Adriana Lima Shares Post-Baby Workout Video That Still Makes Her Emotional

Looking fab at 37 isn’t easy, even if you’re as genetically blessed as Adriana Lima. The supermodel from Brazil has been candid in admitting that the Victoria’s Secret catwalk isn’t for the faint-hearted.

In an emotional Instagram post, Lima shared a 2011 video that shows her grueling workout routine, only four weeks after she had her first daughter, Valentina. Carrying 60 pounds of unwanted pregnancy weight, the new mom is seen in the video struggling to do jumping jacks to get back into shape in time for an impending Victoria's Secret lingerie show.

With a fractured knee that required regular physiotherapy sessions, Lima had to work above and beyond what would normally be expected to get her killer body back. Now the famous Brazilian beauty feels the need to debunk popular beauty myths about models being superwomen who snap back into shape overnight.


In a long caption detailing, with honesty, her tough fitness journey after having her first baby, Adriana lays it all out and reveals that the video from all those years ago still makes her emotional.

In the past, the Victoria’s Secret icon has admitted that she works out for six hours per day for five weeks before a fashion show. Her personal trainer, former professional boxer Michael Olajide, has stood not only as her physical but also as her mental support to achieve this extraordinary fitness goal. Olajide recently wished Adriana happy birthday in an Instagram post showing a photo of the pair taking a rest during a workout session. The caption that describes Lima as “epic, generous, inspirational, Inimitable, trendsetting, loving, beautiful, real”.

This isn’t the first time the divorced mom-of-two has shown the world her real, feminist, and ultra-motivated side. Last year, in the mayhem of the Harvey Weinstein harassment scandals, Lima penned a very explicit Instagram post, publicly declaring her solidarity, help, and support to other women who feel pressured by society to look a certain way. The legendary catwalk queen opened up about the unrealistic beauty expectations that the fashion world places on models and women in general.

“Let’s f***ing change the world” she went as far as to say, wrapping up her feminist message.

Adriana, thank you for your honesty. You’re such an inspiration!


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