10 Adorable Ryan Reynolds Dad Moments

Ryan Reynolds is not only an award-winning actor, starring in films like Deadpool, Detective Pikachu, and The Hitman's Bodyguard, he is also a father of two – and a recently announced third one on the way! Reynolds has two daughters, James and Inez, with actress Blake Lively that steals the heart of the public when they are with their parents or on the “Gorgeous” track of Taylor Swift’s song.

The public loves Reynolds, but he does like to keep his personal life and children out of the spotlight. So, with his dad life being a bit more mysterious, we were able to round up 10 adorable pictures of Ryan Reynolds best dad moments.

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10 Look What I Got

While walking the streets of New York City it is easy to get distracted with all of the sights, people, and smells, so it’s no wonder that Reynolds youngest child, Inez, had to point something out. Inez noticed that she was wearing little Minnie Mouse shoes and had to share what she discovered with her dad.

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Reynolds leaned down and you can almost hear him say, “Yes that is Minnie,” as a paparazzi snapped this shot. This sweet moment between the pair shows that Reynolds is not afraid to stop and listen to what his kids have to say.

9 Traveling With The Stars

While Lively was filming her movie, The Rhythm Section, in Ireland, the whole family traveled with her so they could be together. Leaving the airport, Reynolds is holding his youngest, Inez, while she is finishing up up a treat from the plane ride. His oldest daughter, James, is standing next to Lively while she gazes up at Dad. Even after a long flight from the States, Reynolds is still able to focus on his family and plan their next move in Ireland. Putting his family first is something that Reynolds takes great pride in and shows how committed he is to his family.

8 Full On Dad Mode

This adorable photo shows Reynolds walking downtown sunny Los Angeles with his oldest daughter, James, on his shoulders. Carrying her and her red Micky Mouse backpack is what dads do when their little one gets tired of walking.

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James’s expression in both pictures shows that she loves her dad as she’s looking down at him and she has a shocked facial expression almost like she’s amazed by how much ease her dad has as he walks around. Reynolds is always a dad first and this picture shows he doesn't mind picking up the extra piece of precious cargo to get to where he and James need to be.

7 Taxi!

Cold fall days will never stop the Reynolds/Lively family from going out and exploring New York City. All bundled up to stay warm is Reynolds with his oldest, James, on his shoulders. Reynolds is with Lively as she pushes their youngest, Inez, in a baby stroller. James thinks his dad is the strongest man alive as he holds onto her leg with one hand as he waves down a taxi with another. Reynolds loves his family and spending a crisp fall day in NYC doing fall activities will definitely make memories for his little ones.

6 Daddy Daughter Duty

Reynolds is on daughter duty while he and his little girls leave a car in New York City. James is walking by herself now, whereas her little sister, Inez, still needs some help getting out of a gigantic car. 

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Reynolds is using some multitasking skills as he looks at James, making sure she doesn’t stray away while lifting Inez up and out of the vehicle. Seeing him in full dad mode, even with grumpy expressions on his daughter's faces, shows that Reynolds always stays cool under pressure and can handle anything that is thrown at him.

5 Boating With His Girls

Every parent knows that sometimes you just need to take some time to spend with your family outside while enjoying the fresh air. This Detective Pikachu actor took time to go out on the water with Lively and then-baby, James. James, wearing a pink sunhat, is standing on her dad’s lap while she claps about a new experience. Reynolds is seen holding his daughter while he looks over at his smiling wife. This family outing shows that no matter how busy Reynolds gets with his work, he will always make time for the important people in his life.

4 Dad, Don’t Let Go

The wind in New York City can be difficult for people to handle, especially when you are used to the perfect weather in California. During a trip, the father-daughter duo embraced harsh winds blowing James’ blond hair everywhere. 

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In a stylish fall striped jacket, she wrapped her hands around her Reynolds' neck to keep safe during the bad weather. Dad was not going to let go of his baby girl at all and took the wind on the face first to get them to where they needed to go. Now we know he is a real superhero and not just playing one.

3 A Close Embrace

In New York City, Reynolds was standing outside a building completely embracing his youngest daughter, Inez. This sweet moment captured by paparazzi shows Reynolds holding Inez close to his chest with one hand around her bottom and the other holding her head. We don’t even need to see Inez’s face to know that she’s feeling secure, because one of her tiny hands is wrapped around her dad’s arm. We love seeing this Deadpool actor being affectionate toward his daughter with this moment making us fall in love with Reynolds all over again.

2 Family Trip

Like any family, the Reynolds/Lively bunch love to go on vacation. And any chance to spend time together outside of Los Angeles is one Reynolds is going to take. Here you can see them in the Toronto airport flying out to go back home after a trip. 

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Reynolds is carrying their daughter, James, as she smiles and waves to fans. While Reynolds shares a little smile as he looks over at Lively and his younger daughter. We can’t blame him for being happy when his family is this cute and seemingly happy all of the time.

1 Walk Of Fame Family Moment

When Reynolds received his star on the walk of fame in 2016 he brought his wife, Lively, and two daughters to celebrate with him. This day was supposed to be about Reynolds hard work as a successful actor, but his family stole the spotlight from him. His oldest daughter, James, took the microphone from him during this picture and started to old it up to the press. Lively is laughing at how independent her daughter is while Reynolds is enjoying his family and kissing his youngest, Inez, on the head.

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