means "secret spirit name." The Greek is also extremely becoming, meaning "hospitable," or "welcoming guest."

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With such an interesting name, your new baby girl will no doubt be a very creative and multi-talented individual. She'll also have great fun when it comes to learning the story behind her name!

8 Evelina

baby girl

Are you looking for a radiant name for your new baby? In Russian, Evelina means "life," while the name's Celtic origin translates to "light." A form of the English given name Evelyn, Evelina evokes imagery of newness, glowing, and peace.

Evelina was more popular in the Middle Ages but is a lovely name that definitely deserves a comeback. If you value names derived from nature, Evelina also has Old French roots to the term "Aveline," meaning "hazelnut."

7 Natalya

Natalya is a name traditionally given to little girls born on Christmas Day, but is not exclusively reserved for that purpose! A different, more European version of Natalie, Natalya is a gorgeous alternative to other Christmas names like Holly or Noel.

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Your new baby Natalya will be in good company, as well, as many Russian athletes and activists share the name! Girls with the name, according to SheKnows, usually tend to be shyer and reserved, but are extremely empathetic toward others.

6 Arisha


Arisha is a name that derives from both Russian culture and the Hindu religion. An extremely poetic name, Arisha means "peaceful" in Russian and evokes calmness, tranquility, and elegance.

Arisha also has roots in the Urdu language, translating to "highness." If you're looking to give your little girl a name that will make her feel like a princess, Arisha might do the trick! This name would also lend itself well to shortenings and nicknames, including Ari, Risha, or even Ri-Ri.

5 Margarita


Margarita is a glitzy, glamorous name, and no, we aren't talking about the common lime-flavored mixed drink. Its roots derive from Persian, Russian, Spanish, Sanskrit, and Greek, and is usually translated to mean "pearl." However, its origins in Spanish and Sanskrit are more nature-based, as Margarita means "daisy" in Spanish and "cluster of blossoms" in Sanskrit.

Regardless, the name is synonymous with something stunning. Margarita is also a name held by many princesses, empresses, and rulers, as well as the famous actress Rita Hayworth. You can't go wrong with this one!

4 Lara


Though the original derivation of this name is unclear, it seems to be a nickname for Russian name Larissa, though it stands well on its own. Some trace its roots back to the Latin word for "famous" or "shining." In Russian, it means "citadel," or a fortress that protects a city.

Greek origins also reveal another meaning for the name to be "cheerful" or "happy," which would definitely be a perfect personality for your new baby girl! Though the name is strong, denoting great responsibility, it is also feminine and evocative of positivity.

3 Katerina

Katerina is a form of the English name Katherine and has many other variations including Ekaterina, Katiya, and Kate. If you like to experiment with the spelling of your baby's name, Katerina provides plenty of opportunities to do just that, lending itself well to being spelled with either C or K.

In Russian, Greek, and Ukrainian, Katerina translates to "pure," and is the perfect name to symbolize new beginnings. If you're looking for a connection to Russian royalty, the longest-ruling female Empress Catherine the Great has a form of the name Katerina!

2 Kira

Do you want a name that sparkles? Kira is definitely perfect for you! This name is both multicultural, posh, and evocative of the city. Kira translates to "ruler" in the Russian language, and is a female version of the Hindi name "Kiran," which means "beam of light."

To boost the cute factor, Kira also means "glitter" in Japanese. This awesome and spunky name will lend itself well to a baby girl with a bubbly, upbeat personality!

1 Anastasia

Perhaps one of the most iconic names to emanate from Russian culture, Anastasia is a beautiful, regal name for your new baby girl that has roots in both Greek and Russian language.

Meaning "resurrection," the name was once mainly associated with the daughter of Tzar Nicholas II, who tragically died with the rest of the Romanov family during the Russian Revolution in 1918. However, it has since been reclaimed as a powerful, strong, and elegant name that would be great for any expectant mother looking to bestow her little one with a name a bit more exotic! Your baby could have a variety of nicknames, including Ana, Stacy, and Nastia!

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