Adorable Video Of Dad Chatting With His Baby Has Gone Viral

This video just goes to prove that if you talk to your child like they were an adult, this will most definitely benefit their communication skills. That’s exactly what one dad did in an adorable clip that has managed to go viral in less than 24 hours.

According to Complex, both parents and single people on this planet can’t get enough of an adorable clip of a father having an adult-like conversation with his son, who appears to be no more than one year old. The father and son duo are sitting on the couch together and appear to be critiquing a television show. It also looks like the little boy is sharing his opinions by making hand gestures and replying to his father.

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A few of the highlights from the clip include both the father and son commiserating over the season finale of the show they're watching. The little boy thinks that the characters might do “something crazy” with the father agreeing with him. The dad also agrees that they think alike. While the little boy’s vocabulary does seem to be limited, he does drop a “bye bye” towards the end of the video

A lot of early education experts have applauded the father– who has since been identified as Deztin Pryor– for keeping the conversation going with his son. He’s responding with perfect sensitivity and mirroring his son’s body language. For a lot of fans, they call this great parenting.

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Others can’t stop gushing over just how adorable the little tot is in the clip. Not only does he look like he’s going to be a great conversationalist one day, but he’s doing a great job of keeping up with his father while they're critiquing their show. In the video, he doesn’t miss a beat once.

So far, Pryor has not made any comments about being the internet’s newest viral sensation. However, it’s safe to say that internet fans will be hearing from them again soon. Seeing what kind of natural the little boy is, there’s a strong possibility that both he and his father might make the talk show circuit in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed!

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